Thursday, February 9, 2017

Journey with the Fitbit

    It was December 2013 and I bought the Fitbit at the Microsoft Store at Yordale Shopping Centre in Toronto. I had no idea the adventure that I was going to have with this new technology.

   Nobody noticed I had it on my wrist until  January 2014!  That's when it began to make an impact in the fitness economy

                                                " I was an early adopter" Jim Pagiamtzis

  Then I realized I was an early adopter of the technology and where I was at the gym, events and social gathering it began to get attention.

  Started to get Fitbit friends shortly after that. It was awesome. Had cool weekend challenge and experience in winning various badges.

   Then in early 2016 I lost the inside part of the Fitbit (memory stick) and so called the help line. In less than week they had sent me new straps and memory stick free of charge!  No that's customer service

   In December 2016 during Christmas time I lost my Fitbit in crazy day of shopping and running errands. I was very disappointed that I had lost my favourite piece of technology  (keep reading below_

original fitbit
      So I began my quest in saving some money to get my next Fitbit.  On Feb 7th at 9:30pm I visited the Chapter Indigo in Toronto


Fitbit Charge 2

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