Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Canada Job Expo a huge success on July 30,2013

             It was a busy at the Canada Job Expo being held at the North York Memorial Centre. There was line-up outside of attendees waiting to attend the expo and seminars. Local teacher had brought her class to experience the seminar and learn more about the job market. (educational school trip!)

                                                         Speakers line-up
                                                    Attendees at the Canada Job Expo
                                                 Attendee speaking with Aline Ayoub
Meredith Arnott sharing insight on HR

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Book Review: How Can I Get Myself to do what I need to do? by Terry Gogna


         A powerful read that gives you insight and strategies on ways Terry Gogna shares that you can't control time but you can manage events in your day.

         Where you are a professional or seasoned entrepreneur you will learn how to use the P.E.M system  to have a more effective and efficient morning and evening schedule. Understand the impact of Present-Based and Future based events in your week. How you learn from "self discovery"  and learn about yourself and your working habits. Lastly build your own personal success environment and achieved all the success you set out to complete.

          "Much has written about Business, Life and Success, Terry Gogna  takes the complex and make is simplifies it because in the end he want YOU to succeed!" Jim Pagiamtzis

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2nd Annual Cashflow game/ BBQ in Toronto on July 31st

2nd Annual Cashflow Game/ BBQ for Castles For Families
"Changing Lives, One Family at a Time."
castles for families logo 
Join Us Tomorrow July 31st!
Why should I come out?  What can I possibly learn from playing a board game?
Did you know that 90% of what you read and listen to is forgot in 10 minutes?  What were you doing 10 minutes ago??
EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING combines listening, discussion, integrated use of knowledge with immediate implementation thus you remember A LOT more!!!!
If you want to start investing in real estate, stocks, bonds and want some strategies, you need to come out.  If you want to get out of debt, building wealth with partners, you need to come out.  If you have little reasons running around the house, you need to come out...
Watch a couple of videos I did few months ago at past cashflow games  Learn More.
Listen to these testimonials at our last game Listen to Testimonials here
In case you are wondering what drives me to do this, you need to listen to my daughter Aliya sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and see why I need to retire to manage this little superstar. Watch Video of Aliya singing here

Parking and TTC
Paid Visitor Parking
There is plenty of paid parking for about $5 under the building because of the adjoining Sobeys.
The Spadina streetcar takes right in front of the building on the North West corner of Bremner and Spadina.  The building has a Royal Bank and Sobeys grocery store at street level.

includes BBQ hot dogs and drinks. Net Proceeds to CFF

Register by Emailing


Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
5:30pm to 8pm
Downtown Toronto
25 Telegram Mews
(Front and Spadina)
Hi Rise Lobby
An awesome event with food, fun and learning that you won't want to miss out on!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Social Media Made Simple Challenge.. are you of it!

 It was an amazing experiment that I did from May 6,2013-June 6,2013 I de-activated my Facebook for month. Originally it was 1 week, I decided to do for an entire month! Can you do it?

 If so go to and Fill out contact form at tell me  when you will do and for  how long?

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis explaining Social Media Social Experiment

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Can4House support Habitat for Humanity


              It has been a great experience supporting Habitat for Humanity since 2009. James Young or "Can Man as he is know has been supporting the Habit for Humanity for many years. The initiate is to create affordable homes. I have donated personal and the corporate initiative 30 boxes of cans.

            Let's all pitch in and help a great cause!

              Learn more about this great initiative.
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Need a speaker?

My name is Jim Pagiamtzis, and I'm a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert in the Toronto area. In collaboration with Constant Contact, I provide free educational marketing seminars for small businesses and nonprofits.In fact, we recently worked with Microsoft Store- Yordale  in Toronto to talk about Power of Email Marketing  to their members.

Our educational seminars are just that: educational. Not thinly-disguised sales pitches, but workshops you can be confident to sponsor, and ones your members and guests will thank you for holding. We can speak on the hottest marketing topics and trends like:
Email Marketing
Social Media
Power of Email Marketing
Or let us know if you have custom presentation needs
Best of all, I am a free educational resource for you to use. Please consider me a key part of the benefit you provide to your membership.

If we can help you out, please  drop me an email. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Jim Pagiamtzis
Authorized Local Expert

Swap Sity event on July 27th a huge success

        It was an awesome day to bring your dvd's, cd's book, and record to Live Green event in Downtown Toronto, as thousand attended Yonge and Dundas area to enjoy the weather and visit amazing booths

  Swap Sity was back for the 2nd year and it was bigger and better that last years. I brought some books and dvd's and got in return some amazing finds. Check out video and pictures below.

                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis promotional video before event


                                              Attendees lining up to drop of the cd's books, dvd
                                                Volunteers sorting through books and cd's
                                                              cd's being dropped of at check-in area
                                                Dvd's and book picked up by Jim Pagiamtzis
                                                  Jim Pagiamtzis sharing his dvd's and books
                                                    New Swap Sity logo being revealed

 For more more information on Swap Sity  event and website click on the link below
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Review: Influencer The Power to Change Anything by Kerry Patterson-Josehph Greeny-David Maxfield-Ron McMillan and Al Switzler


 Excerpts from book

   " There are actual people out there who-instead of continually seeking the "wisdom to know the difference" - have sought the wisdom  to make a difference. And they've found it. They've discovered that when it comes to changing the world, what most of us lack is not the courage the courage to change things, but the skill to do so."

  For further information on this book check out the link below
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

PMTMC Community Gala on Sept 28,2013

CoffeeNews newspaper

        Awesome newspaper
       For more information visit



Anthony Robbins event a huge success

  It was an amazing day on July 24th,2013 to finally see Anthony Robbins live in Toronto. It was  amazing day of various speakers sharing insights on Business.Life and Success with the final speaker Anthony Robbins rocking the house. He provided a great lesson on the 3 tips to succeed in to succeed in your journey of success. They were... that's for another post!

    I had an extra ticket for the events so I held a contest! for my newsletter subscribers and the winners was..... Randy Ramadhin  Click here to view

  Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagiamtzis doing a post event interview
   Click here to view video

  Also had a entry near the deadline on Tuesday afternoon at 2:57pm by Majourie Moulin who sent me a video and it was awesome. I got 2 tickets also!

   It was great to see so many entrepreneurs and friends at the event. Here they are below:
    Jacques Berge
    Barbara Frank
    Randy Ramadhin
    Marjorie Moulin and her husband
    Chris Cummins
    Sunil Tulsiani
    Theresa Laurico
    Matt Green
    Mia Nguyen and her husband

     Look forward to attending event in New York later in the year!

                                                Anthony Robbins sharing

                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis and James Cunningham from East St
                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis and Anthony Robbins Poster
                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis and Randy Ramadhin
                                                Randy  Ramadhin and Sid Singh

Monday, July 22, 2013

How to be a great (savvy) connector!

A great connector is defined as individual who strategically focuses on providing connections, opportunities, ideas and resources that empowers and assist someone else dreams, goals. Great connectors believe that when we all work together, everybody wins! When we support each other, everyone gets encouraged. They attend various events in an effort to “to give rather then get” says Bonnie Chan Founder of Network to Grow.

To deliver on the above mention definition, below are some tips that will help you become great & savvy connector!

Listen first

Being a great listener allows great connector to genuinely understand the needs and want of each other. They are interested to first understand before being understood. Great Connector want to know your story. They act as magnet, absorbing information before sharing valuable resources to connections.

Get Engaged

Great connector don’t passively listen, but rather listen to every word they are listening to. They ask strategic questions to clarify to dig deep into the conversation on topic. They stay engaged in the moment and stay present in the conversation. They have the ability to make connections and help create results!

Building Relationships (ongoing)

Great connectors focus on building (ongoing) relationships above all other intentions. They understand and acknowledge that trust is the basis of all good things in that keep people moving in this world of opportunity. They don’t push or promote their personal agenda, rather genuinely actively listen and engage in the conversation to authentically engage and support to whom they are speak with.

Stay Connected

Great connectors don’t do “one meeting and that’s all”.  They are relationship builders throughout their journey of success. They encourage ongoing connection in specific and engaging ways, whether contact cards, email or social media. They follow up and follow through on a continued basis and grow the relationship.

Impress with the Knowledge

Great connector aren’t out to look good. They let their thoughts, ideas and connections show their value. They are present and engaged in a effort to help others reach their goals. Great connectors embrace diversity and in the end they make everyone around them look and feel awesome!

Bring something to the conversation

Great connectors are always ready with connections at their fingertips. (via phone or iPad). They will what they can to assist, empower to create a successful engagement with whom they are interacting with. Even if they don’t have something to offer at the time, they will refer another great connector or follow up with information via email if information is promised. They have high integrity in doing this. They may be someone in the room that they can connect them with if possible (hense they are savvy connectors)

Offer your expertise and knowledge

Great connectors understand they don’t have all the answer. They are the McGyver (80’s TV Show) of resources! They focus on providing their expertise (in their field) and the knowledge (wisdom) and if they are not able to provide it directly they will offer strategic and specific connections who can. They are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will do whatever they can to use their strengths to prove the “super hero level support and actions” stated by Emmanuel Lopez  Author and Movie expert. They want you to reach the next level your journey of success.

Share challenges & Opportunities

Great connectors understand they need assistance as well. They are willing to their struggles authentically and openly and accept constructive feedback and advice from their peers. Great connector are driven to achieve their dreams and goals, and understand that to win they must work in creating strategic and win-win connections with others.

Stay cool

Great connectors are cool, calm and collect in the storm. They are the stabilizers during the time of uncertainty. They have a plan of action amidst the chaos of the moment. These abilities enables for greater connection, opportunities and growth for everyone.

What the next step is to go and Connected in the 21st Century and make it happen!