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21 Connections June 4th Edition Newsletter Learn, Speaker and Socialize

  June 30th
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July 23rd
Public Speakers Association: Toronto
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Interview with James McNaughton Listen


   Audio: Power of Leverage at Business Summit Public Speaker Association Listen

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Constant Contact Certified 2015
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Special events in August

 DYPB 2015 on Aug 14th & 15th  Learn more

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Public Speakers Association Conference 2015 
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 Jim Pagiamtzis 
 Founder of 21 Connections and Director Public Speakers Association Toronto, Mississauga and Core Certified Solution Provider Constant Contact
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Blogtalk Interview: Journey to becoming an Olympian

        It has amazing experience to meet James McNaughton in April 2015 in Toronto. He answered questions for my spotlight feature and then interview him my blogtalk radio show.

    Spotlight Questions Read more

     Meeting at Tradeshow  See picture

     Blogtalk interview listen


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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review: Big Little Change


                   " A strategy a week will put you on journey to evolve and achieve success your way!" Jim Pagiamtzis

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Book Review: The Faith Tree


he Faith Tree is the story of John, a lifelong farmer who dreams of opening a candy store. One day, during a visit to the farmer’s market, John meets a strange old man who changes his life. By planting one tiny seed John learns the importance of having Faith in his words, in his self, and in his dreams.

 The Faith Tree is a story intended to teach everyone, from children to adults, about the power of Faith in our live.

   "The Faith Tree will inspire, empower and give you faith that your dreams can come true!" Jim Pagiamtzis

                        Learn more

Audio: Power of Leverage from Business Summit June 2015 Public Speakers Association

    Amazing two day of speakers sharing insight from various fields  

   Jim Pagiamtzis  Wednesday June 24th 6:30pm  Power of Leverage   Listen


Book Review: You Empowered Strong


"You Empowered Strong" is a self-directed book and resource to help you live the life you truly want! Candy Barone, also known as the "Pull-No-Punches Accountability Powerhouse," helps you get crystal clear on the goals you have for yourself, begin to destroy the noise that might be getting in your way, and put together a customized roadmap with measurable action items to make your dreams a reality.

Candy's approach is direct and eye-opening, as she shares examples of from her own personal journey, along with interactions with clients, to illustrate the noise slowing you down or sabotaging you completely in being able to do more and be more. She shows you that you have the power to make the choices to destroy your excuses once and for all and create a sustainable way to become empowered strong! If you are ready to hold a mirror up for yourself and see you own truth, then "You Empowered Strong" is the book for you.

   "Candy takes you on journey with strategies and insights to empower you to achieve greatness!" Jim Pagiamtzis

      Learn more

Book Review: Dream Star


            Dream Star is a little star who is sad because his light doesn’t shine as brightly as all the other stars. Join him on his quest as he finds out why and learns the power of his purpose in the heavens.

Candy Barone believes there is a special light inside us and creates stories to show how powerful that light can be.

       " It''s amazing short story the reminded me when I first met my two mentors and the journey I started where they both saw the shining star I had become way before I saw it" Jim Pagiamtzis

        Learn more

Jim Pagiamtzis and the Dream Star

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Course: Blog to Book

  Bootcamp:  Blog to Book!

  • Which blog sites to use and why
  • Plugins and why
  • Leverage and how to use it
  • What should I write about
  • Accountability
  • Resources to use
  • How to use social media
  • Power of Reviews, Event and Friends

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Book Review: Kick Start For Weight Loss


" Monique Bartlett give you insights on taking the simple & strategies steps to feeling better about you" Jim Pagiamtzis

 Learn more

Book Review: Own Your Fabulousness!


          "Fabulous book with great tips to learn, do and apply and get results fast!"  Jim Pagiamtzis

     Learn more

Lesson learned from Gene Simmons

   On May 26, 2015 I attend The Art of Marketing in Toronto. It was has been an amazing experience to learn from amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world.

     On this day Gene Simmons  Singer, Author, Speaker and world wide marketing guru was going to share his insight on business, life and success.  Below is Carolyn Ellis from Brilliance Mastery

  Three areas that made an impact

 1st Language Skills:  English is easy. Challenge yourself  and learn another language and get it done!

 2nd  People Skills: Public Speaking and communication are important skills when you talk to anyone anywhere. Being able to share you insight and thoughts to someone to getting task, project completed is very important

 3rd  Start your own business: Having a plan B is extremely important. We all have a passion and we can monetize it as soon as possible.

 Gene Simmons went into the audience and did just that for most of his talk!     

 Moral of the story:  You may think his is singer but he beats to his own drum to his own music and make money doing it. We should all do the same for ourselves!

Carolyn Ellis  from Brilliance Mastery captured his talk

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