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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Event Review: Entrepreneurship week :Ignite your Ideas at Microsoft Store- Yorkdale Shopping Mall (Toronto)

 It was an amazing evening to learn, speak and socialize about entrepreneurship at the Microsoft Store at Yorkdale shopping Mall in Toronto

  I had invited Bonnie Chan, Cheryl Rankin and Sujit Reddy to join in panel discussion on questions about entrepreneurship.
   We had professionals and business owners from various business join us for the discussion.

    Savie Persaud Community Manager shared the outline for the evening, featuring video by Scott Duffy Tv. Radio host, keynote, speaker and Brand ambassador on three key areas of success for entrepreneurs.

  Caden Forbes Business Sales Specialist shared insights on what Microsoft does in-store and in the community to work and assist entrepreneurs to succeed in business.

 We concluded by answering questions that were curated by Savie Persaud and her staff. We talked about mentorship, coaching and how to handle the ups and down of entrepreneurship.

   Bonnie Chan shared insights on great App called Headspace and conclued that we all have great community of people around us that can synergize with.

    Cheryl Rankin talked about the ability to develop and plan for your busines and stick to it. Having a coach to keep accountable is importnt

  Sujit K Reddy sharing insights on his HR Experience and how you working with right people is important to success

   Jim Pagiamtzis shared stories of how his mentors empowered and encourage him to move forward and take action to succeed.


Welcome to Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Scott Duffy sharing video segment on enterpreneur success

Caden Forbes addressing the audience

Paneltists Bonnie Chan, Jim Pagiamtzis, Cheryl Rankin and Sujit Reddy

Speaker gifts from  Microsoft notepad, business card holder, pen, stress ball and coffee mug


App Review: Let go!

    You may have seen the commercials and they are little on the crazy side!

     I downloaded the app few weeks and so far I have some great success selling pink poker set and books.

  Have had a few people who have made some stupid comments hence the block feature!

  Worth the look anyways. Spring cleaning or just stuff you don't need



App review:Headspace

         Great application to take  meditation during the day

               Download the app today!

            learn more


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Business Review: Northspace Coworking

            It was amazing experience to visit Northspace coworking a short trip via subway north of the ciy. At a recent event in Downtown Toronto recently I met one of the cofounders who invited me to visit the space.

       On Tuesday Feb 21st I took a quick subway ride to the location new Sheppard and Downsview area.

      From the minute I open the door and walked up the motivational steps I was impressed!

     Awesome open space concept with hotdesk, coffee area and private offices

    The big area I enjoyed was the Marvel Comis superb!

    Highly recommend check out this awsome coworking space.              

             Learn more


       and then these Marvelous posters from comic of yesteryear


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Special guest post: 4 Strategies to Become a Confident Networker

Being confident is about projecting a charismatic and engaging brand that is compelling to other people. So, confident networkers are those that generate more success because they are highly compelling as people. Other professionals are more likely to listen to them, understand their message and amplify it to others. The more your message is spread, the easier it will be for others to think about you when new opportunities arise.

Here are three practical strategies to help you become a confident networker:

1. Practice your message.

The more confident you are that you know your stuff and are ready to take on the world, the easier it will be for others to see it in you. Before you head to networking events, practice your introduction in the mirror, to friends, and on video so that you can see exactly what other people are seeing. This will help you tweak your message to make sure it comes across the way you want it to.

2. Focus on your body language.

When you get into a networking situation or interview, I want you to think one word to yourself: relax. When you focus on not appearing stiff and tense, you’ll be better able to project that you’re comfortable with yourself.

If confidence is a real issue for you, an amazing way to trick yourself into thinking that you’re more confident than you are is to adjust your body language. When you change your stance, you actually change the way your brain thinks about the situation you’re going into. TED speaker and social psychologist at the Harvard Business School Amy Cuddy discusses just this in her popular TED talk: Your body language changes who you are. I recommend watching it now to learn how you can fake it until you make it!

 3. Visualize success.

Another amazing confidence exercise is to visualize yourself at a time when you were at peak confidence. Think about an instance when you were performing exceptionally well and felt sure of yourself, your strengths, and your experience. Remember what this feels like and get yourself in a state of confidence that will help you communicate with impact.

4. Be aware of how you come across to other people.

The best way to make sure you’re making the right impression is to keep tabs on the people you’re talking to, whether that’s in a networking or interview scenario. Check in with their body language and level of engagement. If they appear like they’re not listening, trying to rush the conversation along, or not contributing, then it may be a good idea to switch the subject or, if you’re in an interview, ask them if they’d like you to clarify anything.

Learn more about Diana YK Chan learn more

Special Post : 10,000 views on my You Tube channel reach on Feb 14,2017

          It has been amazing journey to share videos on You Tube since 2008 and to reach 10,000 views didn't seem such a big deal, that was until I shared on Facebook few weeks ago and I got 83 likes!

        Next number is 50,000 and 100,000 view!

         Below I share some of my favorite interviews and videos in recent years


                                                                             Thank you





21 Connections Feb 3rd Edition newsletter: 2 events, Podcamp, Anthony Robbins in Toronto

February 2017 Learn, Speak and Socialize
 21 Connections will be providing you with awesome events  Learn. Speak & Socialize and grow you business and connections!

 Check out the articles on my  networking adventures,acting roles and special events.

I hit major milestone on Feb 14th
  10,000 view on YouTube! 
It has been amazing journey interview awesome professionals, sharing great content and doing some fun videos!
  (see below)

Jim Pagaimtzis interviews Chala Dincoy on the power of video for you business
Jim Pagaimtzis interviews Chala Dincoy on the power of video for you business


Jim Pagiamtzis haivng fun at Buskerfest in 2015 on Yonge street
Jim Pagiamtzis haivng fun at Buskerfest in 2015 on Yonge street

 Check of my blog for new articles, book, product reviews and much more
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Special event:
Wednesday February 22nd
Microsoft Store: Yorkdale Shopping Mall 

Celebrating Entrepreneurship month with evening eventa Microsoft store at Yorkdale Shopping Mall at 6pm

Q & A will be joined by  2 amazing entrepreneurs from my network,

Feature Event:
Thursday February 23rd
 Public Speakers Association:Toronto (evening)

Join us for an evening of learning,sharing from speakers in various fields. Special Guest Marcio Mendez

Learn more
Feature Event:
Saturday Feb 24th and Sunday 26th

Join us for 2 day of learning,sharing and socializing

A space where leaders and learners can come together to share their ideas and experiences in our six topics of interest.

Join on Sunday at 4pm for afternoon of insights on the Podcamp 2017 on my blogtalk radio show!

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Very Special Event:

Saturday March 18th

Canada's Real Estate Wealth Expo
 Pitbull, Jim Treliving

Anthony Robbins live in person!