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Friday, December 9, 2016

Special Story from The Art of Sales: Alicia Bacchus shares how she got there and why its import

 It was amazing a day of learning and networking at The Art of Sales on Wednesday, December 7th at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto.

 It always amazing experience listening and learning from amazing speakers.

 On this day I had additional that made it very special day. In the afternoon session a young lady sat beside me and Randy Ramadhin who my VIP Guest for the day. We introduced ourselves to her and she was excited to meet us.

During the afternoon we had some exercises the speakers were ask us to do so Randy and I had continued our conversation with her. We share out insight and experience on being entrepreneurs and teaching financial literacy through Cash flow game we hold in the Toronto, predicated on Robert T Kiyosaki's books.

She was very intrigued and willing to learn more.

 In Alicia Bacchus own words her story below on how she got to the The Art of Sales that day.

 "I joined the Canadian Association of Food Professionals (CAFP) while I was at Humber. I received an email of a contest they had to win tickets for the Art of.

 I never attended this event and thought I give the contest a shot so I edited one of my old college paper and submitted it to the essay contest.

 On Sunday before the event I saw I won tickets to The Art of Sales and fortunately I was not scheduled for work on that day.

 I was excited. I opened the plus one ticket to everyone at work and current students at Humber. Unfortunately, everyone I know had to work and Humber Students were busy with finals.

I am always looking for opportunities to learn and build new relationships. I enjoy events such as the
Art of. I find it very insightful, as I am thinking about my future career.

and Yes I still can't believe I won those tickets to The Art of!"

Jim Pagiamtzis (left) Sharif Khan (middle) Randy Ramadhin (right)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Event Review: The Art of Sales

          It was an amazing day of learning and networking at The Art of Sales held at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto

    Learn more

Jim Pagiamzis and Jeffrey Gitomer

Jim Pagiamzis and Carolyn Ellis

Jim Pagiamtzis , Sharif Khan and Randy Ramadhin


Book Review: Everyone's an Artist


        Jim Pagiamzis Review:
         " It was an amazing book to read. The most exciting part was the story behind the fall and rise of  Dufferin Mall in Toronto,Ontario (Canada)."

The Summary

Discover what the greatest minds already know.

Can a Canali-clad million-dollar banker learn anything from a paint-stained artist? Definitely. Especially now. Creativity and creative thinking aren’t just important for business, they’re at the heart of scientific and medical advances, social and political and improvement, and personal achievement and satisfaction. Connection, communication, imagination and originality are just as important as our ability to calculate and code. The notion that everyone should be an artist doesn’t mean we all have to turn a slab of marble into the next Venus de Milo. (Where would we put all those statues anyhow?)
But we can nurture any inherent spark we do have by doing what artists do. In Everyone’s an Artist (or at least they should be), you’ll discover how artists’ habits, attitudes and behaviours can help you foster your own creativity, innovation, communication and problem solving. And you’ll learn how these artists’ tools can help you to achieve your goals, develop something new or be successful in your professional and personal life. In other words, you’ll learn how you can think like an artist.

  Learn more    

Monday, December 5, 2016

21 Connections Dec 1st Edition Newsletter: The Art of Sales, Movies event and much more

"Learn, Speak and Social leads to monetize!" Jim Pagiamtzis
November News
 21 Connections will be providing you with awesome events  Learn. Speak & Socialize and grow you business and connections!
 Check out my blog for  insight on acting journey, event reviews and much more Read more
The Art of Sales
Wednesday Dec 7th (day event)
The Art of Sales features six internationally renowned bestselling authors and thought leaders, who will share an exciting blend of cutting edge thinking and real world experience on today's most critical sales issues. Don't miss out on your chance to gain a competitive advantage and network with over 1,200 of Canada's most respected salespeople.
Use Promo code CONNECT20 and save $50 per pass. Save an additional $50 per pass when you buy 3 or more at the same time!

Learn more
Work Hard Play Harder final event of the Year:

Rogue One- A Star Wars Story

Date: Friday Dec 16,2016 
Where: Yorkdale Shopping Mall 
Time: 8:00pm AVX Show 
Get your tickets in advance online or at the ticket booth. ASAP
Join through Meet up / Facebook
  New Year's Eve Party 

   When : December 31st
   Where: 67 Richmond Street West
               MAEZO Restaurant and Bar
   Time: 9:00pm to 2:00am
   Fee:  $20  if wearing Silver or Gold or some kind of fun New Years Accessories and/or party toys
   $30 at the door if not wearing the above 
  Jim Pagiamtzis| 21 Connections | | Website

21 Connections Special Edition: Ready to market your business in December?

December , 2016

How to Add Value This Holiday Season Without Offering a Discount

Running a discount during the holiday season is a great way to draw customers into your store to boost sales during this busy time of year. But it's not the only way to offer something of value to your customers.

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December 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning Infographic

We are well into a busy 2016 holiday season. While this can be an exciting time with record sales or donations, it is important to remember that 2017 is right around the corner. Now is the time to start planning for an even more successful year ahead!

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How to find Social Media Micro-influencers for your small business

Want to promote your small business on a budget? Have you considered partnering with less famous influencers?

Highly targeted micro-influencers can help your small business gain visibility, engage an audience, and promote your products.

Read more >
Looking for some help marketing your business?

Since 2011, I've been offering social media strategies  to professionals and business owners in the Toronto area. In that time, I've helped my clients get the results they need to see their business grow. And I'd like to do the same for you.

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I'm specifically trained to help businesses like yours. A great first step that I highly recommend is starting a free trial of Constant Contact today. They have the online marketing tools you need to achieve the growth you want and I can help you get set up to leverage this tool to grow your business.

Contact me today, and we'll get started on growing your business together!
Jim Pagiamtzis
Core Certified Solution Provider 2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Video Review: Jim Pagiamtzis shares Star Power! Story on the journey in the acting industry in the past 2 years

 It was an amazing day at the Canada Job Expo on Nov 24,2016 where I sharing insights on the acting industry in the past 2 years.

 What happened during auditions I went to

 Movies, documentaries that I have appeared in

I used Kijiji, Craiglist and referrals to get roles.

Movie that I appeared in Blind with Remix Project 2014  Struck with Centennial College in 2014 and The Girl Without A Song (supporting role)

Lots in 2016   Downsizing (speaking role) Due out December 22,2017
Shape of Water directed Guellermo Detorro due out 2017
Handmaid Tale  tv movie due 2017
Next of Kin with James Franco 2017
Dan Hughes and the Rise of Eve Fantastic Student Film February 2017
 Indiegogo campaign for healthy eating 2017


Video Review: Jim Pagiamtzis sharing follow up and follow through 8 strategies to do in your job search


It was an amazing day sharing at the Canada Job Expo on Nov 24,2016

Check out the video below on follow up and follow through and 8 strategies to do in your job search

Get you paper and pen out and take notes and take action!