Monday, February 19, 2018

Awesome car and licence plate!

                 Thursday February 15,2018

                Porche Carrera on bloor street with awesome licence plate


21 Connections Special Event: Podcamp 2018 Sunday February 25th -The future of digital Marketing in the 21st Century

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Amazing murals and statues in Downtown Toronto

Harboard and Bathurst

College and Yonge

Nathan Phillips Square

Friday, February 16, 2018

Special Movie Post: 5 Amazing Movies to watch

            I have been a avid film goes for many years and and have watching thousands of movies. Worked for both Video 99 and Blockbuster gave the opportunity to do so.

             Below are 5 films to watch and reason you should!

     Eagle Eye

    Shall I say anymore Steven Spielberg!  Fast action paced thriller that will keep you guessing all the to the end!


Amazing shark film out of Australia, not well know cast but tremendous performaces by everyone. Gives Jaws a run for its money
      The Crimson Rivers

French films with Jean Reno and cast that delivers amazing and blood filled story. Detective on the run trying to figure out a murder. Watch this all the way to the end!


                All Star Cast that deliver amazing performaces full of comedy, action and cute action sequences. Ben Kingsley, Sindney Poiter and Robert Redford. 


               Amaizng cast Ben Kingsley, Woody Harrelson with a spectaculiar action packed story that will have trying to figure out who exactly are the good guys and bad guys in the film. Watch all the way to the last frame!


Spotlight Feature: Dr. Hisham Qaddoumi

         We connect with people everyday and everyway online and offline.

      When I met Dr. Hisham Qaddoumi in early  December 2016 at movie event that my Sujit K Reddy put together for movie addicts called Work Hard Play Harder Toronto. In early 2017 he created logo for my Patio Power Series. he even attend a gave talk on his Ph.d thesis on Social Media in the 18th century.

   Then in October 2017 I had a client who need a video done for the landing page of his website. Hisham and I came to quick agreement on splitting of project. It was completed on time and on budget.

    Moral of the connection: You never know when and where you will meet connections that will have impact on your life and business.

       December 2016

Work Hard Play Hard December 2016 at Yorkdae Cineplex theatre

               May 2017

(left to right)Sujit K Reddy, Hisham Qaddoumi, Brett Dequire and Jim Pagaimtzis

      October 2017

Video Production

Why I refuse to watch anymore Marvel movies movies forward after 2018.

 It has been amazing 10 years following the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from the Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman to the Avenger.

 2018 marks the 10th year and I have decided I will no longer be watching Marvel Movies after this year.

 Let me explain. I collected comics for years Spiderman, X-Men, X-Force, Spectacular Spiderman come to think I have couple of  boxes kicking around in the attic. But that came to an end and I sold them.

  Coming back to Marvel Studio has done a tremendous job created and give us fans amazing movies to watch. As I write this Black Panther is coming out today and I won't be watching it. (there not going to mis my $15) It's going to break weekend records. That's awesome!

  I am planning to watch Antman and the Wasp and Avengers Infinity War and after that its over!

   A the great Stan Lee has said "Excelsior!"

Black Panther coming out on February 16th

Special Guest Post: Trade Show Social Media Checklist (courtesy of Skyline)

Effective social media marketing means taking the proper steps before, during, and after the show. To ensure you cross everything off your social to-do list, refer to the following checklist:
  • Create a calendar for event marketing.
  • Work with your designer to conceptualize any infographics, Twitter cards, Pinterest Pins, social display ads or other visuals for your campaign.
  • Add your event to your email signature.
  • Create an event page on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Eventbrite, as well as on your own website.
  • Submit the event to the relevant directories, so that it shows up ASAP in listings.
  • Create a highlight reel from last year’s event, and upload it to your YouTube channel. This can also be repurposed for Facebook and Instagram, and used a teaser for the next event.
  • Find out what the show’s official hashtag will be, and come up with your own company hashtag.
  • Designate a social media leader to be the primary voice and driver for your messaging.
  • Commit to doing X posts per day/week on each of your social platforms
  • Amplify your updates via promoted posts, tweets, and updates to reach new, lookalike audiences.
  • Send a LinkedIn InMail to prospects you’d love to see at the conference and expo, to alert them to your attendance.
  • Upload any and all email lists to AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and create Custom Audience campaigns to serve display ads to just these people.
  • Participate in any discussion groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your event.
  • Start following the show hashtag several weeks in advance to stay up to date on what’s trending.
  • Use Facebook live to capture and webcast the most exciting moments as they occur.
  • Use photos of attendees in your social updates. ID the people (with their permission) to encourage social sharing and interaction.
  • Utilize HootSuite or another social scheduler to post on your behalf when you are busy at the show.
  • Use the Twitter @ sign to engage directly with your sponsored speakers or other known social brand champions in attendance.
  • Engage in social listening to see what topics and events attendees are interested in. Respond to other attendee questions, rather than just inviting people to come to your booth.
  • Go through any leads you gathered, and connect with those people on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, or like their business page on Facebook.
  • Follow up with your leads and connections via email.
  • Post an event summary on your blog, with photos of the show highlights.
  • Create and share a Twitter Moment of the event highlights.
Most importantly, nurture your social leads and build your network year-round, rather than being a fair-weather user. Effective social media usage means being an active and engaged part of your social community!