Monday, November 13, 2017

Food Review: Bouchard's Poutinery

   I had the best lunch at Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on Saturday Nov 11th

    Bouchard Poutinery:  Traditional Poutine was awesome!

Traditional Poutine

Special Post: Working the night shift Nov 11th and 12th

       Saturday Nov 11th  8:00pm - 7:00am

       It was long night and took a few cat naps in the late evening.

       Sunday Nov 12th 8:00pm -7: 00am

       Much better. Had lots to do and the tea helped!


Event Review: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at Enercare Centre

    It was an amazing afternoon to check this amazing event for the 1st time

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Magazine Review: On The Go Toronto


Magazine Review: Latino (October 2017)

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Special Spotlight Feature: Hong Chau from Downsizing via Los Angeles Times

Hong Chau is poised to break big in 'Downsizing,' her second film       

Hong Chau from Downsizing
                 Big break. Hong Chau turns over the phrase. There have been many times the “Treme,” “Inherent Vice” and soon-to-be “Downsizing” star wondered if she was about to have one.  Read more                            

Accessiblity on the TTC: Photo at Coxwell Station on Nov 4,2017