Sunday, May 27, 2018

Movie Review: Solo- A Star Wars Story


       Jim Pagiamtzis review;
         Ron Howard took over late in the game and created a visual masterpiece on the journey of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich)  and where he fit in the Star War Story.  Every character had a story to share but not enough screen time for all them.
           There is lots of insights on how Han got his name and how he met Chewbacca and the journey they went with Lando Calrissian (Danny Glover)
        Along the way they meet some interested friends and foes and plans are made and broken.
         The are lots of great suprises which make the twist and turns even more interesting!
       The end will may leave you little confused and have to do some research to understand what exactly occured. (see links below)
       Overall cool family film to watch and the Star Wars Saga continues...
        7 out of 10 stars

   Sujit K Reddy Review:
    Good: Acting was believable, great action and visuals
    Bad: Chewbacca Life debt to Han not included
    Ugly: "Kessel Run" was not really defined well
KJ Proulx Review: read more
How (spoiler)  Darth Maul is still alive in Solo: Star Wars Story read more
Solo: Star Wars Story (spoiler) review digging into twist and turns read more      

                 Movie Plot:
Young Han Solo finds adventure when he joins a gang of galactic smugglers, including a 196-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca. Indebted to the gangster Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan to travel to the mining planet Kessel to steal a batch of valuable coaxium. In need of a fast ship, Solo meets Lando Calrissian, the suave owner of the perfect vessel for the dangerous mission -- the Millennium Falcon.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Book Review: Switch

          Jim Pagiamtzis Review: The Heath brothers write a very compelling book illustrating the power of switch through stories and examples from companies and people wanting to make a difference.

        Why is it so hard to make lasting changes in our companies, in our communities, and in our own lives?

The primary obstacle is a conflict that's built into our brains, say Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the critically acclaimed bestseller Made to Stick. Psychologists have discovered that our minds are ruled by two different systems - the rational mind and the emotional mind - that compete for control. The rational mind wants a great beach body; the emotional mind wants that Oreo cookie. The rational mind wants to change something at work; the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine. This tension can doom a change effort - but if it is overcome, change can come quickly.

In Switch, the Heaths show how everyday people - employees and managers, parents and nurses - have united both minds and, as a result, achieved dramatic results:

- The lowly medical interns who managed to defeat an entrenched, decades-old medical practice that was endangering patients (see page 242)
- The home-organizing guru who developed a simple technique for overcoming the dread of housekeeping (see page 130)
- The manager who transformed a lackadaisical customer-support team into service zealots by removing a standard tool of customer service (see page 199)

In a compelling, story-driven narrative, the Heaths bring together decades of counterintuitive research in psychology, sociology, and other fields to shed new light on how we can effect transformative change. Switch shows that successful changes follow a pattern, a pattern you can use to make the changes that matter to you, whether your interest is in changing the world or changing your waistline.
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Book Review: The Dip

        Jim Pagiamtzis Review: A very very thin book yet a very loud and powerful message!                                    

          In this iconic bestseller, popular business blogger and bestselling author Seth Godin proves that winners are really just the best quitters. Godin shows that winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt—until they commit to beating the right Dip.

Every new project (or job, or hobby, or company) starts out fun…then gets really hard, and not much fun at all. You might be in a Dip—a temporary setback that will get better if you keep pushing. But maybe it’s really a Cul-de-Sac—a total dead end. What really sets superstars apart is the ability to tell the two apart.

Winners seek out the Dip. They realize that the bigger the barrier, the bigger the reward for getting past it. If you can beat the Dip to be the best, you’ll earn profits, glory, and long-term security.
Whether you’re an intern or a CEO, this fun little book will help you figure out if you’re in a Dip that’s worthy of your time, effort, and talents. The old saying is wrong—winners do quit, and quitters do win.   buy book

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Movie Review: Deadpool 2 (2018)


       Jim Pagiamtzis review
               " Deadpool is back for a second time. Wade Wilson ( Ryan Reynolds) is non stopping merc is back to his antics but a entire new leve. He continues to get in trouble for all the wrong reason.  Love is the air for just a few minutes until its gone and he trys to get it back

             Cable (Josh Brolin) makes he grand entrance and all sorts of amazing fights scenes happen with some hilarious comments by Deadpool.  All sorts of jokes are made about DC and Marvel throught the entire movie.

                   Some amazing cameos by Brad Pitt (Vanisher) it happens quick!  Stan Lee is als in the movie but as a painting (again it happens quick)

               The centre of the story focuses on the Kidd that Cable is going after. Story does take some time to take shape, have no worries the jokess and antics of Deapool keep it humming along

                 By the time you get to the end act you will find yourself wanting more action. Spectacular fight scene with X-Force uniting to take on the Juggernaut.
                   Stay back to want the end credits. Deadpool does some fixing of his own that is extremely funny!

                     I do hope Wolvie does get resurrected because he eludes to him through the entire movie!

              9 of 10 stars!

 Sujit K Reddy;
   Good: Cable, Domino,Duplinder
   Bad: 4th wall breaking wasn't as effective in the this installment like it was in the previous one
  Ugly: More action with the final XFORCe team against Juggernaut would have been awesome

    KJ Proulx Review  read more

      Movie Plot
           Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool meets Russell, an angry teenage mutant who lives at an orphanage. When Russell becomes the target of Cable -- a genetically enhanced soldier from the future -- Deadpool realizes that he'll need some help saving the boy from such a superior enemy. He soon joins forces with Bedlam, Shatterstar, Domino and other powerful mutants to protect young Russell from Cable and his advanced weaponry.


Special travel Post: Bora Bora

    A place I want to go!


Special event review: Develop Yourself Event

   Wednesday May 23rd

   It was amazing day of learning,sharing and networking with Karen Donaldson

   Ask her direct business questions to taking the hot seat it was awesome experience to get insights on being a successful speaker.
   Karen Donaldson learn more

Food Review: Summer salad with chicken strips ( Belfast Love)

    Jim Pagiamtzis Review: Spectacular salad!