Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great venue available (just south of Toronto Downtown core)

 Great venue available. Details below
  It can accommodate functions such as but not limited to:
• Business meetings • Product launch parties
• Weddings and receptions
• Fashion shows
• Corporate events
• Personal functions
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

• Dining area (seats 150) • Service bar (seats 10)
• Sushi bar (seats 4)
• Monthly gallery exhibitions by various artists
• VIP area’s and booths with available bottle service
• State of art sound system and DJ services, AV system, microphone
• Valet Services and free accessible parking lot
• Fully functioning prep kitchen • Catering, entertainment and decor may be arranged
• All rooms are equipped with projectors
• Wireless internet
• Wheelchair accessible
• Take-out menu
• Easily accessible from all major hwys

To book a time to view this amazing and magical place

Jim Pagiamtzis

Journey to meet to amazing men on January 29th

 It was an awesome day on  Tuesday January 29th. Had the great the opportunity to emcee and speak at the Canada Job Exp and North York, where he a great speaker join us Ed Mercer and Canadian Billionaire. H shared his story living in abandon home to become a billionaire and helping others become millionaires. It was very inspiring and special.

In the afternoon I attended the afternoon session of the Art of Sales event in Toronto.Thanks to Derryn Shrosbree from the Investors group for the tickets, my friend Brett Deguire also attended the full day.

It was great to hear Scott Stratten speak on his book Unmarketing followed by Rober Cialdini worldwide speakers and author of multiple books. Check out links below on clips on his talk.

Moral of the story.  Becoming a speaker I got the share the stage with a billionaire for a day. Get Connected today and you never know who you will meet tomorrow!

                                           Ed Mercer and Jim Pagiamtzis at Canada Job Expo

                                      Robert Cialdini and Jim Pagiamtzis at Art of Sales event

                                                   Authors Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamtzis

More information on Eric Mercer below
Eight Grade Millionaire

Crown Diamond team and Oregano Coffee

Below are links to Robert Cialdini's talk at Art of Sales

Robert Cialdini talk at Art of Sales Part 1

Robert Cialdini talk at Art of Sales Part 2

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1st Cashflow game for 2013 in Toronto

1st Cashflow Game for 2013 for Castles For Families
"Changing Lives, One Family at a Time."
castles for families logo 
Join Us Tomorrow January 31st!
Why should I come out?  What can I possibly learn from playing a board game?
Did you know that 90% of what you read and listen to is forgot in 10 minutes?  What were you doing 10 minutes ago??
EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING combines listening, discussion, integrated use of knowledge with immediate implementation thus you remember A LOT more!!!!
If you want to start investing in real estate, stocks, bonds and want some strategies, you need to come out.  If you want to get out of debt, building wealth with partners, you need to come out.  If you have little reasons running around the house, you need to come out...
Watch a couple of videos I did few months ago at past cashflow games  Learn More.
Listen to these testimonials at our last game Listen to Testimonials here
In case you are wondering what drives me to do this, you need to listen to my daughter Aliya sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and see why I need to retire to manage this little superstar. Watch Video of Aliya singing here

Also you need to check out these dance moves she has.  Mya is an up and comer! Watch the awesome moves of Aliya

Parking and TTC
Paid Visitor Parking
There is plenty of paid parking for about $5 under the building because of the adjoining Sobeys.
The Spadina streetcar takes right in front of the building on the North West corner of Bremner and Spadina.  The building has a Royal Bank and Sobeys grocery store at street level.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact 1 Year Anniversary

                    Jim Pagiamtzis at Microsoft Store-Yorkdale sharing Power of Email Marketing Dec 2012

It has been great journey and meeting professional and entrepreneurs in various industries. Would like to share great story how I got hired by Constant Contact late 2012.

The Challenge

It all began with an experience I had at Darren Weeks at Fast Track to Cash flow event that was held in Toronto in 2008 where he challenge the entire group to do a newsletter campaign for an entire year. I took the challenge and  started sharing my own newsletter through my outlook express email. On a monthly basis I shared events, articles. I had success from contacts responding to my emails with encouragement and even attending some of my speaking events.

In one memorable campaign, I had shared that I was speaking at Enterprise Toronto on How  to attract a Mentor in and success. Elizabeth Verwey  from HomeOffice Mentors she had written a book Mentorship Circle regarding her experience and insights doing group mentorship project she had run.

She had offered to come and speak at the end of my talk.I really like the idea and made it happen! She was a huge success and she even sold some of her books.

Continued to do my newsletter in the weeks and months. I began to do a lot of networking and my list began to grow. Had figured out a way to keep doing so the my ISP ( Internet Service Provider) wouldn't shut be down. It took time to do this and I began impatient and frustrated some days. Then it finally happened my ISP service shut me down 3 times in 8 months!

I had to start looking for an alternative solution. Began attending the local event that  Constant Contact did in Toronto and realized this is what I needed. Lisa Kember is the Regional Director for Constant Contact Ontario and I had met with her a few times and expressed my interests in the social platform.

The Trigger event

In October 2012 I was part of mastermind group in Toronto with an amazing group of professionals where I had a discussion on doing an event on early December to promote our group. My two mastermind friends were skeptical on doing an event on Saturday Dec 3,2011, they figured it was took close to holidays and people wouldn't be interested.

I still remember it to this day, I stood up and said " I will do an event on Saturday December 3rd 2011" It caught my mastermind friends little of guard with the statement, they offered the support and encouragement.

Few days later I registered and payed  for the Constant Contact Email Marketing program, with the assistance of their award winning coaches I put together my first email campaign. What happened in the coming weeks was exciting and very memorable.

I had a successful  event on December 3rd, 2011 with 30 attendees!  My two friends both did video testimonials regarding their amazement and support of the event success.

I went on to share this success with Lisa Kember in late December and she as suggested I apply for Solutions Provider programs which was the opportunity to sells the Constant Contact services for revenue. Completed that paperwork few weeks later and began to have success in doing, even got a my friend Carla Langhorst from Small Business Solver to become a Solution Provider.

 In late December Lisa Kember had emailed  me requesting few YouTube videos of some of my presentations. That was easy! I had done numerous videos since 2008, my mentors had mentioned to do this in order to learn more about my speaking style and become a better presenter.

In mid January I had attended a presentation that Lisa Kember was doing at the Marriot Hotel in Downtown Toronto, Prior to her talk she had offered to take me out for lunch after the talk. Initially I was concerned she has assured me there was nothing to be worried about.

We sat down for lunch and she began to ask me question about my speaking journey and articles that I had written.

She then explained that there were putting a team together called Authorized Local Experts in the Toronto area to better share the Constant Contact platform.

I had one question "Does it pay?" she responded "Yes it does"

"I am in" I responded!

 I signed the contract on Wednesday January 25th,2012 and spoke the next morning for Entrepreneur Speed Networking Group in Newmarket ( I was a co-organizer). Didn't sleep much that night as I downloaded the presentation and studied.

I ended up sharing the presentation and got great feedback! Literally read the presentation notes.

Have had the great experience on doing numerous corporate talks throughout 2012 traveling to Kingston, Ingersoll, Schomberg.

Ended up speaking to 670 people and generating 5 corporate clients clients for the year. It was an amazing achievement!

Look forward  continued success in 2013 and beyond

Moral of the story: Continue to network, attend event and you too 

MRJ Financial Solutions 1st Newsletter

Issue: #1January 2013
Welcome to MRJ Financial Solutions newsletter in which I wish to share some tax tips that will save you money. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your connections.

matt giving tax tips
Mathew speaking at Entrepreneur Speed Networking at Montana's Restaurant on Jan. 9, 2013
7 Income tax items that will cause an audit
 You have just finished filing your income tax return and you get a notice from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) saying they want to see the receipts for your tax return. This scenario is enough to send shivers down any taxpayer's spine. This is what is casually known as an 'audit' and is akin to going to the dentist: painful. It appears that CRA has decided that of all the tax returns to audit, your name came up. What caused this to happen you ask? Well to be honest there are probably several 'red flags' in your tax return that would justify a closer look.  I am going to list 7 of the most common items that will cause an audit.
  1. RRSP contributions are a prime candidate for audit. Of all the deductions a taxpayer can make, this is near the top of the tax man's hit list. RRSP contributions frequently get targeted for audit because, taxpayers often over contribute.  If a tax payer over contributes, a penalty of a 1% tax per month is assessed on your unused contribution that exceeds your RRSP contribution limit by $2,000.
  2. Income and deduction spikes:  Sudden spikes in income and deductions from one year to the next will certainly flag your tax return for an audit. If a taxpayer reports making $30,000 one year and then declares $300,000 the next year, CRA has the authority to audit both or all years leading up to the year the $300,000 was claimed.  Not only will they audit, they can also assess fines or penalties according to the income tax act. Conversely if a taxpayer claimed a few thousand dollars in deductions from a business one year and tens of thousands of deductions the next, is a guarantee that the tax return is flagged for audit.
  3. Charitable donations:  Making large charitable donations compared to your income is a good way to get the tax man's attention and that is not a good thing. If the charitable donations you are making are significantly more than your income, it gets CRA's attention.  This is due to the fact that CRA has software programs that calculate the average charitable donation for your income bracket.
To find out more click on this link or call us today to set up a personalized and confidential appointment.  
Thank you for reading our newsletter. 
We welcome your feedback on our first newsletter. 
Mathew Jazenko
MRJ Financial Solutions

Constant Contact Solution Provider 2013 Kickoff

 Been an awesome week participating in the Constant Contact Solution Provider Webinar Conference.

 8 sessions held over 4 days. Amazing knowledge and expertise shared by Constant Contact. Look forward to creating more speaking engagements and corporate revenue.

Will be an accredited Solution Provider with Constant Contact within the next few weeks. Excited to share my knowledge with existing clients and at presentations.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Society of Internet Professional 15th Anniversay event

The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) celebrated its 15th Anniversary on January 15, 2013 at the Toronto City Hall.

It was a memorable event, we had great presentations by Jim Sterne & James Standen (see below). Review what some attendees have said:

I have attended yesterday's event for the first time, and really enjoyed it. The speakers were excellent, Made few connections which I hope will mature into business. ..... Danny Dechtiar
"Presentations were informative and succinct. I liked the networking component. Phenomenal Event"
Leslie Shernofsky

Two of many Tweets
Take a peek at the memorable photos of the event, courtesy of Olga Goubar, Justin McMakin and Jim Pagiamtzis.

The Art of Analytics - Keynote
The technical tools continue to lead the industry with their ability to collect and integrate more disparate data, and to visualize it in the most striking ways. We will discuss what is web analytics, the art of analytics and what is takes to be a true artist in the field.

Jim Sterne is an international consultant focused on measuring the value of the online marketing for creating and strengthening customer relationships since 1993. Sterne has written seven books on using the Internet for marketing, produces the eMetrics Summit -

e-Metrics and Web Analytics Presentation
Video Clip of Jim's presentation, posted by Jim

Data Data Data- The Evolution of Google Analytics
Google announced over a year ago that they would enter the paid, enterprise web analytics market. Google has a far reaching strategy that has huge implications on the market.
James Standen founder of nModal has over a decade of experience in data management and business intelligence. James founded nModal in 2008 believing that data will continue to become more central , and he is excited at the chance to play a part in developing tools that help
The Evolution of Data

Video Clip of James' presentation, posted by Jim
Part 1
Part 2

Returning to Toronto in 2013, as part of Data Driven Business Week, eMetrics Summit offers the most comprehensive and forward thinking forum on best practices, tools and techniques to optimize successful marketing programs.

nModal Solutions Inc. has created the Analytics Canvas framework. Designed for large scale, automated data extractions and transformations from even hundreds of sources, It provides a powerful way to get at Google Analytics Data using the Google APIs to their fullest and is used by companies around the world.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Randy Ramadhin Newsletter January 2013

century 21 logo 
randy headshot  

Randy Ramadhin

Co-Author of
Investing in Condominiums

Cashflow Game
Calendar of upcoming events
FREE Carson Dunop Condo Event
CTV News Channel - Housing Market Losing Steam - Jan 2013
CTV News Channel - Housing Market Losing Steam - Jan 2013
Are you curious where the real estate market and economy is going over the next 12 months??  You should be....experts are confused...listen to a seasoned investor give us a solid view.

Cashflow Game to sharpen dealfinding and negotiation
Robert Kiyosaki is a national best-selling author who has reached the pinnacle in credibility in wealth education.  His foundation course, the Cashflow 101 boardgame, has taught thousands of people how to spot deals, negotiate deals and how to manage money better.  This game has helped me tremendously to deal with investors, and spot deals. 

Who Should Come??
You want to increase your personal asset base by one million dollars in the next 12 months!
You want to surround yourself with others looking to build financial freedom.
You NEED to understand Ways of looking at the market to create wealth.

Address: 25 Telegram Mews, Toronto, ON
Hi Rise Lobby
(Front St and Spadina Rd)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Date: Thurs, January 31st, 2013
Calender of Upcoming events
Friday, January 25 th Carson Dunlop Condo Event.  details below
Feb 16th Century 21 People's Choice Office Meeting in Brampton start time 10:00 am
**sponsored lunch** with Constant Contact
stay tuned....

Toronto Condo Update
Shaffiq Dar, condo assignment expert, has shared with us his notes on his last presentation.  I can email it to you so please just email me here

Also if you have a condo assignment, please email me detials.

This Friday Carson Dunlop is having a free event with so much information.  I highly recommend you attend!
Date: January 25, 2013
Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Venue: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) which is part of the University of Toronto's St. George campus, located at 232 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Book review: Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

An amazing book by David Bach. Amazing lessons to learn from.

If you are interested in reading it this book, I am willing to loan it out.

Jim Pagiamtzis

What do these books have in common?

                                             Anthony Robbins Speaker,Author, Mentor

Two amazing books written by Anothony Robbins. He offer amazing insights in business, life and success.

If you are in the GTA Toronto. I am offering to loan you these amazing books. Contact details below.

I have been speaking since 2008 and in 2012 I had my best year speaking about Networking, Social Media and many more more topics. 2013 is going to be awesome!

There is a passage in the book where Anthony Robbins was just starting his speaking career and his friends were speaking between 10-15 times a months, which they believed was amazing success.

Anthony Robbins thought differently. He want to speak 10-15 week!

He is the international sensation because he made it happen!

Jim Pagiamtzis

Book Review: Tapping the Iceberg by Tim Cork

Tim Cork has put together an amazing book on how Achieve Straight A's in life through Attitute, Aptitude and Action.

Chapter a short and sweet and to the point. They are full of quotes, stories and inspiring stories to assist you to succeed in your journey of success.

Great to book to read through out the year and get inspired and create momentum to succeed in you daily and weekly challenges.

He shares authentic stories on himself and how he engages and connects with people daily.

Really enjoy his Batman story and how it not only inspired his kids but everyone around him!

Check out the end of the article for opportunity to read the book online. 

                              Tim Cork and Jim Pagiamtzis at National club in Toronto December 2012

For more information go to

Read the book online at

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book review: That'll never work

 Had the great experience to volunteer at the Globe and Mail Small Business Summit on November 22, 2012. It was great day listening and learning from entrepreneurs from various organizations share their success and failures and what made them succeed in their journey.

"Without this preserverance, I don't think we would have gotten started"

"In the early days we went to a lot of seminars and brought in consultants to guide us. We have always surrounded ourselves with right people. One of key success factors  is seeking advice, analyzing it, and then making proper strategic decisions. At the end of the day yo have to believe in yourself, believe in your team, and make things happen"

Wayne Renick, Alf Garvin, Brent Boyle
Retail Sports memorbilia & clothing
Founded Red Deer, Alberta 1989

"Really , we're much more like a mattress store than, say, a pharmacy. You buy a mattress every eight years. You might go into the pharmacy every month. We don't have the luxury of that kind of constant contact. People actually buy glasses every three years, depending on their coverage, so we've got to kill them with kindness whenever we get the chance.

Stephen McIntosh
Factory Optical/ Optiks International/Eyecandy optiks

"I went to Australia, where I had a lot of "windshield time". I took buses, backpacked, and just kind of followed the countryside. And I read like a madman, searching for an answer to my many questions. One of the books I read was The E-Myth by Michale Gerber, which asked whether you planned to work in your business or on your business.

I remember I was in Townsville and there was this huge cyclone. It was out the road and the bus was stuck. We couldn't go back or forward, and I had nothing but time on the bus. I remember thinking right at this point, "if it's going to be, it's up to me." I had to decide I was not ready to quit. I needed to pull myself back up and make think work. I needed to listen. I needed to learn. At that moment, everything changed. A light went on.

Maybe it's kismet, but is was shortly after this that I connected with my first mentor, Kim McConnell, and soon after that we started landing some really good contracts. I had  a new mindset: I had made the decision to  succeed. We got through it, but it was an experience I will remember for a long time.

Jory Lamb
Type of Business: Software & Consulting
Founded. Calgary, Alberta 1996

"Some people say I'm lucky. There is some truth to this, but luck brings you is opportunity. I always say  opportunity knocks at your door. If you don't open the door to let it in, it's going to go and knock on someone else's door. As much as these early opportunities came my way, I also made them happen, relying on passion, drive and my willingness to put in a lot of hard work. The harder I worked the luckier I got.

Steve Gupta
Real Estate Developer, hotelier
Founded: Port Hop, Ontario,1979

Check out link to event

Check out link below and share you story

Monday, January 21, 2013

Get Connected 3rd Edition Newsletter

January is moving full steam ahead. Are you on track in keeping with your resolutions? Remember its all about the habit  Hockey back (check out video below).Great videos, articles to share this week. Amazing upcoming events happening in early February.

 There has been great interest from guest posts so far.If you interested contributing articles, event or blog posts feel free to email me 

Hockey Night tonight.Sharing story about the Hat Trick Wine
Hockey Night tonight.Sharing story about the Hat Trick Wine
Video made the day I bought the wine.
Click here to watch video at Diamond Estate Winery

Quote of the day:

 "Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose." - Helen Keller  

Event next week:  

January 31st 
Cash Flow game in Toronto  
25 Telegram Mews  6:00pm-8:30pm 
$5 fee going to charity  

Randy Ramadhin Newsletter  (guest post) 

Blogs of the week:
1st event   
 Yorkville Business Networking group 

Bateman's Bicycle  Company Story 

Power of Rejection 

 Download of the week

 Teresa Easler e-book
 Authenticity, Creativity, & Connection, Six Strategies to Create a Sales Breakthrough"  

Available for presentations on Social Media and much more..

 Click on the link below to learn more about topics.  

The mindset of a Millionaire Real Estate Agent seminar series and condo update

century 21 logo 
randy headshot  

Randy Ramadhin

Co-Author of
Investing in Condominiums

MREA Workshop
Calendar of upcoming events
When you feel that there is no hope and you can't find a way.  There gift to you.
Powerful Inspirational true story...Don't give up!
Powerful Inspirational true story...Don't give up!
Millionaire Real Estate Agent Workshop on MINDSET
I am a student of my industry, but sometimes content is not as important as mindset.  How do you look at your real estate business?  How does it fit in with your life's goals?

Landmark Education is one of the world's leading personal and professional growth, training, and development companies. The Landmark Forum is its flagship course through which people create breathrough results that last a lifetime. Join me on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 6pm to learn more about the Landmark Forum in an introduction led by my friend, Clifford Ilkay. Clifford is an entrepreneur who has successfully built multiple businesses and has a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in any type of sales.

Who Should Come??
You want to participate in a community that helps you see what you are missing!
You want to have powerful conversations with your clients, not manipulating, but inspiring.
You NEED to understand Ways of Being that attract wealth and leaders into your life.

Address: Century 21 People's Choice head office
2 Royal Crest Rd, Toronto, ON
(Hwy 27 and Steeles Ave, Etobicoke)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Date: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2013
Calender of Upcoming events
Jan 31st Castles for Families- Cashflow Game 101 to learn investment strategies to financial freedom.
 Feb 16th Century 21 People's Choice Office Meeting in Brampton start time 10:00 am
**sponsored lunch** with Constant Contact
stay tuned....

Toronto Condo Update
TREB has reported that the last quarter of 2012 compared to 2011 had a 23% decline in the number of sales transactions, however, the number of rental transactions over the same period increased 13%.

Top incentive condo projects:
5% Commission project Epicurean Condos.
5% Commission projects by Onni Group.

Lastweek we had Condo Assignment legal expert Shaffiq Dar give us a clinic on condo assignments.  I can tell you there were amazing insights discussed that could save you tens of thousands of dollars on a condo assignments.  You need to contact Shaffiq before you do another condo assignment deal

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yorkville Business Networking Group Social

Join us for the 1st Meeting of the Yorkville  Business Networking Group Social in the heart of Yorkville (downtown Toronto) at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at C House Lounge Cafe’, 70  Yorkville Avenue (near Bay/Bloor).
Connect with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries. Get the latest w
Wisdom and developments in financial, public relations, investment through individuals in those industries while you socialize and enjoy an upscale European atmosphere at Yorkville’s newest trendy Lounge.

C House began as a brilliant idea of the enterprising Cristiano Iezzi (Milan), creativity of leading restaurant designer Andrea Langhi (Milan) and support of Torrefazione Poli, a major Italian coffee business. The concept combines the best of quality culinary, design and service experience, which has made it one of the most elegant lounges in the world. This elegance has proven to impress people regardless in every one of the 40 locations in several countries in which C House now has a location.
Yorkville’s culturally rich history, diversity, international flair and top quality reflects the C House experience and is an ideal location for the restaurant in Toronto.

The Yorkville community attracts both the sophisticated international customer as well as local individuals that appreciate the atmosphere, food and service they enjoy at C House. People come to C House for the gusto, quality, atmosphere and service found in the Mediterranean culture. With locations in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Romania, United Emirates, Cyprus and Canada C House is attracting a culturally diverse clientele which enjoy the most refined things in life, one of them being the C House service and experience. C House has been able to rise to the challenge of bringing the Milanese lifestyle to new locations in different countries in a way that is consistent, understood, and appreciated.

This event is limited to 70 attendees, significantly less than what we usually allow. So, make sure you reserve or buy your ticket today.

Baldo Minaudo, President of MetroActive, Business Development Consultant and Author of ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’
Helping People and Opportunity Meet

Jim Pagiamtzis,  President of 21 Connections and Author of “Get Connected in the 21st Century” Strategies to connect online and offline to grow your business
Dress Code: Business attire or equivalent

Note: You must provide proof of full payment for admission into the event. Purchase is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another individual as long as you provide that person with your proof of payment along with your signature on the bottom and note that says “I transfer my ticket to the bearer of this receipt”. We reserve the right to change event details without notice, so make sure you check event post online before event. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the event or to remove individuals from the event without refund of admission price, for whatever reason, but especially for inappropriate behaviour or complaints from, or harassment of other guests. This event is not appropriate for network marketing or multi-level marketing sales or recruitment. There may be a photographer and film crew present to record parts of the event – if you would like to be omitted from the recordings you must indicate so in writing upon signing in at the event. You’re contact information will be provided to the sponsors of the event unless you indicate in writing upon signing up at the event
OPTIONS (all options include one drink ticket & appetizer – Bring your proof of payment for admission):
1. Reserve your spot now for only $7.50 plus $0.98 HST (Non-refundable) to guarantee your spot and ticket price and pay $35 cash at door ($30.97 plus HST of $4.03).

2. Buy your ticket now for $35.00 ($30.97 plus $4.03 HST) and guarantee you’ll have your spot.

3. Pay at the Door (Take your chances) – pay $40 at the door ($35.40 plus HST of $4.60) if there is space available. Although we’ll try our best to get you in, there is no guarantee that there will be space available and you may have to wait until someone leaves if the restaurant reaches capacity.
Picture of Yorkville