Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Special Guest Post; Networking in Troubled Times by Donna Messer


Event Review: Tangled Art + Disability - 2015 Tangled Arts Festival -Strange Beauty

Sujit Reddy Quote

Sujit K  Reddy

Sujit K Redy


Spotlight Special: Enterprise Magazine 2009

         This was an amazing magazine back in 2009 that shared various articles from Networking, Business and much more.Sadly it went out of business due to death of the owner.


Special Guest Post:: What A Difference A Decade Makes In Networking by Donna Messer


Special Guest Post: Networking Socially by Donna Messer


Monday, January 30, 2017

Event in Toronto: Canada's Real Estate Wealth Expo on Saturday March 18th


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Anthony Robbins

                       includes special guest Pitbull

Special Performance by Pitbull
Armando Christian Perez aka Pitbull is a globally successful musician, performer, business entrepreneur, fashion icon and actor whose career sales have exceeded 5 million albums and over 60 million singles worldwide.

Guest Spotlight feature; Marcio Mendes

 Recently Marcio Mendes shared insights on Meditation and Mindful at Public Speakers Association Toronto Chapter in Toronto

Below is quick explanation of what he shared

Everything that exists in our reality was thought before it existed. What we think can turn into feeling and consequently into reality.

But all this can be corrected in a simple and accessible way to any thinking being, how? Through meditation, thousands of research has already been carried out in this area and proven its benefits from the most diverse prevention and cure diseases that affect us.

It is not enough to live but we to live with quality as the philosopher Socrates once said. We have potentialities within ourselves and we do not use them, and unfortunately the world we live in is increasingly distanced from the use of these human potentialities and meditation is the key we have to access and use our potentiality.


Marcio Mendes


      Master Marcio Mendes explaining Trecial


Book Review: PIVOT- The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life

           Jim Pagiamtzis Book Review:
        "Adam Markel takes you on journey and shares powerful stories of other and his own. Pivot is masterful book not just to read but to do the exercises and give you the confidence and abilities to succeed in your life!

 About book:

                  The successful CEO of the internationally renowned Peak Potentials—who has trained thousands of people to find new jobs, careers, and directions—shares his practical and inspirational program for reinventing yourself, whether you are out of work or want to change your professional trajectory.

What would you do in your life if you knew you could not fail?

That’s the question answered in Pivot, a roadmap for embracing your true potential without abandoning your responsibilities or risking your future. As a transformational teacher and the CEO of Peak Potentials, which has trained more than one million people worldwide, Adam Markel can help you leap out of your comfort zone and into the destiny you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you are transitioning your career, or have been downsized, or believe that your true potential has yet to be fully tapped, Pivot is a guide to reinvention for anyone, at any age. With clear-eyed compassion and frank assessments, Adam shares the secrets that will guide you away from fear and toward a powerful new vision for your life. The uplifting stories, introspective prompts, clear step-by-step exercises, and energizing calls to action throughout this remarkable book will guide you through the process of personal and career transformation, from creating a vision and clearing space for change to building a supportive environment and establishing daily rituals that will regenerate your soul.

Success and personal fulfillment are within reach! Program your internal GPS to a destination of your wildest imagination—all it takes to change your path is one right turn.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Special Post: Lesson of understand the sport of Fencing

        In January 2016 I had the great experience to teach Public Speaking and Communication skills at private school in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  It was 12- week course that I designed and share with students from the ages of 7-13 years old.

   I was excited about the opportunity to share my experience,  knowledge and strategies.

   Each student had different attitude and insight on speaking and communication.

  Wendy Y. was 13 years old and the oldest in the group, she was very shy and didn't participate much in the first few weeks of the course. Then in week 3 I had an idea!

   My mentor has this great quote."Walk in persons shoes but don't live there"

    In week four she made a comment she made a comment ' I am very tired and soar" I responded and said "do you mind me asking why?"

   She says "I had a long fencing practice"  I responded "Fencing  your say"

   That's when I had the brilliant idea and said "Tell me about fencing?"  She says "WHAT!"

   I explained to the class that I had participated in the Panam/ Parapan games as ambassador and volunteer in 2015 and 2016 and had seen some of the events showcased, among one them was Fencing.

   She says " we don't have any equipment!"

   I  said "we don't need any, it will be imaginary"

      We cleared the front of the room and then I saw her change in the instant. She got serious and began to explain how fencing works and the way you get points.

   The students were all in awe and amazement!

   In the coming weeks, Wendy made great strides in participating in the class and continually encouraging her to take steps in speaking and sharing.

    Halfway through the course, I had given the student homework to present topic infront of their class of their choosing.

    Wendy Y. shared her passion on comics and the One Punch Man. She did an amazing talk which she showcased her passion and interest in this misunderstood hero.

     In week eleven she did her final 4 minute final talk where she illustrated her skills on speaking and communication.

    At the end of the class she came to me and said " I know that I wasn't participating in the beginning, but I truly have enjoyed sharing in recent weeks. I am going to miss this class very much. Thank you for being patient with me."

  I told her " You are on the journey of being able to understand the power of speaking and communication, I am very proud of you and the steps you took to do that. You are warrior mindest"

   I then I stood back and got into my fencing stance and said "Let's go one more time!'  she giggled got back and said  'I am not going easy on you this time!"

   The moral of this story is we all have greatness inside of us. We don't realize it all the time until we have teacher and mentor show us through action.

Fencers showcase the sport in 2015 at Panamam Sports Centre in Scarborough


Journey to speed dating event at Provda Vodka Bar in Toronto

    It was going to another great adventure in Toronto on Saturday Jan 28,2017

  Speed Dating event.. Exciting..... Interesting.. Adventure...  perhaps of the above!

   I have been participating in speed dating events for a few years and have found them to be an interesting experience.

  This evening was the first for 2017 New vision, new confidence..

   Won't bore you with the details. Had some great conversation and some other that are not worth mentioning!

   We did have the same number of men and women so I had more than few breaks witch broke the momentum of the evening.  At the end of the night I had 3 great conversations.

   Speed dating can be great event if you decide to take the attitude of managing your listening and talking throughout the night.

  Untill next time the journey continues...
Jim Pagiamtzis at Christie Station going to Speed dating event

CN Tower at 5:30pm Saturday night

Head to the bar: You get a Break!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Journey to networking, interview and speaking event all in 1 day!

             It was amazing day of learning, speaker and socializing on the road.

                 1st pitstop was The Networker event held by Vito Marchese at  The Avenue Banquet Hall  (Steeles and Allen road area)  It great to meet and networking for a few hours.

                 2nd I had interview for inside sales position for dental wholesaler.

           Last stop was my monthly Public Speakers Association with Keynote speaker Marcio Mendes, he shared insights on meditation and mindfulness.

                 An awesome day on the go doing what I like Learn, Speak and Socializing!


Jim pagiamzis at Christie Pits in the morning

Hey Its my name on The Networker banner

Constant Contact Banner

Golf booth at The Networker event

The Networker Panorama of the room

my late lunch at Tim Horton Yorkdale

Collage of tanks and Plane at installation on Allen and Sheppard

Marcio Mendes sharing at Public Speakers Association

Journey to learn Spanish begins January 2017

              January 25,2017

                  1st Lesson was great!

                   My favorite word "un poco" which means =very little                         


Journey to learn to Swim

            It was great evening to get in the pool and swim some laps.

   Swimming is not been my strength for many years, so when Randy Ramadhin offered access to swimming pool I jumped at the opportunity. One of my goals is to do Tough Mudder in August in Caledon,Ontario just north of Barrie.

   We had access to pool and sauna in downtown core and it was great experience!

   At point Randy said "Jim your like a fish, swimming is second nature to you!"

   We got in the hot tub to relax and have great conversation. Our chat got the attention of gentlemen who was beside us. He was successful entrepreneur with his own financial services business for many many years.

   He was in the process of writing a book on financial literacy and how to achieve financial success.

  More of the story: You go for a swim and you just don't know who you are going to meet!

not me swimming

Jim Pagaimtzis and Randy Ramadhin

Tough Mudder August 2017 in Caledon

Inspiratation Quote: Muhammad Ali (The Greatest Boxer ever!)


Special spotlight Feature: Caden Forbes and 6 Top Networking Tips

 Caden Forbes is Business Sales Specialist with Microsoft in Toronto. Below are some great networking tips.


Product Review: Pickel Barrel new waiter response system (Yorkdale Location)

                  We were having dinner on Tuesday January 24th at the Pickel Barrel at Yorkdale Shopping Mall when our server Diego shared that we just had press the button and he would attend our needs for the evening.

           As you see below you can ask for service, waiter or the bill.

              Technology is evolving very quickley!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Movie Review; xXx The Return of Xander Cage


  Jim Pagiamtzis Review
        "It was great to see Xander Cage back in action!  Lots of action from the beginning to end. Storyline didn't really matter, the supporting cast made it interested and surprise guest in the thrid act was awesome way to tie everyone together. Some of the scene were filmed in Toronto but you couldn't really tell becasue it happened so fast! All I have to say is Neybar better be in the sequel!" Hence the Neymar goals at the bottom

   Sujit Reddy Review:
   The Good: Action Packed & Diverse, International Cast
   The Bad: Too many years have gone by, they should have done this sooner!
    The Ugly: Some of the CGI was poorly done and obvious

Story plot
After coming out of self-imposed exile, daredevil operative Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) must race against time to recover a sinister weapon known as Pandora's Box, a device that controls every military satellite in the world. Recruiting a new group of thrill-seeking cohorts, Xander finds himself entangled in a deadly conspiracy that points to collusion at the highest levels of government.


Monday, January 23, 2017

21 Connections January 3rd edition Newsletter: Movie night and Speaker Slam and Public Speakers Association event in Toronto

"Learn, Speak and Social leads to monetize!" Jim Pagiamtzis
January 2017 Learn, Speak and Socialize
 21 Connections will be providing you with awesome events  Learn. Speak & Socialize and grow you business and connections!

 Check out the articles on my  networking adventures,acting roles and special events.

Event Review: DECA Ontario Provincials in Toronto January 21,2017 Read more

  Movie  Review: La La Land Read more        

 Save the date: Thursday February 16th Cash flow game in Downtown Toronto (evening event)                                    

  More BIG announcements coming!

Rethinking The Art of Networking interview with Promod Sharma
Watch video
Work Hard Play Harder: Toronto

XXX - Return of Xander Cage
Watch trailer

Date: Tuesday Jan 24th ,2016 
Where: Yordale Shopping Mall. Cineplex Theatre 7:30pm show (get your tickets prior to show online or box office)

Meet us at Pickel Barrel at 5:30pm for mastermind dinner
Feature Event:
Speaker Slam on January 25th

It's a throw down!

8 Speakers but only 1 winner
Feature Event:
Thursday January 26th
 Public Speakers Association:Toronto (evening)

Join us for an evening of learning,sharing from speakers in various fields. Special Guest Marcio Mendez

Learn more
Picture of the week

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