Monday, January 16, 2017

Journey to Sunday nIght Ball Hockey in East York

  It has been experience playing ball hockey for many years. I have 3 championship trophies with 2 different teams in 1995 (story for another day)

 On this night January 15th we had great turnout of players and it was Game on! as Peter says in his emails

  We had two teams with 4 subs each which was welcomed news for the new year!

   It was a competitive game between Team Dark vs Team White.

   Team Dark won the 1st game 10-9 with yours truly scoring a few nice goals.

  The second game was more intense game with lots of holding and light bumping and little controversy on few goals in the end Team Dark edged out Team white 10-9  to win both games.

   Amazing night of ball hockey between competitive players burning some much needed calories.

 Thanks to Gordon So for the amazing pictures below.

Team Dark in the offensvie zone

Jason and Dan and Shayne in net
Jim Pagiamtzis and Peter watching from Bench

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