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Spotlight: Colleen Lindberg

Spotlight: Colleen Lindberg

1st   What got you interested in learning and then teaching KOLBE?

I was first interested in learning about Kolbe when I was on my intense journey of understanding myself. Kolbe answered many questions I had about myself and allowed me the freedom to be me. That is also one of the main reasons why I teach it, so that I can assist others in that same freedom.

2nd  Why is important for corporate companies to understand the uniqueness of people in their teams?

Corporate businesses are built and run on team synergy. When we understand more about the people in our teams we can then align more productive and targeted outcomes. Kolbe allows us to better understand how we take action and in our teams it will allow us to understand how people will work together.

Colleen is a passionate entrepreneur, leader and enthusiastic business consultant.
Throughout the years, Colleen has started and helped run numerous businesses including businesses in the internet marketing industry, the hospitality industry, the printing industry, the wealth management industry, and the retail industry. She also was hired on to consult in numerous personal development and seminar companies, moving companies, construction companies, health and wellness companies and some network marketing businesses.
Through much experience and of course trial error, Colleen has established C.Lindberg Consulting and Coaching practice, where she currently helps individuals, teams and businesses get the results that they are looking for. Creating synergistic teams and more profitability are some of the specialties that Colleen offers her clients. She believes that once people can truly understand themselves, then they can become the best of who they are in whatever aspect of life they are focused in.
Colleen is a certified Kolbe Specialist and Consultant. Her vast experience and expertise in Human Resources and People Development is what assists companies in their performance bottom line.

Colleen Lindberg
My Kolbe Results 8-4-6-3
C. Lindberg Consulting
"Creating Lasting Companies"
"In business our people are our greatest resource. Ensure your leaders are ready to lead and your team is engaged and prepared for peak performance."
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Get Connected 5th Edition Newsletter

Month of May has been awesome and headed in to June there great events happening below:

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing on Yonge and Dundas.AVI
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing on Yonge and Dundas.AVI

June 1st Movie screening: Peaceful Warrior
Click here for event information
June 2nd in Milton

Bold Academy proudly presents Career Enhancement and Networking event to inaugurate its new premises on June 2nd  
Bold Academy, presents Speaker, Author and Networking Guru Jim Pagiamtizs and Dale Carnegie Course Trainer, Speaker and Author Christopher van der Hoff for an informative and career enhancement which will help you to achieve your goals.
Bold Academy has been helping individuals and corporations in the area of project management, business analysis and information technology development.
Individuals can benefit by following offers from Bold
  • CAPM® and PMP® exam preparatory courses
  • Knowledge building courses for starting careers in Project Management field.
  • Experiential Seminars to face the challenges of Project Management
  • Tools and Technology training to enhance and advance your career
Book your seat for this special event where you have the opportunity to listen to experts Jim Pagiamtzis  will speak about his published and renowned P-A-R theory to leverage networking and social networking tools such as Linkedin, Twitter\ etc. to achieve career success.
Christopher van der Hoff will speak about how to use team work and trust building to lead projects successfully.

Book your seat for this special free event at  
Address - 50 Steels Ave East, Suite 28 Milton ON L9T 4W9, from 9:30 am till 12 noon.
Visit Bold Academy for more details Click here to register 

June 2 & 3rd
Sagefair at  the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  Click here for event information

Tired of your book collection? Need some DVDs you haven't seen? Trade your media with Swapsity at the Sage Fair. See you June 2 and 3! Click here for event information

Fair  admission is $10.00 Swapsity members $6.00
Bring Live Green card for 30% admission discount.

June 9th with Gerry Robert and Rapid Results Marketing "New way to Sell"
Click here to register

Form more articles and events happening later check out blog or website for daily updates
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Excerpt from the book "Keeper of the Flame"

How your audience is listening "always"

In May 2005 I was asked to conduct a motivational program with 120 salespeople from Merck Frosst, the giant pharmaceutical company. The program as delivered at a resort about hour's drive north of Montreal, in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada. About two-thirds of the audience were fully bilingual, about a quarter understood English, and a few didn't understand at all. My program was three hours long. They were a great group and I delivered my message with my customary zest and vigor.

At the close of the program I ended the way I usually do-with request for the delegates to share their takeaway from the program. I went around the room asking people to verbalize their learning from the day. Finally I focused on a young man who had been sitting directly in front of me. I had left him for last because he has listened to me with uncommon concentration the whole time. He had appeared to absorb every word I uttered. In fact, his unwavering attention was one of the reasons I felt so connected to the audience as a whole. He radiated style, success and charisma. The way in which his colleagues engaged him clearly branded him as a leader. A sixth sense told me that he would provide the most meaningful comment of the day to help me send everyone away on a high.

"Pierre| I said, reading his name tag, " what is your key takeaway from the day?"  Pierre just stared at me, not responding. Thinking that he hadn't heard me, I repeated the question a little louder and little more slowly, Still no response. Then one of his colleagues said to me, " Mike, Pierre doesn't speak English."

"You must be joking," I thought to myself. "How could he have appeared to be so riveted for three hours without comprehending a world I'd said?" So I asked his colleague to ask Pierre why he had listened to me with such intensity when he didn't understand anything I'd said. A short dialogue ensued. The his colleague told me, "Pierre says it didn't matter what you said. What mattered is how you said it. He says he loves your passion and joie de vivre. he says he learned a lot  from just watching you."  I gave Pierre a big "Merci beaucoup" He gave me a dazzling grin; then rose and embraced me. And the audience sprang into a spontaneous stand ovation"

Your audience is listening "always"

Book cover below:
Quote below appeared on my LinkedIn reading List
"Amazing book, Mike Lipkin shares in insight and experience on success with the engagement and teaching of a true teacher."

For information go to:

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Press Release Authorized Local Expert Trainer Jim Pagiamtzis

Press Release – Authorized Local Expert


Get Connected Make Wealth Happen Selected as
a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

Toronto  marketing expert to help small businesses and nonprofits apply the power of online marketing to grow their organizations

Toronto,Ontario (Canada) —Jim Pagiamtzis  has been selected as an Authorized Local Expert by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than half a million small organizations worldwide. As an Authorized Local Expert, Jim Pagiamtzis  will offer training seminars on best practices in online marketing in the Toronto area. .

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen is about how to you can create successful online and offline networking of success.

Jim Pagiamtzis dynamic and engaging speaking style is a perfect fit in sharing  his insight and experience on how to create engaging content that you contacts choose to respond to.

Constant Contact Authorized Local Experts are dedicated to educating small businesses, nonprofits and organizations on how to achieve success through email and social media marketing. Local Experts are authorized by Constant Contact to deliver our field-tested seminars because of their proven expertise, passion and commitment to working with Constant Contact in their local community.

Jim Pagiamtzis will host free small business seminars and training workshops in the Toronto-area focused on using email marketing and social media marketing to engage key audiences, drive dialogues, and build relationships.

“We are thrilled to have Jim Pagiamtzis  as part of the Authorized Local Experts program,” said Catherine Kniker, vice president of local success at Constant Contact. “We believe education and training on marketing best practice leads to more success for small organizations. Our Authorized Local Experts are in a fantastic position to serve their local community by sharing their expertise and our successful, educational KnowHow.”

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen

About Constant Contact, Inc.
Constant Contact wrote the book on Engagement Marketing™ – the new marketing success formula that helps small organizations create and grow customer relationships in today’s socially connected world. More than half a million small businesses, nonprofits and associations worldwide use the company’s online marketing tools to generate repeat business and referrals through email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, local deals and online surveys.  Only Constant Contact offers the proven combination of affordable tools and free KnowHow, including local seminars, personal coaching and award-winning product support. The company further supports small organizations through its extensive network of consultants/resellers, technology providers, franchises and national associations.

Constant Contact and the Constant Contact Logo are registered trademarks of Constant Contact, Inc. All Constant Contact product names and other brand names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Constant Contact, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

Media Contact:
Get Connected Make Wealth Happen
Jim Pagiamtzis

Get Connected 4th Edition Newsletter

May is in full swing the weather has been awesome and its time kick it into high gear!

Below are great events happening this week and links to great articles.


Amazing articles below:
Your programs run you!
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Experiential Learning Works!
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More great articles check out my blog below:
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May24th (2 events)
Longbranch Co-working at 9:00am- 10:00am
Social Media Made Simple  using Constant Contact  with Jim Pagiamtzis
Click here to register

Canada Job Expo from 10:00am - 3:00pm
Click here for event information 
Free event

Excited to bring 3 new speakers!
Arlene Gray -HR Specialist and Speaker
Carla Langhorst  Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur
Click here to read Spotlight feature
Marta Nowinska Founder of Swapsity.ca
 Click here to read Spotlight feature

Millionaire Mind Intensive this weekend May 25-27 near Toronto Airport
Click to register for tickets
Event location and times

Launching two great contests!

1st Do you have an amazing and engaging business cards that creates attention then email me at jim@pagiamtzis.com  (photo and reason why)

Will be picking the top 25 business cards 2012 and top 3 will be win fantabulous prizes!

2nd  Will be announcing a very special and intriguing contest that will have everyone excited! about the journey of success. Stay tuned for details..

Bonus videos below from Entrepreneur Speed Networking event in Toronto form this past Saturday.

Tom Kaufmann TKE Enterprises shares insights on Business, Life and Success. (he doesn't hold back. this is intense information being sharing, get your paper  and pen out and be prepared to write golden nuggets of success)
Tom Kaufmann speaking at ESN Toronto Part 1.AVI
Tom Kaufmann speaking at ESN Toronto Part 1.AVI
Tom Kaufmann speaking at ESN Toronto Part 2.AVI
Tom Kaufmann speaking at ESN Toronto Part 2.AVI

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