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Get Connected Make Wealth Happen December Event

Lunch and Learn: Free Event

Where: Sin and Redemption

136 McCaul St Toronto ONT

M5T 1W2

Menu will be provided for attendees to purchase food.

Who: 3 amazing speakers

Why: to achieve you goals in 2012

When: Saturday Dec 3,2011 at 11:00am -3:00pm

Jim Pagiamtzis will be your MC and "connector" fro the day who will be providing Networking tips throughout the day.

On this very special day you will learn

- Key Networking strategies to create wealth

- Insanely great ideas to create momentum for 2012

- Step by step program to achieve your goals!

Plus much much more...

There will be prizes and some great surprises and give-aways

Two amazing speakers! For a memorable experience to kick off 2012 to achieve your goals


Patrick Bizindavyi is the President of Bestlife Motivation Inc. Speaker, Trainer and Consultant,

While working as an English Professor in Burundi his native country, he attracted national attention by becoming the youngest basketball coach to win 15 trophies in 7 years. Bizindavyi went on to become a journalist.

Host on radio Bonesha FM, his trademark show “Mercredi Tempo” had the highest rating from 1999 to 2002. After moving to Toronto in 2002, Bizindavyi has become one of the most recognized figures in the Francophone community: as a host on radio 105.4 CHOQ FM, the only francophone radio in the GTA, and also as Master of Ceremony for events during Black History - francophone version.

For the last three years, Bizindavyi has been involved as a speaker in the United Way campaign in Toronto. His blog “Journeyman Stories” is due to be published in book form in the coming year.

What you'll learn from Patrick:

The power of vision
The mastermind advantage
My Goal Achiever Success Team

Crazy Facts About Christopher  van der Hoff

Christopher van der Hoff was once a "certified psychotic". In fact, over 30 years ago, Christopher was "involuntarily committed" to a mental institution, locked up and not permitted to leave for over three and a half months. Christopher credits his challenges with his mental illness for much of his success in sales.

Salespeople, however, don't have to be crazy to benefit from his insights. They can adapt Christopher's suggestions to their own selling to improve sales results immediately.

Not So Crazy Facts About Christopher

• In his first year, as the youngest District Manager for Uniroyal Tire in Canada, he took his district that already had the usual corporate market share and doubled it. What's perhaps most extraordinary is that this success came just over a year after he was released from the mental hospital.
• With Motorola Cellular Canada, with a direct sales force of as many as 135 representatives, Christopher's sales results were also incredible. For a two year period, quarter after quarter, he never fell below second place.
• With Dale Carnegie Training, Christopher mastered and sold: 'The Dale Carnegie Course' in Effective Speaking and Human Relations; The Dale Carnegie Sales Course; and The Executive Presentation Program.
• As a Dale Carnegie instructor's lead assistant, Christopher helped teach 'The Dale Carnegie Course' over a dozen times.
• In addition to his years of presentation instruction, he has further refined his communications skills as a graduate of the Certified Practitioner Course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by NLP Institutes of Canada.

• With Toastmasters International, Christopher was asked to present his keynote, entitled "How To Deliver Magnificent, Powerful, High Impact Presentations", more than forty times.

Sponsored by

Get Connect Make Wealth Happen!

Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How's Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That speaking on How to become Networking Success.

Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into speaking all over the GTA from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on "Economics of Staying in School"

Goal Achievers Canada

Doina's  Infinite Solutions

Sanjay Sharma PMP®,
Technology to make life better

Jim Pagiamtzis
416-894-7859 call or text
Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!


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Jim Pagiamtzis speaking on LinkedIn in Mississauga on Wed Nov 23

November 23, 2011 at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Maple Banquet Hall: 13125 Eglinton Avenue East, just west of Dixie 
This event requires registration:
Learn more about LinkedIn, build your list, build your sales, build your business!
Come and introduce your business to over 100 business owners and build your contact list as well. Join in some helpful discussions about LinkedIn and social media and how they can help you grow your business by networking online. Learn how to schedule it in your day; what types of things to post; and how to actually network on LinkedIn. 
Tickets are $12 in advance and $20 at the door.
Tickets available online at
For information, call Cheryl Rankin, Fit For Business at 647-287-0320.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Infinite Connections ~ Money and Effective Networking Event

Infinite Connections ~ Money and Effective Networking Event
November 10, 2011 - Screen Lounge 20 College St.  Toronto, Infinite Connections events is a branch of Doina’s Infinite Solutions and agency that focuses in connecting Entrepreneurs and bringing them value through networking events lead by Doina Oncel. On November 10, 2011 Doina brought together two fabulous Entrepreneurs:  author Dianne Ojar-Ali and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis.
Author Diane Ojar-Ali provided expert knowledge on Money and Fraud. Her soon to be released book,           Mrs. Fraud and You, Will You be the Victim or Victor when She comes Knocking? and her 18 years experience as a banker, had positioned her as an expert on fraud and money protection. She touched on topics such as “What to look for when borrowing money for business”, "Importance Of The Fine Print When Using Financial Services" in addition to "How To Protect Your Identity When Dealing With Your Credit".  She then answered questions from the audience which were inquiring on fraud and protection tips. To find out more about author Dianne Ojar-Ali please visit her website at
Jim Pagiamtzis, the author of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen had touched base on effective networking techniques beyond the business card showing the crowd how to stay connected after networking. He used the “Two Envelopes” techniques demonstrating how effortless it is to stay connected if commitment and effective strategies are set in place. Jim had brought in a special guest to the event, Patrick Bizindavyi, the president of Goal Achievers Canada. Patrick had shared his story of networking and connecting although challenged by the lack of Canadian experience. To find out more about author and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis please visit his website at . And if you also want to find out more about Patrick Bizindavyi and how to become a Goal Achiever please visit
To find out more about future Infinite Connections networking events led by Doina Oncel please contact her at

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Spotlight: Tom Kaufmann

 Have the great please to work with Tom Kaufmann many years ago in the computer industry. It was been worthwhile to stay connected with him and enjoyed his talk on Cold Calling. 

1st   What got you interested in become a sales trainer?

 I found out a long time ago when I was being sold to that the competency of sales people was terrible. I realized that sales people were trained on products but not on sales skills. That’s when I decided that I had found a niche that needed filling. I also realized that teaching successfully was a skill that I had learned some time ago as a sales manager, and loved! I became exceptionally good at it when I realized that the only way to motivate someone to learn a skill was to elevate their emotion to the skill. No emotion – no retention.

2nd  You teach a course on cold calling and how to make it easier to do. Can you share some suggestions

The biggest obstacle to sales folks developing a cold calling habit is their fear of rejection and fear of failure. The best way to get over that and grow one’s confidence is to (1) create a powerful scripts; (2) recognize that sales is a numbers game; and (3) to take rejection professionally, not personally. It is all about a mindset change that replaces fear with confidence and turns cold calling from an activity to be avoided to a sales growth habit.


Tom was born in Sweden, and immigrated to Canada in 1951, settling in Montreal.
He is a graduate of l’Institute de Technology de Montreal (diploma: Electronic Technology) & Concordia University (Degree: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering).  Additional courses taken were Basic Selling Skills, Time Management (both by Xerox), and Basic Negotiating Skills. Tom worked in Montreal for such notable companies as Motorola, General Electric, Bell Canada, before being transferred to Ajax, Ontario. Being fully bilingual, Tom worked for many US based companies as their Canadian Sales rep. He has been in sales for over 35 years. The last 25 years Tom has run his own successful Sales Consulting business, specializing in helping Small to Large sized businesses organize their sales staff, and expand their territories. His specialty is sales, with a focus on prospecting (specializing in cold calling), and marketing. Indulging in his passion for corporate training and teaching, Tom not only teaches business courses at community colleges such as Seneca College, Centennial College, and Durham College, but also trains large corporations, such as Lenovo Canada (formerly IBM Microcomputer Div),  in his Sales & Cold Calling Techniques. In addition to all his training and teaching, Tom enjoys giving seminars on various business topics to organizations and businesses; while mentoring & counseling Small Business.

Tom Kaufmann
           Success Through Education
“We take the COLD out of Cold Calling”
   Tel/fax: 1-877 or 905-743-0241

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great acknowledgement by Barb Sawyer

Thank you to Barb Sawyer for this

Why I love listening to you

One of the most fun and fruitful parts of revamping Write Llke You Talk--Only Better has been hearing what people think: about the bigger and better draft, how they used the first edition, the million and one possible subtitles, cover art and more.

When I started to revise, I changed the positioning to reflect comments from readers and workshop participants. I thought about how our web 2.0 world has supersized how much we write and read while transforming how we communicate. I thought about how this affects people whose careers and businesses are built on their expertise.

Because I wanted to make sure I was accomplishing my goals, I asked my newsletter subscribers to preview the new draft. I was thrilled by the many offers.

I was especially moved by the thoughtful and detailed feedback I received from people like Amy Sept, Liz Macgale and Jim Pagiamtzis.

I marvelled at the experiences of organizer extraordinaire Deanne Kelleher, whose story is featured in the new intro, and Mette Keating, who's using the book to write Waking Up the Zombies, about how the right office space can stimulate employees.

The secret to pulling ideas out of your head and onto the page, the new subtitle, was probably the most difficult group of 13 words I have ever written. I struggled with many, many catchy slogans. But people kept repeating that phrase. Thanks goodness, I was paying attention.

I also asked two groups, one professional communicators, the other small business owners, what they felt about two options for the cover blurb. Resoundingly, they went for the leaner version. Fortunately, the copy was so thin I could add a little flesh to respond to their comments and questions.

I was lucky to have Lucia Kuzminski of Outlook Research advising me on listening, filtering and responding.

Despite all these outside perspectives, sometimes I went with my gut. When I realized that the meadows and mountains of the cover templates offered by my publisher just would not do, I knew I had to head to the vanilla land of stock photography sites, where I'm usually marooned for hours.

But this time, there he was on the first page I viewed, the kid with the megaphone that you see on the upper right. The book talks about going to back to how you learned to communicate as a child. It talks about being heard above the crowd. What an easy decision.

As my designer puts the finishing touches on the cover, I'd love to hear more. If anyone has strong feelings about the photo or anything else, good or bad, please let me know. Last call.

PS Tip of the month: To improve your writing, listen.

Barb Sawyers

Sticky Communication

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Books in my resource library

Roaring 2000’s, The   Harry S Dent
Roaring 2000’s Investor, The    Harry S Dent
Executive Memory Guide, The     Hermine Hilton
Living the Good Life   David Patchell Adams  multiple copies
Secret’s of the Millionaire Mind   T Harv Eker
Enchatment of Opposite, The  Patricia H Taylor
Little Red Book of Selling  Jeffrey Gitomer
Amaryllis Way, The     Derrick Mueller
Millionaire Next Door, The    Stanley/Danko
Psycho-Cybernetics     Maxwell Maltz
Present, The      Spencer Johnson
Maximum Achievement   Brian Tracy      *awesome book
Your Fist year in Network Marketing  Yarnell
Monk who sold his Ferrari  Robin S Sharma
To Love is to be Happy    Barry N Kaufmann
Nothing down in the 200’s    Robert G Allen
How to be rich    J Paul Getty               * great read with insight on success principles of the ages
Your infinite  Power to be Rich    Joseph  Murphy     * great read
7 Habits of Highly  Effective People    Stephen Covey          * must read
Power of Hope, The    Maurice Lam             * inspiring and motivation read
What the Rich do!       Jerry White
Guerrila Marketing Handbook     Jay Levinson & Seth Godin
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens    Sean Covey
Think a Grow Rich    Napoleon Hill             * must read 3 times a year!
Start-Up Entrepreneur  Jane R Cook
Sell’em                     Gunther  Klaus & Jerry Koelher
Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus     John Gray
Business Coach, The      Bradley  J Sugars
If life is a game these are the Rules  Cherie Carter Scott
Power of Intention, The   Dr Wayne D Dyer
Letters of Businessman to his Son     
Canadian Small Business Kit for Dummies   John Kudz
How to master the Art of Selling   Tom Hopkins
Tipping Point,The    Malcolm Gladwell
Public Relations 5th edition    Wilcox
Attraction Factor in Executive Success
Better way to live, A   Og Mandino
In Search of Excellence       Tom Peters
Peter Principle    Dr  Lawrence  J Petr
Priceless Personality   
Putting the One Minute Manager to work      Ken Blanchard
And Dignity for All     Despain, converse
Fifth Discipline     Dr Lam Oihauser
How to talk so people listen   Sanja Hamlin
One Minute Millionaire
Power of Positive Thinking, The    Norman  Vincent Peale
Don’t Sweat Sweat the small stuff      R. Carlson
VIP Strategy    Clemmer, McNeil               * great read
Spin Selling    Neil Rackman
Do’s and Taboo’s Public Speaking
Thinking on your feet   Ken Wigor