Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Here are some helpful ideas to marketing ideas for your from Jim Pagiamtzis , Get Connected Make It Happen!

- use a signature block on your e-mail
- make sure your voicemail has your name, your business name and try to give them a reason to leave a message
- respond to incoming newsletters and advertisements (thank you, your ad or something to help them)
- put all of your contacts in your e-mail and phone lists
- send 5 pro-active e-mails and make 5 pro-active calls a day
- have coffee with a new contact every week
- call at least one previous client for a nice chat each week
- put your business cards in all stores, coffee shops and board of trades that will let you
- send out an advertisement / introduction to a business contact to everyone on your list in trade for them to send out an ad/introduction to their list
- offer to be a guest speaker at your networking group/other groups
- volunteer for any charity but remember to tell them that you run your own business (bet they ask what you do!)
- post your product or services on some other web-sites like kijiji
- put your business listing on any internet directories that you can for free
- update your profile on all member listings that you have in books and internet directories
- linked in / Facebook / twitter – use them for business only
- find 3 other people who have the same target market and create a mailer to be sent to your target market; divide the cost by 3 and you do the work
- be the contact person for the next event
- help at least one other business owner a week with no strings attached
- tell people what to listen for in order to find you referrals
- offer a referral fee to a few people who might promote your business
- trade with someone who can get you publicity or advertising in trade for your product or service
- go knock on doors
- be sure that your close friends and family actually understand and can talk about what you do….they are going to talk anyway make sure it is helpful
- hire someone on 100% commission sales
- create a helpful handout

To get help implementing this list into your action plan – call Jim Pagiamtzis at 1-866-407-7601 to set up 1/2 phone session to grow your business

Get Connected Make it Happen
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Power of Networking it does Happen!

In a recent talk at Happen in Burlington shared a story on the how I assisted and participant at one of my speaking engagements get a job!

It was the last week of October 2009 and I has speaking for Happen in Toronto ( organization that "Linking people and Opportunities". Was speaking on the "Networking your way to Careers Success" to group of executives and entrepreneurs which had accepted my invitation.

Shared the concept of the P-A-R system and simple process in getting connected and make it happen in creating result in your executive job hunt. Participants were having a great time and shared some great stories of success.

Many time at the end of my speaking many participants come to the front and and share some one one one time with me. Jeff Conn had a great listening ear that day, because he heard that worked in the trucking industry(FedEx Freight Canada). He handed me his card which said Transportation Professional Expert in: Third Party logistics, Dispatch, and Transportation Operations. Included his phone numbers and email contact and last but not least his Linkedin portfolio address.

Two months passed and Operations position had come up, so I called Jeff and told him to send me his resume and I will forward it to Human Resources. Later in the day relayed the information that it was complete with HR's contact information. He followed-up few days later answer any question they may have.

Week later noticed Jeff being interviewed and was pleasantly surprised to him their. His interviewed had finished and connected with Jeff on his way and stated that it went well and they were already talking about salary expectations. Within the next 48hrs he was hired!

Below is an excerpt of testimonial Jeff had written to Happen.

"Christmas has came early as I have landed a position FedEx Freight Canada team as a Operations Manager, Handling and working on their current transportation supply links through their Canadian operations. My start date commences Jan 4th so I am bringing in 2010 with a bang!

I want to thank you all for your assistance and guidance during this past while. Although my transition was not as long as others, I do know persistence and determination will land each of you in your next dream position.

I want to thank Jim, Robin, John and Greg for all your help and bringing a wide variety of key topics and speakers to the group. It greatly aided me in my search and instilled some new tactics to use during my career search.

This opportunity did come through the Happen Group and I want to thank Jim Pagiamtzis (a Happen Topic presenter)for putting me in front of all the key contacts at FedEx without your assistance I know I would not have found this opportunity (It was a truly a hidden opportunity)"
Jeff had done a number of things correctly from engaging and speaking to me after the presentation. Following up with Human Resources.

Jim Pagiamtzis is Public Speaker and published author and entrepreuener who tells everyone "Get Connected and Make it Happen!" he can reach at 1-866-407-7601 or

Power of Social Networking and Ingenuity!

Earlier this year had a great experience working with referral I got regarding the aspects of what I teach on “Networking your way to Success”

Jay Rosales had a background in Sale and Marketing and was currently looking for employment.(I had got referral from his Dad!) During our first conversation learned about his background and what he was looking for. Shared with him my experience regarding networking the power of social networking and dealing and utilized some different ideas to him the "edge" he need in his job hunt.

I was due to speak in few days and had invited him to attend the event and hear my talk on “Networking your way to Success” at Job Fair called Career Door Inc. (needed someone to record my speech anyways!) They had complimentary seminars as part of a value added service to the participants.

Had asked Jay to complete couple of assignments prior to attend the event

1st Start a blog &

2nd Create business cards.

On the day of the event there was excitement in the air. The room was very large and organizers were expecting a big turnout. Jay had agreed to attend the morning session where had the opportunity to meet Max Haroon Founder of Society of Internet Professionals and one my mentors.

It was a packed room with 100 attendees waiting to hear my talk. I was first up of the four speakers for the day. Become a public speaker has been an exciting journey that I have started and has open many great doors of opportunity.

During the presentation mentioned Jay Rosales story he had shared with me just prior day prior.

Jay had attended had attended a Job Fair week prior. He wanted to be different so he purchased 4 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards, great low cost marketing idea. People he connected with he gave the gift card. What did that create? He was different and created add value with the intent of being remembered and therefore created a strong interested for a follow-up.(which indeed happened)

Due to his background and our conversations he created a great idea, which he use with his ingenuity and unique ability in motion. I call this example as “having the edge”

Being different amongst all those attendees was what separated him from everyone else. (By the way he did get some follow up calls due to the gift cards.

He also used Facebook in a great way to some research with some interviewer to better create and stronger and engaging conversation.At one interview the young lady had complained about her feet being sorry and Jay made the comment about soccer and he immediately laughed and became more comfortable as the interview progressed.

Follow up calls are always encouraged whenever possible. You want to create ongoing communication and get answer to specific job that you interested. Think outside the box and give your self the opportunity to share your talents and experience with you potentials. Thank you note or email or appreciate phone call with a pleasant message.

In the months that followed Jay Rosales did find employment in the marketing field due to his persistence and commitment to never give up in his journey. Below is excerpt of testimonial that he has sent thanking me for the conversations we had.

"I also received some valuable lesson from Jim Pagiamtzis. he taught me the importance of blogging, to showcase the skills I've gained over my career that could help others in improving theirs. Jim also introduced me to the value of networking, I relay that same importance to anyone I know that unemployed. He would make ideal Mentor because he is willing to help you become successful, at work and in life"

Jim Pagiamtzis is Public Speaker and published author and entrepreneur who tells everyone "Get Connected and Make it Happen!" he can reach at 1-866-407-7601 or

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book store and much more....

During the past couple of years I have been going to books store in the Annex (Bathurst and Bloor) where I found many types of books from biographies, personal development to how. As you walk in you get a feeling that you’re not in the 21st Century but entering a world that covers many topics throughout the ages it has that majestic feeling of the past with the people who represent the present.
In the past year there have been some interesting developments with the bookstore which can provide some inspiration to entrepreneurs that thinking and applying ideas with an “outside the box” do work.
As I sat down and had conversation with David (current owner) regarding his near decision to quit and close the store but instead has a brilliant idea that could allow him to keep the store and do the something GREAT!
“Never Quit” Winston Churchill
So the journey began to sublease parts of the store to other business to give the store a different feel and perhaps attract different customer to the store. He would offer minimum 3 month rent for the potential business owner and see what happens after that.
With some clever advertising online he found a business that offered clothing that could use the spacious basement. It took some time and effort to remove the thousands of books through donations and selling to clear the space and make it ready. When it was it revealed a fantastic area that has great display for clothes but also an art studio!
Lily has been extremely pleased with the store since she moved in January 2009 and has great expectation for 2010.
There has been some other business have come and gone last year but as David explained in the interview. “ they have to have that entrepreneurial mindset that you are in business and have to work on it and be available to make it work”
In October 2009 the next business was secured which was to use the middle of the part of the store. Music was to be the theme and guitars were the instrument that were being sold by Kelly and Yasin experience duo who brought their passion and expertise and were reward with some tremendous results so far.
Utilizing the social networking website My Space they created a short and effective infomercial to promote the store and have created some great feedback and comments that has propelled their marketing and promoting, strong word of mouth has been also effective.
In November of 2009 Revaz Mekvabishvili join the Willow and is used the back part of the store called Alternative Thinking consisting of various books on the paranormal, alternative healing and much more
During the past couple of years this has been an interest for myself and was looking forward to the response this area would get in the near future days to come.
Revaz has some great online website and is looking forward to connect and attracting new customers.
During the past 10 years the Annex has changed landscape and in order for business to survive they must adapt with Willow has done. Attracting 3 new businesses and more to come in the future David has proven that having a “no quit” attitude and imagination and initiative to make it happen has brought an inspiring story for other to learn from.
For more information on Willows call David at 416-534-2665
Guitarwise call Kelly or Naddim at 416-827-2478 or email at
Alternative Thinking call Revaz Mekvabishvilli at 416-879-2517 or email revaz@alternative-thinking .com /
Lily at Vintage_Ground 416-820-7477 or email
Writer of article
Jim Pagiamtzis Published writer, speaker and Elite Entrepreneur email / / call 1-866-407-7601

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Int'l Networking week celebrated

t was Int’l Networking week. On Tuesday Feb 2,2010 Biz Network News held their fourth annual networking event at the Estonian House. The day was filled with great speakers, tradeshow and lots of food!

There were session on how to become a better networker by Cindy Mount and Christelle Bittles from Referral Institute. Sue Lachey on Double Your Income, and to end the day great session by trainer Paul Tobey which was filled by great training and teaching and a special moment where he played the piano (you had to be there!)

There was lots time to network and meet new people and create new longterm relationships for joint venture possibilities and business deals to closed.

At the end of the day everyone was full of information they had learn and ready to apply. Go BIG and achieve your goals and dreams in 2010!

Big thank you to Jennifer Beale and her team for their great efforts.

Look forward to 2011!