Friday, February 12, 2010

Power of Social Networking and Ingenuity!

Earlier this year had a great experience working with referral I got regarding the aspects of what I teach on “Networking your way to Success”

Jay Rosales had a background in Sale and Marketing and was currently looking for employment.(I had got referral from his Dad!) During our first conversation learned about his background and what he was looking for. Shared with him my experience regarding networking the power of social networking and dealing and utilized some different ideas to him the "edge" he need in his job hunt.

I was due to speak in few days and had invited him to attend the event and hear my talk on “Networking your way to Success” at Job Fair called Career Door Inc. (needed someone to record my speech anyways!) They had complimentary seminars as part of a value added service to the participants.

Had asked Jay to complete couple of assignments prior to attend the event

1st Start a blog &

2nd Create business cards.

On the day of the event there was excitement in the air. The room was very large and organizers were expecting a big turnout. Jay had agreed to attend the morning session where had the opportunity to meet Max Haroon Founder of Society of Internet Professionals and one my mentors.

It was a packed room with 100 attendees waiting to hear my talk. I was first up of the four speakers for the day. Become a public speaker has been an exciting journey that I have started and has open many great doors of opportunity.

During the presentation mentioned Jay Rosales story he had shared with me just prior day prior.

Jay had attended had attended a Job Fair week prior. He wanted to be different so he purchased 4 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards, great low cost marketing idea. People he connected with he gave the gift card. What did that create? He was different and created add value with the intent of being remembered and therefore created a strong interested for a follow-up.(which indeed happened)

Due to his background and our conversations he created a great idea, which he use with his ingenuity and unique ability in motion. I call this example as “having the edge”

Being different amongst all those attendees was what separated him from everyone else. (By the way he did get some follow up calls due to the gift cards.

He also used Facebook in a great way to some research with some interviewer to better create and stronger and engaging conversation.At one interview the young lady had complained about her feet being sorry and Jay made the comment about soccer and he immediately laughed and became more comfortable as the interview progressed.

Follow up calls are always encouraged whenever possible. You want to create ongoing communication and get answer to specific job that you interested. Think outside the box and give your self the opportunity to share your talents and experience with you potentials. Thank you note or email or appreciate phone call with a pleasant message.

In the months that followed Jay Rosales did find employment in the marketing field due to his persistence and commitment to never give up in his journey. Below is excerpt of testimonial that he has sent thanking me for the conversations we had.

"I also received some valuable lesson from Jim Pagiamtzis. he taught me the importance of blogging, to showcase the skills I've gained over my career that could help others in improving theirs. Jim also introduced me to the value of networking, I relay that same importance to anyone I know that unemployed. He would make ideal Mentor because he is willing to help you become successful, at work and in life"

Jim Pagiamtzis is Public Speaker and published author and entrepreneur who tells everyone "Get Connected and Make it Happen!" he can reach at 1-866-407-7601 or

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