Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love the Library. Again.

Below is great article by Susan Crossman. Visit her site (link is below) often has great information on various topics. Only thing I would like to add is Toronto has 99 Libraries. Let'use the resourses we have around us.
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Jim Pagiamtzis

I LOVE the Library. Again
August 10, 2010 by crossmancommunicates
I am ashamed to say it but my last trip to a public library occurred almost a decade ago and it ended in tears as my two youngest children, both toddlers, ran through the stacks pulling random books off shelves and laughing loudly as I raced behind them trying to regain control. This was not my finest moment and the trauma ever after lay not so much in the memory of their misbehavior as in the realization that my children might never sit still long enough to learn to read.

The months rolled on and life was busy. With the internet fulfilling my every research need, the library became a background memory that no longer held great relevance.

When a recent business meeting took me to my local public library’s main branch, however, I was astounded at the explosion in resources that’s taken place over the past ten years. It’s not just about friendly books and loaner CDs anymore! The online accessibility of resources surprised me the most: anyone with a library card can access thousands of online databases – reliable ones — on any topic you can imagine and help is available with any research users undertake. The library in my home town of Oakville, Ontario, also offers:

• downloadable eBooks and audiobooks
• free DVD loans
• free wireless internet
• pre-packaged book selections to grab ‘n go
• help with web research for genealogical projects
• an interactive career search reference resource
• FWii Wii for big screen Wii game enjoyment
• a dial-a-story service for children
• resources in numerous languages
• literacy tutoring
• many services for visually and audially impaired people

And so much more! The library offers a wide range of resources for children and teens and online reference help is available via email or instant messaging. In essence, the library has changed from a temple to the written word to a repository of practical resources applicable to almost any aspect of today’s world. If there is any information I need about almost anything, I know I can probably get it through my library.

How did this happen? I suspect that “response to consumer demand” has a lot to do with it and I applaud the Oakville Public Library for doing a terrific job of staying current: it’s an exciting place to go! Even my children – who somehow turned into voracious readers with many interests – are happy in a library now and as a family we’re looking at the library as a destination again, if only, sometimes, on a virtual plane.

If you haven’t been to your own library in a while I encourage you to check it out to find out how it can make your own world a better place. You might be surprised!


Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments here or by email at susan@crossmancommunications.com. And to learn more about the freelance writing services I offer, please click through to my website at www.crossmancommunications.com.

Practice Uncommon Appreciation

A recent management study revealed that 46% of employees leaving a company do so because they feel unappreciated; 61% said their bosses don’t place much importance on them as people; and 88% said they don’t receive acknowledgement for the work they do.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, teacher, parent, coach or simply a friend, if you want to be successful with other people, you must master the art of appreciation.
I’ve never known anyone to complain about receiving too much positive feedback. Have you? In fact, just the opposite is true.
Consider this: Every year, a management consulting firm conducts a survey with 200 companies on the subject on what motivates employees. When given a list of 10 possible things that would most motivate them, the employees always list appreciation as the number-one motivator.
Managers and supervisors ranked appreciation number eight. This is a major mismatch, as the chart below so clearly shows.
10 Ways to Really Motivate an Employee
Feeling “in” on things
Understanding attitude
Job security
Good wages
Interesting work
Promotional opportunities
Loyalty from management
Good working conditions
Tactful discipline
Good Wages
Job Security
Promotional Opportunities
Good working conditions
Interesting work
Loyalty from management
Tactful discipline
Understanding attitude
Feeling “in” on things

Notice that the top three motivators for employees don’t cost anything, just a few moments of time, respect and understanding.
Keeping Score
When I first learned about the power of appreciation, it made total sense to me. However, it was still something that I forgot to do. I hadn’t yet turned it into a habit.
A valuable technique that I employed to help me lock in this new habit was to carry a 3” x 5” card in my pocket all day, and every time I acknowledged and appreciated someone, I would place a check mark on the card. I would not allow myself to go to bed until I had appreciated 10 people. If it was late in the evening and I didn’t have 10 check marks, I would appreciate my wife and children, I would send an e-mails to several of my staff, or I would write a letter to my mother or stepfather.
I did whatever it took until it became an unconscious habit. I did this every single day for 6 months—until I no longer needed the card to remind me.
Appreciation as a Secret of Success
Another important reason for being in a state of appreciation as often as possible is that when you are in such a state, you are in one of the highest emotional states possible.
When you are in a state of appreciation and gratitude, you are in a state of abundance. You are appreciating what you do have instead of focusing on, and complaining about, what you don’t have. Your focus is on what you have received… and you always get more of what you focus on.
And because the law of attraction states that like attracts like, the more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract, and the grateful you will feel. It becomes an upward-spiraling process of ever-increasing abundance that just keeps getting better and better.
Think about it. The more grateful people are for the gifts we give them, the more inclined we are to give them more gifts. Their gratitude and appreciation reinforces our giving. The same principle holds true on a universal and spiritual level as it does on an interpersonal level.
I challenge you to discover ways to immediately appreciate someone in your life, starting today! Try my "card-in-the-pocket" idea, or come up with something on your own. The important thing to do is do something! Try appreciating on for size. I know you'll see and feel huge results from doing so.
For more tips and suggestions on how you, too, can find ways to appreciate those in your life, read Prinicple 53 in The Success Principles.
* * *
Are you "stuck" in this area?
For more on speeding up your success, I highly recommend picking up a copy of
The Success Principles 30-Day Journey Audio Course.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Email friends about joining Facebook!

1. Got http://facebook and login to your account
2. In the main Search box, type in " Your name here"
3. When my picture comes up, click "Add Friends"
4. Finally, click on the "Add Jim Pagiamtzis as Your Friend button".

If you don't have a Facebook account,
1. Go to http://facebook.com and click on "Sign Up" button
2.Fill in you information, and click "Sign Up Now!"
3. Once you register you e-mail, you can connect to me as a friend on Facebook by doing steps 1 through 3 above.

It's a simple process, and it's well worth it. Here's an example that I got from a Facebook friend

A friend of mine wanted to product her upcoming album of world music with a particular record label, a was unable to connect with anybody at the company. I said to her "try finding one of the executives on Facebook and just message them"

Guess what? It worked

If you're not on Facebook, you're missing business opportunities.
If you're not on Facebook, you're missing in-person social opportunities
if you're not on Facebook, you're losing out on profit.

And if you don't get onot Facebook, you'll miss one of the biggest shifts in communication trends known to humanity.

On Facebook, you can stay in touch with me more often, getting more personal stories about my life transformations, including pictures and videos.

On Facebook , you can get in touch with people I know, I've connected lots of people in my community together , resulting in employment, business, relationships, charities, mastermind teams, and spiritual journeys. Now I let Facebook be the main infrastructure to cultivate the growth of that community.


1. Got http://facebook and login to your account
2. In the main Search box, type in " your name here"
3. When my picture comes up, click "Add Friends"
4. Finally, click on the "your name here as Your Friend button".

P.S. if you don't ahve a Facebook account

. Go to http://facebook.com and click on "Sign Up" button
2.Fill in you information, and click "Sign Up Now!"
3. Once you register you e-mail, you can connect to me as a friend on Facebook by doing steps 1 through 3 above.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Seminar!

Did a 30 minute seminar at the www.canadajobexpo.com on Sept 21st,2010 below is result participant got the same day! Remember Learn, Do and Apply!
Thank Monique

Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to speak to me after the seminar you gave at the Memorial Centre in North York today. While I have never had any problems talking with people, networking was never something I pursued very vigilantly. I had applied for a general manager's position for an upscale restaurant downtown and hadn't heard back from a second interview that I had last week. I decided I would call him, which I did this afternoon. He explained that he was so busy and hadn't had a chance to get back to me but that he wanted to offer me the position. The last thing he said to me was 'thank you for following up and pursuing this.....it confirms that I chose the right person for this position'.

My point is, I actually thought I would not hear back from him and had decided to move along. After your seminar, I figured it couldn't hurt to call and that at the very least, I would have a definitive answer as to whether I had the job or not. Thank you for inspiring me today. After only 6 weeks of job searching I think I found something I will really enjoy and can put away my resume for now (*she says as she keeps her fingers crossed*) and hopefully a long time to come.

Again, thanks for taking the time and best of luck with your motivational speaking career.....

Monique Donovan

Networking Success! Friday Oct 29th 2010 Register Today!

Networking Success!

In today's economy, you have to be proactive in making connections and converting them to results for you and your network.

Whether you are looking for a job, upgrade your career, launching a new business, looking to promote your store or just connect with others in business or your market, networking is a must, and networking is a skill. As with any skill, you can only get good and better if you get out there and do it. But first you need to learn and nail down the core skills needed to fully realize Networking Success!

Who Should Attend?

Job seekers

People looking to upgrade their job or career

Sales people

Business Owners


Service Providers:

Real Estate Agents


Web Designers

Financial Advisors

Anyone looking to improve their art of connecting and converting those connections!

There is a lot of noise out there, social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook; but it is not about the number of connections or followers you have online. The winner is the one that can engage and make things happen with real people in a real way, and that is what you will take away from this action packed interactive workshop.

Networking Success!

Program Overview:

Networking to Connect

Participants of this workshop will learn a simple and effective system for networking, from meeting new people to building relationships and asking the right questions in order to obtain the results clients want. The P-A-R system will be explained in simple and effective terms, and will combine role-playing throughout the session to practice the techniques that are presented. Subjects Addressed:

Having an effective business card
Attitude how important it is in daily life
Asking key questions to get quality answers
Follow up and follow-through
Social networking vs face to face
Presented By: Jim Pagiamtzis

Engagement: Converting Network encounters to ongoing business

The realities of sales and business are that many opportunities are never fully realized due to insufficient, wrong, or ineffective prospecting habits, sales approach, and first meeting skills. Learn how to best approach and convert contacts to customers by taking a structured approach to selling. Using proven methodology and exercise participants will be introduced to the basics of successful B2B selling that they will be able to use the very next day. Subjects Addressed:

Lead nurturing
Time Allocation
Understanding why people buy
Effective prospect call
Effective first meetings
Presented by Tibor Shanto

About the Presenters:

Jim Pagiamtzis – is a published writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and has written articles for the Toronto Public Library, Centennial College and Corporate newsletters (FedEx Freight Canada). Has spoken for Enterprise Toronto, Skills for Change, Career Door Inc, and has appeared on That Channel.com numerous times. Jim is a passionate and energetic presenter who engages the audience to Get Connected Make It Happen!





Tibor Shanto - is a recognized speaker, author, and sought after trainer. Tibor is the author of the book Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers. His article "How to shorten your Sales Cycle?" was voted number one by readers of Top Ten Sales Articles. Tibor has trained Canada's leading sales organizations including Bell Mobility, Imperial Oil, BDC and others. A Director of and a contributor to Sales Bloggers Union, and his work has appeared in numerous of publications and leading sales websites.


(416) 822-7781



Register now!

You will be able to take advantage of what you learn in every aspect of your life and business!

Bring a friend, brother, sister, mother, uncle; learn together, save on the entry fee, and help each other achieve Networking Success!

Networking Success!

http://networksuccess-linkedj.eventbrite.com/ (copy and past link)

Ask for discout code prior to registering on Oct 1st

Pass along event information to anyone who may intersted.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Speaking in September

Have had the great opportunity to speak for some great organizations, being invited back is always a great thrill to share the Get Connected Make it Happen motto. Below is where you can see me speaking "Networking Success". Both are free events

Thursday Sept 16,2010 @10:00am-11:30am
Social Services
55 John Street
King and John
Call 416- 338-2749 to register

Tuesday Sept 21,2010
North York Memorial Center
5110 Yonge Street
Event runs from 10:00am-3:00pm
Speaking at 10:45am-11:30 come early to hear my special guests
come early and visit the Get Connected Make it Happen Table

Stay tuned for details on my first paid workshop with Tibor Shanto(recently published book with Craig Eilas called Shift)
I will be doing to hour intensive talk on Networking Succces (new material) and Tibor Shanto will be cover his Sales Cycle.

If you and important question on Networking you need answered email at payamgis@gmail.com

Go out there and Get Connected Make It Happen!