Monday, December 30, 2013

Power talks by great leaders and mentors #my story

        It has been an amazing journey learning form amazing leaders, mentors from various industries.

         In 2011 I started sharing their stories in Spotlight feature on my blog. Where I ask 2 dynamics questions and they supplied they answers!

         Fast forward to the end of 2013 and I have interviewed 50 plus professionals and entrepreneurs and to the next step and have brought them out to share.

        It has great experience to hear their stories and be motivated and empowered to believe in our journey of success.

      Huge Thank you to all who I have written about and come out to share.

Dan Lefave, Bonnie Chan, Danil Bax, Collen Lindberg, Jim Pagiamtzi, Jennifer Beale and Patrick Bizindavyi

Jeff Durbin, Patrick Bizindavyi, Jim Pagiamtzis, Dianne Ojar-Ali & Lydon Johnson

Matt Green, Jim Pagiamtzis, Steve Dolson and Murali Murthy

Get Connected 21st Century- Do it offline then venture online

We are so connected to our devices that we forget that have a quality conversation with people daily is actually better and builds long term relational capital.

We actually were doing it well before social media show up. Then we started to use social networking and texting as a means of communication. It’s brought more harm than good.

Just this week two people send to me they would rather get information via text than email! Not that’s a new trend..

Below are few things to consider to buck the trend

1st Cell phone
This is may be very hard to for all us, even just reading this statement may create some conversation. (my friend @garyvee may enjoy this!)

Shocking as it may seem. We can put away our phones for few hours and have engagement and meaningful conversation with someone face-to-face!

Visit our friend or go to client and engage with them and you may be surprised to learn something new about them!

2nd Social Media

I challenge you to a social experiment decactive your Facebook or Twitter for 1 month. I did this in May 6,2013-June 6.2013 it was an amazing experience.

 Nothing happened for 1 week or so. I started getting email and text the 2nd week ask if “ I was okay?”, “ Did you unfriend me?”. It was very interesting to read this questions.

I mentioned my social experiment and they were little dumbfounded and bewildered that I was doing this.

3rd Connecting

We meet people daily while were a getting coffee or a social occasions, instead of attempting in having a quality conversation we rush and connect online to forge a long-term connections that way.
Why don’t take the time and slow down and ask some great questions and learn more about them now.

Take the above suggestions as a personal challenge and grow network moving forward with creating more quality connection and quantity.

There will be important lessons for all us in this new journey moving forward.

Get Connected 21st Century
Jim Pagiamtzis

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing his Fall-Winter Documentary of 2013

  Below are amazing videos of people. places and events. Enjoy!

                                             Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on Winter Documentary

                                               Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Get Connected 21st Century

                                                Jim Pagiamtzis sharing PAR Strategy at Trios College

                                         Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight on Sept 30th

                                 Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight on Think & And; Grow Rich event
                                 Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights of Events at Microsoft store in October

                                                 Testimonial from J Brett Abbey of Message Masters

                                          Interview with Brandon Kreiger on KNSS Live
                                                   Click here to watch

                                                 Awesome Day in Toronto

                                         Jamaal Miles sharing at Canada Job Expo on October 1st
                                             Click here to watch
                                         Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Power of Networking at PMTMC event
                                               Click here to watch

                                              Social Media insights on running successful campaigns

                                                Jim Pagiamtzis at Sheldon's Look Out in Toronto



 Stay tuned for more amazing interviews and sharing insights on business life and success in 2014!
21 Connections and Jim Pagiamtzis
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Book Review: Universal Wish by Greg S. Reid


"An amazing parable sharing the journey of woman working on my making decision on her journey success" Jim Pagiamtzis

Order your copy today
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Greg S. Reid and Jim Pagiamtzis

Friday, December 27, 2013

21 Connections & Learn Speak and Socialize shared by Prezi


Spotlight: Hanan Pereira


You have been business owner for a couple of  years. Can you share on business success lessons from you journey?

I bought a business that I've had no prior knowledge or experience with it. A distribution company that sell variety of products to cafes & restaurants such as paper/plastic cups, all kind of plastic trays, chemicals, paper products and some food . We had a warehouse, a delivery truck and of course employees. I had to start selling about 350 items from day one, created relationships with existing and new customers as well with suppliers. Huge task that people are astonished how did I took the risk and managed doing it.

I have an extensive experience in sales and marketing, a people person and good management skills.  I had a dual role of  operations & sales manager. The learning curve was very short, I worked more than 12 hours a day and eventually succeeded to triple the sales. I eventually the sold the business after four years.

The lessons from this journey - one has to be a risk-taker plus having a skills-set  of creativity, flexibility & an ability to build and maintain personal relationships, all the above helped me tremendously  along the way to achieve my targets.


Sales is an ongoing journey and process of implementation. Can you share some sales strategies?

I believe sales is an art and to be a successful sales person, you must love communicating with people, be a great listener and problem solver, be genuinely interested in helping customers and looking constantly as to how to serve them better and address all their concerns & demands.

Those who lack patience or don't have the above abilities "under their skin",  wouldn't not succeed in fulfilling this job, those are the ones who wish just to close the deal as quickly as possible, and move on to the next customer, with no interest at all in following up with the old ones or referring back to their requests...

If you aren't willing to call back your customer within 15-30 minutes (very uncommon response time in Toronto) or respond to his email within that time frame - I foresee that within short period of time, he would turn his back on you!

Hana Pereira

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mentorship #my story

            In 2003 I met two amazing mentors in the same year. Max Haroon Founder of Society of Internet Professionals Learn more and Terry Gogna  Learn more

         These gentlemen and many more since then have made tremendous impact in my life and many others around the world!

      I have had the opportunity to learn,do and apply principles and lessons they shared with me, to mentor the upcoming leaders of the 21st Century!

Max Haroon and Jim Pagiamtzis

Monday, December 23, 2013

IceStorm 2013 Damage in Toronto


Truck damaged in the Bloor and Euclid area

Bloor  and Clinton area (laneway) Large tree branch landed on top of garage

Bloor and Clinton area (lanewa) Tree ripped of the bark completely

Journey to meet Robert T Kiyosaki


  It was memorable day that I got hear Robert Kiyosaki sharing insight and experiences about his life. 

  His books and cd have invaluable information that has impacted many lives.


Power of having productive meetings

  We all have meeting with various people on a weekly basis. Every go to meeting and ask yourself after what was the reason for the meeting? Was there something we had to next?

The follow article was inspired by the amazing Brian Tracy Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. His has shared his expertise to thousands all over the world.


Make quick points

As we connecting and sharing ideas and thoughts with other. Whether you are a coffee shop at the office, it's important to take notes and write them down. Every conversation creates synergistic energy and magical conversations occur.  Writing them down captures this and allows you to remember and have a written record of the conversation


Review notes

After the meeting you can review your notes and execute what is needed. Did you have call and connect with specific people? Did you have complete task?  Email document to a connection?

Make clear and concise notes gives you a accurate written record that

Call to action

As you review the notes is there specific dates that certain tasks need to be completed? Is there a group leader that needs to be updated?

This is 3 important reasons that you should take notes during your meetings. It make sure you efficient and effective in your conversation. Take action and following up is great habit to start to manage and create group synergy with other members of your group.

Get Connected 21st Century

Challenge video below:


Friday, December 20, 2013

HoHoTo event a huge success

                  It was an amazing evening at the MOD club in Toronto. HoHoTo held their annual event to raise money for the Daily Bread Food Bank. They were accepting non-perishable food and all money raising went to great cause. Huge thanks to Rachel Young from Camaraderie for the tickets!

                    Sponsor of the event Learn more

Various buttons

Attendees mingling

Big Christmas Tree

Fortune cookies

Guy with big head followed by guy with balloons

Jim Pagiamtzis and his decorated tie

Jim Pagiamtzis and his donations

Jim Pagiamtzis and Robert Campbell

Live Twitter feed

Live twitter feed and DJ's

Winnie Lee and Jim Pagiamtzis

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book review: Investing in Condominiums- Strategis, tips and Expert Advice for the Canadian Real Estate Investor


Investing in Condominiums 

      It was amazing experience to read this book by Brian Persaud and Randy Ramadhin

     Below are three key lesson I learned.

      1st Details

      It's very important to pay attention to details when buy any type of condominium from pre-sale and existing. They have numerous and lists in all the chapters that you can use to evaluate a property

    2nd Expertise

    They share the importance of dealing with real estate agents, brokers and lawyers and the specific knowledge and expertise they have is valuable and to listen and understand when they explain your rights and choices you make on various facets of what you looking for and realistic what you can get for you money.

     3rd    Example

  They share example throughout the book on "Tales from the Trenches". These are very compelling and insightful examples from professionals in the field.

         They put together a book that has the resources you need to make successful decision to buy and have a property that you are proud to live in and  have the confidence that the due diligence completed was well worth it for the valued property you choose to call your home.

  Buy your copy today
 Learn more

The Financial Freedom Network huge success

Nick Kuburovski sharing with the attendees

    We held the first  Financial Freedom Network (Meet up) the Richmond Hill Coworking facility on Dec 17,2013.

   It was great evening of sharing and learning from professionals and entrepreneur from various industries.

  We shared what financial freedom meant for them. One attendee said "You can do anything you want" which set the tone for the evening. It was roundtable table discussion on book we had read and people that had influenced us in our journey of success.

  Will be holding events on a monthly basis. Come and joins and learn and meet some amazing people

  Check out the link below:
 Learn more

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pick up the phone!


We are entering the holiday season. but there is still business to be done. I have been calling few people and getting voicemail. 
As continued makings calls  I did  reach a coach I met in late November and first thing she said was "Thank you for follow up"  I shared some information she had ask me and turned out she had recently signed up for my newsletter on the weekend! How cool is that!
You want to keep the  momentum going in your business and not shut down for the holiday. Perhaps just slow down!

Below are three reasons why

There could be great networking event to attend over the holiday season. This great way to meet new people for your network going into the new year

As you network you will come across resources from connections you will meet. This could be great added value for you and your business connections

"Opportunities are everywhere" was a statement entrepreneur Wendy Ladd said all the time. Take that attitude as you go out and network and meet new people.

Take advantage of the Holiday Season and connect with new people in your network and create massive momentum going into 2014!
Get Connected 21st Century

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Inaugural Curl for Heart Bonspiel Fundraiser in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada- Saturday February 8th,2014

The Inaugural Curl for Heart Bonspiel Fundraiser in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is a one day only fun-filled mixed social event taking place on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at the Leaside Curling Club in Toronto.

 This event is open to everyone with a goal of raising $10,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To help make this event a success we need your support.

This is for beginners to the wonderful sport of curling or intermediate players.
Please send this email to your friends, family, colleagues, clients and neighbors so that that they may have an opportunity to participate in what promises to be an incredible event!

See details below:

WE’RE MAKING A $300 MILLION COMMITMENT TO RESEARCH! To help save more lives, faster, the Foundation is pledging 10-year funding to top research institutions. Our biggest investment ever has a BOLD GOAL: To reduce Canadians’ rate of death from heart disease and stroke by 25 per cent by 2020. Learn more:

Constant Contact #my story "Winning entry"

Jim Pagiamtzis at Constant Contact booth at Small Business Forum October 2013

I am Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact, share educational seminars in the Toronto and Ontario region on how to Social Media strategies that work!

It has been exciting two years of sharing insights with various groups for networking groups to large events.

Gail F. Goodman CEO of Constant Contact is the Author of the highly acclaimed book " Engagement Marketing"How Small Business Wins in Socially Connected World. It  offers great insights and case studies on social media success stories.

Our goal for 2014 and beyond is to provide the education and strategies for our  end users  to have the active engagement with their social campaigns.

We have award winning coach's that are available via phone 6 days week. They are there to assist you every step of the way to success!

Get your Free 60 Trial account today

21 Connections 3rd Edition . Articles, Events and NYE event in Toronto

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Canada Job Expo
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The Art of Sales
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Tuesday February 4th
Business Connects
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December is full swing. Have you made New Year Eve plans yet?
Check out amazing event in downtown Toronto (see below)

Stay tuned for details on how to Learn, Speak and Socialize in 2014!

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January 28th,2014
The Art of Sales
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Cash flow games huge success
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Book Review: Get the Job
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CASL rules coming to event July 1st 2014

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