Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pick up the phone!


We are entering the holiday season. but there is still business to be done. I have been calling few people and getting voicemail. 
As continued makings calls  I did  reach a coach I met in late November and first thing she said was "Thank you for follow up"  I shared some information she had ask me and turned out she had recently signed up for my newsletter on the weekend! How cool is that!
You want to keep the  momentum going in your business and not shut down for the holiday. Perhaps just slow down!

Below are three reasons why

There could be great networking event to attend over the holiday season. This great way to meet new people for your network going into the new year

As you network you will come across resources from connections you will meet. This could be great added value for you and your business connections

"Opportunities are everywhere" was a statement entrepreneur Wendy Ladd said all the time. Take that attitude as you go out and network and meet new people.

Take advantage of the Holiday Season and connect with new people in your network and create massive momentum going into 2014!
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