Monday, December 2, 2013

Public Speakers Association is launched in Toronto



  You asked I listened!  It was an exciting year meeting amazing speakers from all over North America,

  I have brought an amazing organization to Toronto. Thanks to the great assistance of Erik Swanson Founder of Universal Seminars.

 I have connected with Tonya Hoffman Founder of the The Public Speakers Association.

  We have started a group in Cambridge, and Toronto which has started with great success

  I have taken the position of Director of the Toronto region. Look forward to bringing you the resources to succeed to create a profitable and lucrative speaking careers for all our members!
    Click on the link below to learn more about Public Speaker Association
    Learn more

   If you interested in joining we have General and Featured Speaker levels.
   Feel free to reach out to learn more.
  Jim Pagiamtzis
  Public Speakers Association. Director. Toronto
 416-894-7859  (serious inquires only)

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