Monday, December 23, 2013

Power of having productive meetings

  We all have meeting with various people on a weekly basis. Every go to meeting and ask yourself after what was the reason for the meeting? Was there something we had to next?

The follow article was inspired by the amazing Brian Tracy Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur. His has shared his expertise to thousands all over the world.


Make quick points

As we connecting and sharing ideas and thoughts with other. Whether you are a coffee shop at the office, it's important to take notes and write them down. Every conversation creates synergistic energy and magical conversations occur.  Writing them down captures this and allows you to remember and have a written record of the conversation


Review notes

After the meeting you can review your notes and execute what is needed. Did you have call and connect with specific people? Did you have complete task?  Email document to a connection?

Make clear and concise notes gives you a accurate written record that

Call to action

As you review the notes is there specific dates that certain tasks need to be completed? Is there a group leader that needs to be updated?

This is 3 important reasons that you should take notes during your meetings. It make sure you efficient and effective in your conversation. Take action and following up is great habit to start to manage and create group synergy with other members of your group.

Get Connected 21st Century

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