Monday, December 30, 2013

Get Connected 21st Century- Do it offline then venture online

We are so connected to our devices that we forget that have a quality conversation with people daily is actually better and builds long term relational capital.

We actually were doing it well before social media show up. Then we started to use social networking and texting as a means of communication. It’s brought more harm than good.

Just this week two people send to me they would rather get information via text than email! Not that’s a new trend..

Below are few things to consider to buck the trend

1st Cell phone
This is may be very hard to for all us, even just reading this statement may create some conversation. (my friend @garyvee may enjoy this!)

Shocking as it may seem. We can put away our phones for few hours and have engagement and meaningful conversation with someone face-to-face!

Visit our friend or go to client and engage with them and you may be surprised to learn something new about them!

2nd Social Media

I challenge you to a social experiment decactive your Facebook or Twitter for 1 month. I did this in May 6,2013-June 6.2013 it was an amazing experience.

 Nothing happened for 1 week or so. I started getting email and text the 2nd week ask if “ I was okay?”, “ Did you unfriend me?”. It was very interesting to read this questions.

I mentioned my social experiment and they were little dumbfounded and bewildered that I was doing this.

3rd Connecting

We meet people daily while were a getting coffee or a social occasions, instead of attempting in having a quality conversation we rush and connect online to forge a long-term connections that way.
Why don’t take the time and slow down and ask some great questions and learn more about them now.

Take the above suggestions as a personal challenge and grow network moving forward with creating more quality connection and quantity.

There will be important lessons for all us in this new journey moving forward.

Get Connected 21st Century
Jim Pagiamtzis

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