Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are you Dream Big!

Recently had the opportunity to share Dream Big day with Junior Achievement at local high school in Thornhill, to great 8 and 9 students. Have previously shared another program called "Economics of Staying in School in the past 3 years with great success.

With this Dream Big course it was different angle on success which was exciting to share to these young and upcoming leaders who will talk about their future dreams and goals how will they define them

There were four modules that we will be going through list below

1st  Your Dream in Light!

Describing their dreams using words, colours, shapes and forms

2nd  Importance of Values

  Selecting their top six words that describes their values and how important they are to them.

3rd Supporting Roles  Reel

What qualities and Characteristics affect their live. From Role Moles, Mentors, Friends and Family to Opponents

4th Action! Implementing a plan of action to achieve their dream

Utilitzing the Smarter Technique

Specific, Measurable,Adjustable, Realistic, Timely, Exciting and Recorded

Had a great time learning and sharing my achievements of becoming an entrepreneur and encouraging them to do the same.

Closing thoughts that I share with the students from Junior Achievement work book

"You have created the story of a place where all of your individual dreams are realized- in a collective community. This New World, is fuelled by everyone's dreams and desires. Imagination is the currency- it can flow freely."

"This is the story about bringing the future into the present. What is the difference between the world we visualized and the one we currently live in? What do we need to change in order for us to all become successful?"

"Enjoy the journey. You know there will be obstacles and challenges. You have some destinations, plans, and possibilities. Now start the journey and remember to enjoy your journey. You can make it anything you want it to be."

For more information on Junior Achievement go to or call 1-800-265-0699

Some great book to consider reading. John C Maxwell. Put your dream to the test. Dreaming Big  Energizing Yourself and your team with a Crystal Clear Life Dream Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets.



4 modules

Key take away:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Put the Action in Attraction

When activated, the Law of Attraction can make it effortless to achieve your dreams. But many people are missing a key ingredient that negates all of the important inner work they do – action!

Law of Attraction teachers Esther and Jerry Hicks, speak often about the importance of the inner journey and the action journey, explaining that one hour of internal work has the same impact as seven hours of taking action in the outer world.

The problem is that many people spend so much time on inner work, that they fail to spend adequate time in action. Balance between inner and outer work is essential.

Here are 5 ways you can move into action – starting today:

1. Develop a strategic action plan. By creating a detailed list of every action steps that you need to achieve each goal, you’ll find it easier to move into action. You won’t waste time wondering what to do – you’ll see it clearly laid out before you. In addition to creating action plans to achieve your goals, identify steps to take to overcome every one of your obstacles – both inner and outer.

2. Follow the trail. Identifying what action steps you need to take doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, other people have blazed a trail for you to follow. If you want to shorten your learning curve, find someone who has achieved the goal you’re pursing. Ask them what steps they took to achieve success … then follow their lead.

3. Rule of 5. When Mark Victor Hansen and I published our first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, we were overwhelmed with possibilities and ideas for making the book a best-seller. A wonderful teacher, Ron Scolastico, shared a powerful piece of wisdom. “If you would go every day to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a very sharp ax, no matter how large the tree, it would have to come down!” From that lesson came the Rule of 5, which simply means that every day, you must do five specific things to move your goal toward completion. (Daily utilization of our new Top 5 Action Cards is the simplest way to ensure that you are taking meaningful, daily action to achieve your goals.)

4. Involve others. If you’ve developed a habit of spending too much time involved with inner work, it’s easy to let yourself slip when it comes to taking action. Sharing your specific commitments with another person can be powerful in ensuring that you follow through on what you vow to do. An accountability partner is someone who meets with you daily by telephone to share your commitments for the day – and to hold you accountable for meeting your goals. A coach can also help to hold you accountable, as well as help you explore what might be fueling your behavior when you don’t keep your commitments. Finally, a business partner can be a tremendous support. I am blessed to be business partners with Patty Aubery, holds me accountable, as well as motivates and inspires me when I’m feeling funky. I do the same for her. We each have unique skills and talents that we bring to our partnership, and we keep each other in action.

5. Check your beliefs. Many of us have beliefs that limit our success – including beliefs about our ability to take action, about our capabilities, and about what it takes to succeed. Take time to identify any negative beliefs that might be impeding your desire or ability to take action, such as If you find that you have negative beliefs regarding action – such as “It doesn’t matter what I do, it’s not going to work anyway.”

Chapter 33 of The Success Principles includes powerful exercises to shift limiting beliefs.

In addition, I’ll offer you something that I use myself: A small sign on my computer that says, “So what? Do it anyway.” So what if you’re afraid? So what if it’s expensive? So what if you’ve never done it before? So what if you don’t have all the information? Do it anyway, because once you take action, you’ll get feedback, and feedback tells you how to do it better.

Eemember, the last six letters in the word “attraction” are “action.” If you want to achieve results, you cannot only work on your internal world. You must also take action!

Jack Canfield

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eco-Swap Success in Toronto

It was great  to  take  part in Swapsity's Movie Music Eco-Swap happening at the Live Green Toronto Festival on July 16 at Yonge-Dundas Square and help keep perfectly good DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs and records out of landfills.

The Live Green Toronto Festival is the annual celebration of all things green hosted by the City of Toronto. About 40,000 Torontonians are expected to attend this eco-event. Swing by Swapsity's Swap Zone at Yonge and Dundas Square with your pre-loved media items and join your fellow Torontonians in swapping, sharing and recycling movies and music. Bring as many items as you wish to trade and you'll receive one swap token per item to swap with. All media is considered of equal value. For instance, drop off An Inconvenient Truth on DVD and take home a Lady Gaga CD.Any leftover media items will be donated to Goodwill.
Nearly 3200 item were brought to the event and were exchanged. This was done to avoid these items not ending up in landfills sites.

For more in-depth article click on the link below

Friday, July 15, 2011

Spotlight: Andrew Woo

Recently had the shared the stage at Centennial College Speaker Series with a fellow Alumni who shared great information regarding his journey of an entrepreneur.

1st Question

In today competitive world how important is it for professionals and entrepreneurs to have a powerful and effective brand

Answer: It is vitally important to establish a clear and concise brand. Branding is not as challenging to acquire but effective and profitable branding is harder to accomplish and sustain. Branding is more that what is initially seen such as your logo or company’s vision statement. It really extends far beyond the marketing strategies but deals with how we establish and perpetuate growing relationships. Keep in mind our actions dictate the perceptions that ultimately determine the value of your brand.

2nd Question

How did use being a magician and sharing your program to help business grow

Answer: As magic has been and continues to be a lifelong love affair I decided to incorporate the essentials of magic in developing my professional speaking services. The essentials to marketing and providing customers with value added services is communication followed by business development. The secrets of magic are not the explanations to the illusion but more so how the ideas and concepts are related. Magic is the perfect vehicle to illustrate this process while at time interjecting light hearted moments. The dialogue between the magician and the audience is the business development or relationship building stepping stones.


At the tender age of seven the magic bug struck. The catalyst for this passion was conceived at his birthday party. His parents arranged to have a local ventriloquist and magician entertain the birthday boy and his friends. From that point forward Andrew would spend endless hours watching demonstrations at local Magic Stores in Toronto.

Throughout the years Andrew has performed at countless birthday parties, corporate events and abroad. Although primarily he focuses on corporate events and keynote speaking engagements from time to time he will perform for children's parties simply for the fun of it. He has instructed at the Sorcerer's Safari Magic Camp, a camp dedicated to teaching of the art to youngsters. He belongs to various magic clubs and associations and cherishes the time he spends with his fellow magicians.

Andrew completed his post-secondary studies and became an Accountant and entrepreneur. He has worked for some of the largest corporate companies before venturing out into what he specializes in today - corporate training and entertainer. Always a thinker he creates, produces, publishes and markets his own line of magic effects including a published magic book. Andrew loves to give back and teaches magic to serious students of the arts. He is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to future magicians.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swapsity at Live Green Toronto Festival

Swapsity at Live Green Toronto Festival

We’re thrilled to be joining forces with the City of Toronto to get Torontonians swapping and saving thousands of items from our landfills.

Want to build your movie library the green way? Need to update your music collection without spending a dime? Grab your pre-loved DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs and vinyl records, leave your wallet at home and join Swapsity at the Live Green Toronto Festival on July 16 happening at Yonge and Dundas Square!

Every summer, the City of Toronto rolls out the green carpet on Yonge Street in celebration of all things eco-friendly. This year, 40,000 Torontonians are expected to attend the festival. We are delighted to be taking part by hosting a giant Movie Music Eco-Swap at Yonge and Dundas Square aimed at keeping 10,000 media items out of the landfills.

We’ve set a lofty recycling goal and are counting on thousands of Torontonians to help us reach it. Can we make it happen? We certainly hope so! Get involved by coming to the event with a stack of items, inviting your Facebook friends to the swap and using #EcoSwapTO hashtag to get the word out on Twitter. Bring the movies and music you’ve grown tired of to our Swap Zone between 11 am and 8 pm. Tapping into the power of community and collaboration, we’ll build a huge media library that will offer something for everyone.
For each gently-used, original item you drop off, you’ll receive a swap token. Then, trade those tokens for something that’s new to you! At the Swap Zone, all media is of equal value so you’ll be able to take home as many items as you brought. For instance, drop off the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD and take home a Lady Gaga CD, Rolling Stones vinyl record and Inconvenient Truth on Blu-ray. Whether it was a gift we didn’t really dig, an impulse purchase we regretted or just something we’ve watched or listened to and grown tired of, we’ve all got unwanted media discs at home, in the car or at the office. What might not interest you, though, could be the perfect item for another film buff or music lover. That’s where swapping comes in!
Swappers wanting to recycle but unable to attend the event can drop off their pre-loved media items at Green Instead, open Tuesday to Saturday, located at 200 Spadina Ave., 2nd Floor before July 15.
Every year, millions of media discs are entering our landfills. What’s the impact of digital goods on the environment? DVDs and CDs are made primarily of polycarbonate plastics. Discs don’t readily break down in a landfill and, over time, they release Bisphenol A, which is associated with adverse health effects. Moreover, CDs and DVDs release toxic fumes when incinerated.
Still wondering what this fantastic event has to offer? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss it:

Reason #1:  Recycle and reuse
   Be a friend to the environment and recycle your way to a new media library.

Reason #2Refresh your library for free
Update your collection without spending your hard-earned money—no cash or credit card required!
Reason #3: De-clutter
De-clutter your space and free yourself of items you never use.
Reason #4: Share!
    Enjoy seeing someone else take delight in what you no longer need, and otherwise might have tossed to the curb!
Reason #5:  Community spirit
Be part of a phenomenal community eco-swap challenge. Join your fellow Torontonians in saving 10,000 items from the landfills.

In the recent ranking on the sustainability of Canadian cities, Toronto clinched the top spot in the large city category for the second year in a row. It takes community effort to keep our city green and reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills. If you haven’t read our blog post on the world’s largest ocean landfill, be sure to check it out.
We’re inviting all Swapsity Toronto members, plus your friends and family, to participate in this ultimate swap meet! Swapping helps us make good decisions for the earth and our wallet, but it’s events like these that show us how it can connect a community of like-minded people. Take a look at our past swap meets on our blog and photo gallery and sign up for swap meets alerts if you haven’t already.
Remember, every disc counts! So gather up your DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs and vinyl records, bring your friends and enjoy the city’s celebration of all things green. Can’t wait to see you there!

Written by Marta Nowinska

Spotlight: Leslie Hughes

 Facebook and Twitter have both got a lot of attention the past few years.
Do think that LinkedIN will ever get the credit it deserve in this
currently social media space.


Social Media is usually considered to be a business-to-consumers space.
Facebook and Twitter capture most of the "buzz" when it comes to customer
service and the viral spread of messaging.

While LinkedIn may not be in the forefront for a consumer-based audience,
it is THE place to be for a business-based market.

With over 100 million members in 200 country, LinkedIn combines your
online resume along with and an online Rolodex (but it's also much more).

You can showcase yourself as an expert in your industry through obtaining
testimonials/recommendations, importing your blog, uploading your
Powerpoint presentation (through Slideshare).

You can ask and answer questions in industries and categories that you
specialize in.

Building your database of business contacts allows you to reach an
exponential audience and turn cold calls into warm introductions.

Anyone who uses LinkedIn regularly understands the power this social
network brings.

Small and Medium Business owner have made impact in the todays
market. What have you done with Punch Media to make it difference for you
current clients

PUNCH!media helps to educate our clients about the shift from traditional
"push" marketing to online "pull" marketing.

What's important for businesses to realize is that Social Media is a
wonderful tool for customer service.  Answering questions, providing
relevant information, generating discussions allows for companies to stay
top-of-mind with their target audience.

We strategically work together with our clients to determine how Social
Media fits within the overall marketing mix and guide them how to develop
content so that it fits within the context of the specific Social Media
sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging etc).

We train clients how to set up their profiles, set benchmarks and measure

PUNCH!media stays up-to-date on current technologies, new media and
marketing as well as best practices of what is working so that our clients
can benefit from our specialized expertise.

How we make a difference with our current clients is quite simply that we
train them to be the best Social Media marketers they can be!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Spotlight: Brett Wilson

It was only few years ago had the opportunity to meed Bret Wilson at the Small Business Forum in Toronto. Was luck even to get a picture (below)

1st  Question
 As compared to other areas of the country, how do you see Toronto as an environment for small business start-ups? Does it differ significantly from other areas of the country?

That's  a good question. We didn't choose Toronto over other places; it'sjust the practical side of it all. Do I see Toronto differently? I think I see Canada differently. I think that Canada, a little bit in part to Dragon's Den and in part due to a resource-based economy, taking some risk and betting on yourself a entrepreneur is taking hold across this country. That is what is exciting to me.

Certainly Toronto, as one of the financial capitals of the world, has been the hotbed of fundraising and capital. It attracts people who invest and it attracts people who fund. That's what make it great for the show.

2nd  Question
What do you see as the single biggest obstacle that inhibits aspiring entrepreneurs on this country? What are possiible solutions?

I think it is confidence.With confidence, risk go down. I was on an airplane once with a client, and he ask me whether I was planning on staying with my current employer. I hesitated because the last thing I wanted to do was let on that I wasn't happy with my employer. When I paused, he looked at me and smiled and told me. "Just so you know, if you left I would hire you."

That single statement set in place the course of my future because I realized that if he would hire me, someone else would hire me and it was time to leave. Soon after that I started at Wilson Macke, which would become First Energy and it was someone giving me that confidence that started it all. The study of entrepreneurship and of marketing is all part of what I call the perception risk.

That's what is exciting about show like Risky Business. There will be people screaming at the television. "Don't do it !" or pick the door one or door two. It could have a feel like the Price is Right kind of thing where it is exciting, but it's also all within a $10.000 or $20.000 range.

Most people aspire to own a car and a computer and a few TV's. If you can do that, you can access the money to participate in this type of investment.

3rd Question
If you could aspire one piece of advise to an  aspiring entrepreneur, what would it be?

I push everyone to go back and study marketing, Until you have your Phd and event then, maybe you have been studying the wrong part of it. It's only way to get a business, product or service going. You just have to do it.

Question appearted in article in the Toronto Busines Times June 2011

Successful Networking Connection!

Living the Get Connected Make Wealth Happen yields some great moments. Attending my weekly session at the gym my workout partner Idan McAnuff has mentioned his excitement on be a co-ordinator of afternon basketball program that teaches young students the fundamentals on basketball which includes reading program. I had great connection that may be of interest of him that could provide impact for his students.

Earlier this year joined  Goal Achievers Canada which was a group of entrepreneurs and leaders who meet on on weekly basis in powerful and amazing mastermind group. Patrick Bizindayvi is a success speaker and upcoming author with two books coming out in late 2011. He has had a successfull 15 year basketball year as player and coach.

It seemed like a great fit to connect Patrick Bizindayvi and Idan McAnuff to see what synergies may come about.

Within a few weeks they met for a coffee and turned out they had a great conversation. Patrick ended up going and speaking for Idan's afternoon program and he was great inspriation to the kids.

From that point out everytime I would meet Patrick he would call me the "the connector". It was very funny and humbling every time he makes the statement!

Key take away: Keep your ears open and grow your resources, you never know when you may provide a great connection!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen July Newsletter

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!Newsletter
Canada Job Expo July 6th 10;00am- 3:00pm for details
New Speaker added Hirantha Nandasena Author of Success in Toronto


FREE 8 Lesson Audio program  on the 7 Goal Achievers steps and we are using it the generate leads to Goal Achievers FREE breakfast Mastermind sessions

Jim Pagiamtzis available for speaking engagements!

Looking for a dynamic speaker , corporate event, conference, convention, annual-general, sales, golf tournament, summer picnic or monthly meeting? Look no further! I present a variety of marketing keynotes, workshops, lunch ‘n’ learns and webinars.  for details

Recommendation of the month
Courtney Carroll

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen !  
Event space available for workshops, event, meeting Bloor and Bathurst area email jim@pagiamtzis for details (serious enquires only) Parformance Training System
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About Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How's Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro  Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That speaking on How to become Networking Success.

Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into speaking all over the GTA from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on "Economics of Staying in School"