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You don’t need a business card to be a personal trainer

You’ve earned your certification and are ready to start training but wait you don’t have a business card. So you think it’s better to wait until you get one before you start looking for clients. In addition you also think you need a website, flyer or brochure and then once you have all those things in place you can start training. Wrong! You don’t need a business card, flyer, brochure or website to get started. You already have everything you need, you.

While all that “stuff” is great, people purchase personal training because of who you are and how you connect with them not because you have a fancy business card. Yes, you do need to give out your contact information and a post-it note probably won’t cut it but this isn’t the reason you should wait to start personal training. Really, the only step you need to take right now is to go out and meet lots of people, connect with them and start building relationships. Ask any trainer who has been in the personal training industry for awhile and they will tell you the same thing. Ninety nine percent of the business they attract is through word of mouth and meeting lots of people.

If there’s so much business to be gained through personal connection then why don’t more trainers do it? It takes effort to pull yourself away from Facebook, Twitter and the internet world and interface with people in the flesh. It’s much easier for trainers to stick up a poster up at a coffee house then it is to attend a networking event. Or to place an ad in the paper and hope the phone starts ringing off the hook. But what most trainers don’t understand is that this is actually the hardest way to find clients. It costs money and you have to break through all the white noise and clutter of other marketing messages that people are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis. An easier way to attract more clients is to connect face-to-face then you have their undivided attention and that’s more effective then posters and ads.

There’s one issue that seems to pop up for trainers when suggesting they get out and meet people and that’s the feeling that they have to sell. For most trainers as soon as you mention the word sell they immediately go into panic mode and say, “Hold on, I’m a trainer, not a sales person, I don’t like to sell”. Yes, I understand the feeling behind that statement however, unless you want to work for free how will you pay the bills? Selling is a natural part of the process of building a client/trainer relationship. After all, personal training is a service, you went to school to become certified and at some point were hoping to make some money from it, right? People know you aren’t going to work for free. They expect they will have to pay something for your time.

But wait, this about how to sell without selling. I have a distance education workshop if you are interested in learning more about that topic.This piece is about connecting with people first and not actually thinking about selling them anything. Use the following steps to get you started.

1) Meet lots of people

2) Connect with them

3) Build the relationship

Step One – Meet lots of people

The idea behind meeting lots of people is to get yourself out there and start connecting . The conversation will naturally gravitate to what you do. If you can clearly articulate what you do people will be interested and likely ask more questions. This isn’t the point where you start a sales pitch. Not at all because for now you are a stranger to that person and it will feel uncomfortable for them to be sold to. Instead your job is to turn that stranger into a friend and if there’s a good fit for your services then down the road you can turn that friend into a customer. Or if not then perhaps one of their friends might be interested.

Step Two – Connect with them

Once you meet and start the conversation your next step is to find a common interest .This is something you already know how to do because you’ve met strangers in the past and took the time to learn more about them. When you meet someone for the first time it’s natural to want to find out more about them. You explore a topic you both have in common so you can keep the conversation going. You see you already know how to do this because you’ve been in these situations hundreds of times. It’s no different when you’re looking to connect with a person with the hope that perhaps they would be a great fit as a client someday.

Good listening skills and the ability to ask questions is really helpful when striking up a conversation. No body likes an over-talker. Someone who dominates the conversation and never lets you say a word. You’re probably already thinking of a person right now who does just that. It’s so frustrating because you just don’t feel equal in the conversation. If you have a tendency to do all the lip flapping you might want to teach yourself how to listen more actively, trust me people appreciate it.

Being genuine in the conversation is important too. People can sniff out fake people from miles away. If you are faking interested, faking listening and are generally just faking trying to connect with a person then it won’t work. Just be yourself and be curious to learn more about the individual you are speaking too.

Step Three – Build the relationship

The beauty of building the relationship is that you aren’t hounding people to make a sale. You’re moving through the progression of meeting a stranger, turning that stranger into a friend and if there’s a good fit perhaps that friend will be a customer . There’s no rush.

Connect with that person often maybe over coffee, lunch or even a walk. Seek to help them in anyway you can and if they are serious about wanting to train with you, offer them a sample session and give them a taste of what you have to offer. Make that experience enjoyable and memorable and they will want more.

When you seek to build a relationship your intent is not to sell but to get to know someone. Your motives should be pure and focussed on making a connection. Take the time to build the relationship and don’t worry about selling.

The process I’m discussing doesn’t require a business card, brochure, flyer or website. Those things are nice to have. If you are blocked because you don’t want to get started until you have those things when you do get them you will still be blocked on how to get started. You might be using the excuse that you can’t get started because you don’t have the collateral material. You’re making excuses because you don’t need it. Think carefully about why you are doing this and you might see that it’s just plain fear or lack of confidence getting in your way. As the old expression goes, “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

I am sharing this information because as a business coach I find there are a lot of good trainers struggling to find clients and get discouraged because they can’t make their financial commitments. They think a business card will make the difference between getting clients and not getting clients and it doesn’t. If you think you can’t get clients until you have a business card then you’re right. Why? Because you’re not getting out there to meet people. You and not the card are the problem. I’ve never done business with someone just because of their business card, have you? I might like the card. The card may look professional and give me a sense of the person but at the end of the day if I don’t connect with you your card could be made of 24 carrot gold and it wouldn’t make a difference I won’t be doing business with you.

I hope you feel a little better about getting out there to meet, connect and build relationships. Sure take your cards with you but if you don’t have one right now don’t let that stop you. If people ask for your contact information get their card instead or be creative and bring a few personalized, hand-written VIP invitations for coffee, lunch or a sample thirty minute session. Be different, innovative and creative and trust me that says more about you then a generic business card.

If you need more help on learning how to network, connect and relationship build then you have a few options. You can email me and I can suggest a few books for you to read. Or we can book a one hour coaching session and I can go over some tips and we can do a little practicing or you can choose both options. Lastly, there’s the granddaddy of all offers, we can go to a meet-up or networking event together and I can coach you during the live event.

I leave it in your hands to figure out what you need but I’m always here as a resource. Now go out there and start turning strangers into friends and friends into lifelong, loyal customers.

My response:

Business card is an important to have, its should not your back in building your list of resource of new clients. There are many creative ways to work arount not having a card.
Get Connected Make Wealth Happen

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Canada Job Expo on Tuesday January 25,2011

For details on Location and times

Jim Pagiamtzis

Title: How to become a Networking Success 1:00pm-1:30pm

Simple system called P-A-R that is easy to learn and simple to apply. Will give you the edge to make the difference networking Journey. Whether you are in career transition or entrepreneur expanding your resources for your difference. An interactive experience which will move you from your comfort zone to wealth and achievement

Tibor Shanto

Title: Capitalizing on Your Network Success 1:30pm-2:00pm

In today's world you need to be proactive in converting success from networking into measurable results, i.e. a sales, a job what have you. In this presentation you will learn the importance and mechanics of planning and executing your post - networking plan. We will touch on time and timing, structure, and execution.

and many more speakers Cheryl Ranking, A.J Parl plus a special guest!

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Int't Networking Day February 8,2011

"Become a Great Networker" as one of your resolutions for this year - it's the best and fastest way to get more business NOW! But with so many choices, sometimes it's challenging to know where to go.

On Tues Feb 8, it'll be easy. For the 5th year, under one roof, you get a chance to meet in person leaders from many GTA business networking groups. You can ask them about their group format to decide which meetings are right for you. It's International Networking Day in Toronto - a day filled with interactive workshops on how to network right led by networking greats:
*Donna Messer (Leverage Your Network);
*The Powerful POWE Duo - Tina Deszi & Lia Bandola (Networking 101);
*Master Speaker Richard Dolan - who is connected to former Presidents George Bush & Bill Clinton (Perfect Your Pocket Pitch);
*back by popular demand Cindy Mount and Christel Wintels (Referral Partners);
*Chris Hiller (Joint Ventures);
*Business Networking Panel; and
*Lisa Kember, to answer all your questions about how to network online (follow Lisa on TWITTER for a chance to win some great prizes every day till the big day! http://twitter.com/#!/lisakember

Plus we're going to celebrate 30 Years of Networking with Donna Messer!!! There's lots more surprises and giveaways to be announced so watch for updates on Twitter - #indgta

Now here's a deal you won't want to miss - today and today only (Mon Jan 10) - when you buy one ticket you receive a second no charge. Bring a friend. Treat a prospect. Invite a client. Share the costs. Here's the special link . . .INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING DAY SPECIAL TICKETS

Find all the details on International Networking Day 2011 at www.prtoronto.com/referrals/

Happy Biz Networking!

Jennifer Beale, Publicist
Author, Business Networking Essentials

To view a list of all upcoming events please visit our business networking directory.
Although we strive to ensure accuracy, please confirm dates, locations & details with event organizers.

Workshops & Special Events

Tuesday, February 08

Group type:International Networking Day - 5th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING DAY 2011 - GTA
Date / location:Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 8:00 am Toronto
Event details »

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2011 Volunteers Needed: Career Fair at Centennial College

Great Networking Opportunity!

Meet working professionals from different Community Services companies!

Find out about jobs and companies in your field!

Learn about the requirements necessary to land your dream job!

Duties and responsibilities will include:

Posting flyers around the campus and talking to students about the Career Fair
Assisting employers with the loading and unloading of displays and boxes
Providing directions
Answering basic questions of both employers and students
Other set-up duties as required
Required Qualifications:
Excellent communication skills
Outgoing and friendly
Knowledge of Centennial College (Progress Campus)
Desire to help and meet people
Thursday, January 27, 2011
8:30am - 2:30pm

The Main Events Hall, Student Centre, Progress Campus

Other Special Information:
Sign-up immediately to let us know your availability. Assistance is needed throughout the course of the event (8:30 am – 2:30 pm).

All volunteers will receive a letter of recognition from Centennial College (this looks great on your resume!).

If you are interested in this great networking/leadership opportunity, please send an e-mail including your full name, e-mail address, phone number, program of study, and times of availability to: gradjobs@centennialcollege.ca.

Brought to you by Co-op Education & Employment Resources
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Spotlight: Phil Taylor

In recent years I have met many great entrepreneurs who share their
passion with others. Phil Taylor stands out who gives it out
unconditionally for the success in other. His recent book Set Yourself on
Fire! How to ignite your passions and live the life you love!

Phil has some great insights on Business, Life and Success that have
inspired many to be the best they can be and his book have great ideas how
to pursue your passions

Question 1
Many entrepreneurs set goals they want to achieve in the new year. What
are your suggestion on how to achieve them?

At Goal Achievers International we have a simple, yet powerful and proven 7 Step formula that we use as we pursue our goals. The steps are as follows:
Write down your goal.

List the benefits of achieving this goal.

List existing obstacles to be overcome.

List the people, places, or things that can help make your goal a reality.

Identify any specialized knowledge or skills you need to acquire or reach your goal.

Write out a specific action plan to achieve your goal.

Write down the date the goal will be achieved.

In addition to this, perhaps the best advice I can give to entrepreneurs who are pursuing their goals in the New Year is, don’t try a do it alone. Success is a team sport! Get yourself into a personal success team, known to some , as a Mastermind, (we call it GoalAchievers)
In Chapter 8 entitled ‘From a Fire to a Bomb Fire’ of the book “Set You on Fire! How to Ignite Your Passions and Live the Life You Love!” You will learn in detail, how to harness the power of your own success team and read of its transforming effect.
In short, having your own success team will allow you to achieve more in less l time by working together in a spirit of cooperation and harmony. You will realize the awesome dynamic of this synergy, that indeed when this coalition is formed that the whole, comprising of the team, is truly and significantly greater than the sum of the individual parts. One can also find out more about this process by reading the Chapter on The Mastermind, in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich or visit www.goalachievers.org

Question 2
What is one of your favourite quotes and why?

One of my all time favorite quotes, that I absolutely love!..in fact so much so , that I have had it framed and had been hanging over my bed for years is by Henry David Thoreau , stating –
“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”
This quote speaks about the magnificent power of intention and how the law of attraction plays into it! I found this, through experience , to be so true! What we focus on expands and sooner or later as we harness the power of faith through a clearly defined action plan – it will and does manifest itself!

Phil Taylor is a multiple award winning speaker, trainer and internationally recognized authority on communications, sales, team performance, entrepreneurship and goal achievement and Author of an exciting new book entitled , Set Yourself on Fire! How to Ignite Your Passions and Live the Life You Love!”
In addition, Phil Taylor is founder of GoalAchievers International Inc., a global organization devoted to empowering individuals and organizations, through the harmonic and cooperative effort of others, to achieve extraordinary results in all areas of one’s personal and business life.
Having been a top sales performer, entrepreneur, founder and owner of numerous businesses over a period of two decades, Phil knows and understands first hand the various challenges and adversities that confront individuals as they pursue excellence in their given profession. Through his vast experience and specialized knowledge, Phil imparts his extensive insights through his colorful speeches, interactive programs, seminars and workshops, thus empowering individuals and organizations how to plan, design and achieve optimal results.
Phil Taylor can be reached at:
Tel: 647-380-8757
Twitter: http://twitter.com/philtaylor
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001116366364
Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/speakingforsuccess

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library spoken at Universities, Enterprise Toronto, Initiative TO on How to be come a networking Success and How to attract Mentor in Business Life and Success. You can be email payamgis@gmail.com if you interested in being featured in future spotlight articles or have him come and speaking to sales or marketing organizations

Spotlight: Carla Langhorst

Become part of the speaking circuit with Enterprise Toronto have had the
opportunity to share the stage with many entrepreneurs with knowledge in
expertise in various industries. Carla Langhorst is the author of Will it
Fly "the idea tester

1. Dragons Den has gain popularity last few years where entrepreneurs
pitch there business idea/There has been a wide variety of business
featured on the show. The show does give great insights on what
products may work. What would you do or say if one of your clients was
looking at pitching their idea on the show?

First, focus on sales. Every single company who has been successful on
the show has had a significant amount of sales. The true sign of a
successful business is that they are making money....from sales, not

Second, focus on developing a sales pipeline. You can't be satisfied
with what you currently have, otherwise you aren't showing a grow
potential. You should be able to project you growth rate in the next
12 months at a minimum.

Third, potential to penetrate new markets and build strategic
partnerships, this is your business development strategy. Make sure
that you have a plan of how you will continue to grow beyond the next
12 months.

The funny thing is, if a company does focus on sales and has a great
pipeline and a solid business development strategy, they don't really
need the dragons.

2. Where do you see social media marketing heading in the new year?

In 2011, you can no longer fake it to make it in social media. Social
media marketing will (finally) become more strategic. I think the
last 3 years showed all the different ways that social media can be
used to push business. However, instead of thinking about how to use
social media strategically, many companies just started using it. 2011
will be the change maker. Those who use it strategically will continue
to see results. Those who don't, will no longer see results. Also, all
social media platforms will no longer simply be used by everyone.
Consumers will have to pick which ones they continue to use as they
don't have enough time in the day to 'follow' them all, which will
segment the social media marketplace forcing companies to do the same.

www.theninesconsulting.com, Carla Langhorst at

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library spoken at Universities, Enterprise Toronto, Initiative TO on How to be come a networking Success and How to attract Mentor in Business Life and Success. You can be email payamgis@gmail.com if you interested in being featured in future spotlight articles or have him come and speaking to sales or marketing organizations

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something to remember you by

Even in the digital age, business cards can still carry the strongest message

I have often been asked if business cards are really all that necessary these days. With so many people keeping their contact lists in smart phones or in email programs, what purpose does a business card serve?
The truth is, no matter how much technology progresses, people are essentially the same. Their likes and dislikes, habits and what keeps their interest have for the most part remained unchanged. How does this impact on the value of a business card or brochure? Simple.

Lets say you’ve just met someone at a business meeting. After chatting for a while you both agree to exchange business cards so that you can meet again. Your hand him your card. It’s a full colour card on heavy card stock with a clean design and professionally designed logo. On the back is your company’s mission statement.
His card is basic black printing on a light off-white stock. The company name is in Helvetica with the rest of the text in Times Roman. The original telephone number has been crossed out with pen. A new number hand written above it.

Not knowing anything about this person’s company, all you would have to go on would be the business card. Is this someone you would want to do business with? If they can’t put any effort into having a professional business card, how much effort will they put into taking care of you?

A business card is more than a piece of paper with some contact information on it. When combined with an effective design, a business card can instantly capture someone’s attention. And that is the first step in being remembered, which is what we all want. It can also invoke an image that reflects your company. Are the design colours warm and calming, or vibrant and dynamic? Is there a logo? Is the text in block or script? All of these factors contribute to how people will feel when they see your card. And this is the key to creating a company image.

Designing a professional business card is as much an art as a science. There are design companies that do nothing but design cards and logos. If you choose to design your own card, be sure to show it to as many people as possible before you print it. Keep in mind that it must inform, be easy to read and create a “look” that reinforces your company’s image.

So now the question is “What do people do with the cards after the meeting?” Even if the information is later entered into an email contact list, that does not mean the business card will get tossed.

There are number of reasons why people keep business cards. Most of which are impacted by the quality and design of the card.

Ever passed along someone else’s business card to a colleague or friend? It happens a lot. Studies have shown that the more attractive a business card, the greater the chance it will be passed on to others. Many people may end up seeing your card before they see you. That means that people’s first impression of you could be based on your business card.


Sometimes there’s nothing more effective than taping a business card to a wall or pinning it to a cork board. A local catering company may have their card tacked to a wall in the company lunch room. Dozens of people may see that card every day. Make them take notice.


Business card catalogues are still used by many people. They organize the cards by name, company or service. When they go searching for “that company”, will your card leap out at them or disappear amongst all the rest.

The Cool Factor

People like to keep things that are interesting, amusing or useful. A business card that has a joke on the back, or a chart for calculating interest rates will probably end up in a desk drawer instead of the trash bin.
What’s important to remember is that your business card is an extension of you and your company. Just as you would dress sharp for a meeting, your business card should also look sharp. After all, it’s what they’ll remember you by.

Marc Gordon is a professional speaker and marketing consultant based in Toronto, Ontario. His firm, Fourword Marketing, specializes in helping businesses create a brand identity and developing effective marketing campaigns. Marc can be reached at (416) 238-7811 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (416) 238-7811 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit www.marcgordon.ca

Jim Pagiamtzis
That Channel.com interview with Janette Burke and Hugh Reilly

Profile on Goal Achievers

Good Morning Goal Achievers!

As we have become accustomed to do every week , It is an absolute pleasure and honor to introduce another Feature Discussion(s), this time brought to us by the one and only , Get Connected Make it Happen Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim Pagiamtzis lives the Get Connected Make it Happen lifestyle. Having met some great mentors who shaped he to an extraordinary journey as an entrepreneur.

Jim has spoken for Enterprise Toronto,Initiative Toronto, High schools and Universities and That Channel.com on How to become a Networking Success and How to be attract Mentor in Business life and Success . His next talk is Tuesday January 24,2011 Canada Job Expo. www.canadajobexpo.com on How to become a Networking Success. Jim has created a simple system that has created great results and amazing testimonials from his audiences.
Jim's P-A-R system is very simple

1) Present: Importance on having a business card and how to make it create magic!

2) Attitude; entering an meeting or event involve positive energy and how you can use effectively to attract attention

3) Response: ask effective question and how to create an memorable conversation is the key to a impactful follow-up

Jim effectively point out in his presentation that you shake hand with various people everyday the next step is to Make it Happen! through effortless follow-up and ability to learn the needs of your potential clients of the future. An effortless "success cycle" is the important ingredient to create a large networking online and offline. There are many events to attend throughout the calendar. The events you decide to attend must work for YOU!

This week, each day will feature a topic with the purpose being to get each one of us focused on marketing for the New Year.

Tuesday will address– How to create an effective social networking presence and make it work

Thursday will address- How to create articles and leverage them

Friday will address- How Self-promotion is great for everyone

Jim Pagiamtzis has agreed to answer question on Networking, Mentorship and Social media this week. Assisting everyone to achieve there goals in 2011!

Jim Pagiamtzis has involved in marketing and promoting for 8+ yrs – he began with chance meeting with Max Haroon begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting from the Society of Internet Professional www.sipgroup.org & Terry Gogna www.terrygogna.com 2003. Jim has written 3 articles for the Toronto Public Library and successfully leverage them and spoken various entrepreneurial organizations and work with various show organizers in attracting great speakers for the events from Canada Job Expo, Initiative Toronto and Toronto Action Summit.

Going into 2011 Jim has two books coming out on his talks on Networking Success and Mentorship and is looking a continuing his partnership with the fellow entrepreneurs Cheryl Rankin (www.fitforbusiness.ca) Tibor Shanto www.sellbetter.ca and author of Shift ), Sujit Mukherjee organizer (www.canadajobexpo.com ) , Enterprise Toronto Scarborough & Toronto, Andrew Skelly (Toronto Action Summit) Tm Mahdi and Mimi Lee of the Cg6 group. A.J Parl LinkedIn Specialist (Chief Computer Geek at Toronto Computer Geeks)

Dear Goal Achievers please feel free to connect with Jim through the following means! :)

Jim Pagiamtzis

416-894-7859 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 416-894-7859 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

www.jimpagiamtzis.wordpress.com testimonials and much more..

www.jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.com articles and much more

Facebook - jimpagiamtzis
LinkedIn - jimpagiamtzis
Twitter- jimpagiamtzis

Thank You Jim Pagiamtzis for bringing such wonderful value our group, and much on going thanks to each one of you for making GoalAchievers on Linkedin an empowering forum of discussion and exchange for all!

A Happy New year to all!
and as always,...
Make it a Goal Achieving Week! :)

Gratefully Yours,

Phil Taylor
Founder of Goal Achievers International Inc. &
Author of 'Set Yourself on Fire!'

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Testimonials for Jim Pagiamtzis from www.jimpagiamtzis.wordpress.com

Hi Jim

I was in your Networking presentation yesterday at Metro Hall.

I find your presentation very clear and informative. It gives me insights into my own way of working and presentation.

Many thanks for a grest session.


– Eddie Kwong


Nancy Dunlop requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn:

Hi Jim, I attended your networking workshop this morning at the Metro Hall Employment Centre. Even though I “know” about networking, I needed a boost to get doing it. Thanks for your tips, resources and motivation.

- Nancy Dunlop

Simona Koslunova, Commercial Insurance Broker, HKMB (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“While working with Jim in the capacity of volunteer for an Internet Professionals, I found great interest working with him. I saw that Jim was hardworking, fun, enthusiastic, came across as professional with great sales and negotiating skills.” November 15, 2006

Martina Ernst, CEO and Founder, Wo-Built Inc. (colleague)
worked directly with you

“I met Jim while volunteering for the Society of Internet Professional (SIP). His enthusiasm was contagious and he was a immense help to all us other volunteers. He put great efforts into promoting and marketing of SIP events and it was a pleasure to work with him.” January 18, 2007

Max Haroon, President, Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) (colleague)
managed you

“Jim has abundance energy and has a good knack of speaking to people, I am very happy to see him staffing SIP booth at tradeshows as volunteer where his skills shines of sparking talking to visitors.” October 8, 2007
On December 15 had the great opportunity to share 1 hour on Networking your way to Success at three day workshop “New Comer Foreign Trained Teachers’ at Skills for Change in Toronto (1139 College Street)
Below are some feed and comments from the group
The new idea and vision of Networking Strategy. New inspiration towards networking. Exceptional presentation. I have already met new people here and have change my attitude towards networking.
Matthew Mendez
Thank you so much for all the optimism. I needed the most at this in my transitional life here in Canada
Fernando Del Mundo
The whole thing….!
Najla Alskhi
Was very motivational
Jim is a great motivational speaker,lots of high energy and useful tips, encourages positive attitude and result oriented. I especially like the idea of affirmation, very interesting and potentially very powerful
Very good really places on the importance of networking

Feedback from appearance on That Channel.com

http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/25596700 2nd speaker

I watched your radio show video on their website – well done !!!!

you handled yourself very professionally… I’m impressed man !!!!


Terry Gogna FT.FHS.
1 866 535 1352

Profitability & Retention Rate of Sales Teams

Hi Jim

Sept 17th Social Services talk on Networking Success! comments

I was in your Networking presentation yesterday at Metro Hall.

I find your presentation very clear and informative. It gives me insights into my own way of working and presentation.

Many thanks for a great session.



Eddie Kwong


Nancy Dunlop requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn:

Hi Jim, I attended your networking workshop this morning at the Metro Hall Employment Centre. Even though I “know” about networking, I needed a boost to get doing it. Thanks for your tips, resources and motivation.

- Nancy Dunlop
Feedback from talk at Monarch Park Collegiate talk at Business Award Ceremony from teacher.
Hi Jim,
Your talk was very meaningful for the students. It showed them the act of putting out and giving back for little extrenal reward. This aspect is lost at the school atmostphere of ‘whats in it for me’. Networking is of course vital to getting connected, however, I have always found that being a good and nice person first, attacts connections because people are impressed by the value of the person one is. I will try to reconnect with you over the summer when I have more time. Thanks again for ‘giving back’ to Monarch Park.
Cheers, Don Sexton
Great comment from Donna Messer in response to my networking)
Hi Jim:

I’ll spread the word for you! Networking is the single most important tool anyone can have in their toolbox.

Learning how to effectively use that tool is something you have mastered.

I’m happy to refer you and your events.
Donna Messer
ConnectUs Communications Canada
Feedback from entrepreneur who watched one of my DVD’s on Networking your way to Success
Hey Jim!
I just watched your DVD and it is full of great tips! You are so natural in front on people and your outgoing personality really shines! I really liked your information about the newsletter, I have been thinking of setting one up to keep contacts informed on a monthly basis in case it could trigger future busines or new relationships but I havent actually gotten around to it! I hope those people took in how much FREE and USEFUL information you gave them! Oh and your story about texting was really funny but its true, some people prefer to do business through phone while others prefer email, have to tailor the style of follow up to the contact.
Keshia Ali
Wednesday Sept 3,2008 spoke at Happen in Burlington on Networking your way to Success below are some comments

Just wanted to say thanks for presenting at yesterday’s meeting. I liked your passion and dynamism. Being French (Quebecois), I relate to your feeling based communication.

I especially appreciated your advice to set specific goals about what you want. Following this advice, I set myself a clear goal to find employment that offers a really good fit with my skills and ambitions on October 30th. Having a specific date makes it more real and motivates me to take the actions to lead me there.

I also liked your line about “the solution to a problem lies at a higher level than the level at which it was created”. Transition forces us to “move up” to this higher level and at the same time to better ourselves.

André Choquet, F.C.I.A., F.S.A.

Great enthusiasm and lots of useful information this morning!
Eric Cameron
Jan 11,2010 spoke at Skills for Change in Toronto. on Networking your to Success
Bishop Morracco Thomas Merton C.S.S were in attendance
“Speaker was loud and clear, what he said stuck with you”
“High Energy Excellent Powerpiont!” teresa.kelly@tcdsb.org

I was so impressed by your speaking style and your presentation yesterday at Skills for Cha.
- Yury Biryulev

We met at your workshop today in Skills for Changes. 10X, the lecture was Excellent, I really enjoyed!
You promise to provide me with more Tips for networking / connections and networking meetings!
I am very appreciated for your time!
Zdravka Kaymakchieva

Thanks for your lively presentation yesterday. I really liked how you tailored your presentation to the age of the majority of the participants.
Teresa Marie Kelly
Technology Teacher
I was unemployed for almost a year. The recession created an incredibly difficult job market to crack. I heard horror stories of MBA graduate students taking Data Entry positions. I was told I was overqualified after interviews with 3 different companies; ”runner-up” on 4 different occasions; and turned down 5 different jobs because the position was not exactly what fit my career aspirations. Along the way, my resume went through countless revisions, while my interviewing skills improved immensely. I also received some valuable lessons from Jim Pagiamtzis. He taught me the importance of blogging, to showcase what skills I’ve gained over my career that could help others in improving theirs. Although I’ve stopped blogging, the process of writing kept me in an “employed” state of mind. Jim also introduced me to the value of networking. I relay that same importance to anyone I know of that’s unemployed. Currently employed as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator for a Human Resources Consulting firm, our company also preaches the value of personal marketing (i.e. social networking). Once I found employment, my priorities changed, thus, my communication with Jim broke down. He would make an ideal Mentor because he’s willing to help you become successful, at work and in life. Jim has the gusto of an entrepreneur; always looking for an opportunity to exploit and never backing down from a challenge. For example, he knows he can still improve as a public speaker and is doing so by taking any chance given to him to speak in public.
- Jay Rosales
http://jayrosales.wordpress.com/ Great Tim Horton’s story
www.jayrosales.blogspot.com great insight articles
“Christmas has came early as I have landed a position Fedex Freight Canada team as a Operations Manager, Handling and working on their current transportation supply links through their Canadian operations. My start date commences Jan 4th so I am bringing in 2010 with a bang.

I want to thank you all for your assistance and guidance during this past while. Although my transition was not as long as others, I do know persistance and determination will land each of you in your next dream position.

I want to thank Jim, Robin, John and Greg for all your help and bringing a wide variety of key topics and speakers to the group. It greatly aided me in my search and instilled some new tactics to use during my career search.

This Opportunity did come through the Happen Group and I want to thank Jim Pagiamtzis (a Happen Topic presenter)for putting me in front of all the key contacts at Fedex without your assistance I know I would not have found this opportunity (It was a truly a hidden opportunity) .

I do plan to attend the next Mississauga meeting in the New year with Timbits in hand to better thank everyone..With this vast array of talented networking connections, I know I would miss someone if I began to list everyone who directly assisted me during my search. So thank you all!!!

Best Regards and Good Hunting

Jeff Conn
Newly joined Happenite Alumni
Dan Kagan

, Corporate Sales Manager, CompuSmart Canada (colleague)
worked with you

“Jim is a strong corporate advocate and team player. His willingness to get it done coupled with his strong organizational skills make him a valued asset to any team.” August 13, 2007

Testimonials for Jim Pagiamtzis

Here is what my entrepreneurs I have work with or partnered up with have to say! Posted on my Linked Profile.
Interested in getting connected email me


Get Connected Make it Happen!

14 visible recommendations for this position: Edit

“Jim Pagiamtzis is one of the most genuinely caring and supportive individuals I know! His quest to enrich the life of others gleams through his speech and his actions. Jim, is master networking and a passionate speaker who‘s authenticity and sincere desire to better the lives of others is overwhelming evident.” December 17, 2010

Phil , R. Taylor, Author of 'Set Yourself on Fire!' -- Founder and Chairman of GoalAchievers International, GoalAchievers International
worked directly with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“Jim delivered an engaging presentation regarding the value of mentorship and shared best practices in getting the most out of a mentoring relationship. He was both inspiring and informative – always a great combination in a speaker. He is a passionate promoter of the power of mentorship and helping people connect.” November 30, 2010

Vivianne Gauci, Managing Director, Grace Marketing
was with another company when working with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“I attended one of Jim's networking workshops last month and was very impressed. He is a passionate and informative speaker, I highly recommend attending one of his sessions.
Since the class we have stayed in touch and he has asked me to multiple events as an attendee and presenter. He is extremely diligent and continues to send me information that will allow me to network my company and services.” September 27, 2010

Katie Young, Sales Coordinator, Intelligent Office
was with another company when working with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“Jim gave an excellent presentation on networking success at the Career Job Expo in North York, which I attended on September 21, 2010. He provided relevant and practical tips on networking that could be applied immediately--especially the Success Cycle of PAR (Present, Attitude and Response). He also provided a handout with further reading material.
Jim is an engaging speaker who involves the audience and shows the importance of building relationships.” September 25, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Susan Poseika,
hired Jim as a Presenter at the Career Expo in 1991

“I recently had the opportunity to participate in one of Jim’s “Networking your way to Career Success” morning session Enterprise Toronto.
Jim engaged the audience and got them to participate in a natural and enthusiastic manner. Attentive to the audience’s needs, Jim brought everyone together creating a true Networking event.” September 6, 2010

AnaBela Taborda, Volunteer, Dress for Success Toronto
was with another company when working with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“I wanted to thank Jim for an amazing seminar that he facilitated. The seminar “Networking your way to success” did much more than promised! Jim was a great facilitator with the leadership, creativity, and wisdom. I definitely recommend to everyone that wants to know more about networking.” September 1, 2010

Soraia Prevides, Real Estate Professional, Royal LePage Signature Realty
worked with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“I have met Jim at a Financial Event in the downtown core of Toronto. It was also the opportunity to network. I was new in Toronto, and Jim naturally engaged in conversation. After this first contact, Jim always dedicated passion and energy to stay in touch, invited me to events. I had the opportunity to see him making presentation, following his advice of personal management. He transmitted energy and fresh ideas to make your own way. For all these reasons, I am looking forward to meeting you again, Jim.” August 28, 2010

Guillaume William Blanche,
was with another company when working with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“I had a pleasure to attend Jim’s presentations at Skills for Change, Centennial college Job Expo and several others. It seems that Jim is naturally born public speaker!
He can easily establish a contact and grab attention of absolutely different audience like school students or experienced professionals.
Its live manner of speech with accurate diction and clear voice allow every listener to understand Jim's words. This respect to audience favorably distinguishes his manner of communication from many others and dramatically increases efficiency of his presentations.” August 25, 2010

Yury Biryulev, QA Analyst, PM Institute Greater Toronto Information Systems Local Interest Group
was with another company when working with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“Jim is an energetic, committed individual whose confidence and enthusiasm inspires those around him! His passion for helping others think beyond their current limitations resonates with audiences, big and small.” August 23, 2010

John Heckbert, Toronto Director, HAPPEN Networking
worked directly with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“Jim is a very enthusiastic speaker, who has informative tips and tricks to help people develop their networking skills. He delivers using engaging presentation style; I attended his workshop at Canada Job Expo, summer 2010. It was very beneficial to have things presented clearly and in a focused manner. He uses handouts, which are also a valuable tool to those just starting out.
I would recommend Jim for any organization wishing to use his services, and wish him every success in future.” August 8, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Kira Dunham,
hired Jim as a Career Coach in 2010

“Jim is a very strong networker who works tirelessly to connect people. He has a very informative presentation on 'networking to success'. If your group needs a speaker then you should consider him.” July 29, 2010

Cheryl Rankin, Owner/Consultant, Fit For Business
worked directly with Jim at Get Connected Make it Happen!

“I am delighted to offer a recommendation for Jim Pagiamtzis. He has been a speaker at several of our Toronto area HAPPEN locations, and in each case has demonstrated a passion for excellence that is clearly evident in his presentation. While it may seem to be a "no-brainer", networking is not always the easiest concept to explain, or to use as a tool in achieving success. But Jim is able to do this flawlessly, and to explain these concepts in ways that are easy to understand and implement.

I would recommend Jim for any organization wishing to use his services, and wish him every success in future.” January 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Greg Brown,
hired Jim as a Keynote speaker in 2008, and hired Jim more than once

“Jim has participated in CareerDoor Inc Technology Events as a speaker in our complimentary educational series for the past 2 year. His talks on "Do you have a Mentor?" and "Networking your way to Success" has brought great value to hundreds of participants. He is an engaging and passionate speaker who keeps the audience interested and interactive. His proven techniques work even in these tough economic times.” September 18, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Chuck Mariotti,
hired Jim as a Public Speaking Engagement in 2007, and hired Jim more than once

“Jim's passion for small business is magnetic. He actively participates and promotes entrepreneurs in all aspects of his life, helping them to learn and grow. His involvement at Enterprise Toronto with the mentor lecture, was well organized and engaged the entired group. But beyond that, it was his passion that had participants lined up to speak with him afterward.” September 17, 2009

Carla Langhorst, Principal Consultant, Make It Fly Consulting
was with another company when working with Jim at Get Connnect-Make It Happen
Marketing and Promoting
Soceity of Internet Professionals

3 visible recommendations for this position: Edit

“Jim has abundance energy and has a good knack of speaking to people, I am very happy to see him staffing SIP booth at tradeshows as volunteer where his skills shines of sparking talking to visitors.” October 8, 2007

Max Haroon, President, Society of Internet Professionals (SIP)
managed Jim at Society of Internet Professionals

“I met Jim while volunteering for the Society of Internet Professional (SIP). His enthusiasm was contagious and he was a immense help to all us other volunteers. He put great efforts into promoting and marketing of SIP events and it was a pleasure to work with him.” January 18, 2007

Martina Ernst, CEO and Founder, Wo-Built Inc.
worked directly with Jim at Society of Internet Professionals

“While working with Jim in the capacity of volunteer for an Internet Professionals, I found great interest working with him.
I saw that Jim was hardworking, fun, enthusiastic, came across as professional with great sales and negotiating skills.” November 15, 2006

Simona Koslunova, Commercial Insurance Broker, HKMB
was with another company when working with Jim at Society of Internet Professionals
Shipper/ Receiver

1 visible recommendation for this position: Edit

“Jim is a strong corporate advocate and team player. His willingness to get it done coupled with his strong organizational skills make him a valued asset to any team.” August 13, 2007

How to Persuade Larger Players to Work with You

As entrepreneurs, we know that working with companies
who are bigger than we are can catapult our businesses.
We strive to win accounts with big name clients and
aspire to collaborate with leaders in our industries
because they have the clout and the cash.

In truth, it really isn’t that difficult to wrangle
larger, more established contacts into your sales
pipeline or support network, but you need to have some
critical components lined up first.

After all, they have more to lose than you do. If they
work with you, partner with you, hire you, or give you
money, there's a risk to that. A big part of your job
will be to decrease the perceived risk to them.

Here are two areas to focus on:

First, showcase your abilities.

When you start contacting prospects or potential
partners, if they don’t know you already, they’re going
to want to check you out before they respond. They want
to read about your background, understand your
experience and get a level of comfort that you can
actually do what you are promising. Are you the real
deal? Will working with you diminish their reputation?

Your website, blog and social networking pages should
be filled with content that puts you in the best light.
You want to show why you’re the best person for them to
be working with, that you have the expertise and the

Articles you’ve written, interviews of you in the
media, and case studies of your work are invaluable. On
the other hand, an incomplete LinkedIn profile, a
homemade website, or an “About Us” page that doesn’t
include information about you or the other principals
in the company doesn’t help your case one bit.

Second, solicit help from your network.

Nothing sells you better than someone else doing the
selling. Collect client testimonials and post them on
your website. Get permission to use their full name and
company rather than just initials. This lends a lot to
the credibility of your endorsers.

Your network can also be helpful in making
introductions to key people within your target
companies. Use LinkedIn to find which of your contacts
may be connected to decision makers, influencers and
buyers within the companies you want to work with, and
ask them directly if they would be comfortable making a
phone call or sending an email on your behalf.

You want potential clients and partners to be receptive
to hearing from you when you contact them and an
introduction from a trusted mutual contact can go a
long way.

With online communications making it so easy to do
business outside our immediate geographic boundaries,
and often with people we’ve never met face-to-face,
it’s important that you build a strong case for
yourself so you can compete effectively for these

What you share about yourself online, and what others
can say about you can boost your credibility immensely
and help you get through to that larger, more
established players more quickly and more successfully.

© 2010 Liz Lynch. All Rights Reserved


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