Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cycling adventure on Martin Goodman Trail in June

     It was amazing evening to ride the Martin Goodman Trail in Toronto. Lake Ontario was quiet and you can see all the great ships sailing in the distance.


Jim Pagiamtzis and Randy Ramadhin


Toronto skyline in the distance

Jim Pagiamtzs and Randy Ramadhin at Sheldon's Lookout

Magazine Review: The Art of Magazine June Edition

          Magazine you can read and download click here

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Magazine Review: Horizon - Travel Lifestyle

        The Invictus games are coming to Toronto September 2017

Monday, June 20, 2016

Event Review: Cycling on Yonge Street

    It was awesome day to cycle the streets of Toronto with a police escort!

    We met a City hall (Nathan Phillips Square) and cycled across Queen then south to Lakeshore and then we made a U turn and cycled north on Yonge. Our bells were ringed full steam ahead and some tourists stopped and took pictures!

   Look forward to sharing future cycling runs happening later this year.

Organizer handing out freezing and giving final instructions

Jim Pagiamtzis going south on Yonge

cycling going north on Yonge

cycling crossing intersection going north on yonge

Book Review: One Degree


      "Thin book but a powerfull read, Orhan Ilkin shares insight on success and how to create the structure to achieve it" Jim Pagiamtzis

1. You will uncover what has been controlling your life. It is time to fully understand what has been driving your life all this time and learn how to leverage your most amazing tool, your mind, to take control of your life once and for all.

2. You will learn how to properly set goals and how to best position yourself to actually achieve these goals. This is the stuff nobody teaches in school.

3. You will discover the Ultimate Success Formula, something that Orhan Ilkin developed based on his own journey. He shares with you seven ingredients of success, and shows you how to effectively apply these ingredients to make your life a masterpiece.

ORHAN ILKIN is a speaker, author, and coach with a passion for helping individuals and organizations unleash their full potential. Known as a trusted partner among the top firms in Canada for his extraordinary leadership capabilities, Orhan delivers unmatched personal development and corporate training through motivational seminars, speaking engagements, and workshops. He is an expert at leveraging cutting-edge strategies, thereby pushing companies and those who lead them into a whole new plane of personal and professional success.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Real Estate Project Review; Honest Ed's -Westbank condo project

  This was the second meeting since October 2015 for the public to learn about revision to the massive Westbank project. Bloor and Bathurst will be transformed in a few years to new condo development. parks and social space.



Event Review: The Art of Marketing

       It was amazing day of learning,sharing and socializing.

    Learn more about upcoming events click here


The Art of Logo

Avinash Kaushik and Jim Pagiamtzis

Mark Bhurg and Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim pagiamzis and The Art of media wall

Monday, June 13, 2016

Event Review: Blue and White event at Ritz Carlton in Toronto

         It blue and white evening at Ritz Carlton Patio on Wellington Street in Toronto on June 9th

      I decided have blue and white all day!

             The CN Tower was green that night so I celebrated order a Heineken beer (its in a green bottle) bartender came back and said "its on the house!"                                           

Jim Pagiamtzis blue shirt and white glasses at home office doing a webinar

Jim Pagiamtzis and Kunle Bristow

Ana Moreno in Blue and White flowers at Yorkdale Shopping Mall

CN Tower in Green

Event Review: Video Presenting

    It was an amazing session at Lab T.O on Thursday June 9th. Kunle Bristow shared insights on the power of hook when presenting on video.

  We also did some engaging exercises in groups to learn how to create the hook.

     Learn more about Lab T.O. click here

David Hamilton sharing about Lab T.O.

Jim Pagiamtzis and Kunle Bristow

Kunle Bristow sharing

Kunle Bristow and David Hamilton

the hook explanation

Journey of Teaching

   It was amazing 12 weeks to teach, share and have fun with the future speakers and leaders.

        I had a class of students for the ages of 8-13 who wanted to learn and understand the power of speaking and communication. Creating a weekly course that consisted of teaching and exercises for students to complete weekly.

 In the end they shared their power 3 minute talks infront of parents in mid may. I was so excited, nervous to see the end result

 The students came out and used all the strategies, tips and speaking tools I had shared to created a memorable end to the class



Book Review: The Five Flirting Styles


Flirt Smarter. Date Better. Love Happily Ever After. 

Do you always attract the wrong type? Have a hard time making relationships last? Or get stuck being friends instead of lovers?

There's no one right way to flirt, but how you flirt says a lot about your chance at love. Dr. Jeffrey Hall's groundbreaking survey, the Flirting Styles Inventory, caused a media sensation when it pinpointed five different flirting styles. First sampled exclusively with eHarmony members, it has since helped tens of thousands of people discover their flirting style and provided a wealth of information on how your style affects your love life.
Based on Dr. Hall's cutting-edge research, The Five Flirting Styles shows you how to identify your natural flirting style—physical, playful, sincere, traditional or polite—and use it to flirt smarter and attract the love you really want. Discover:

• Where to look for love based on your style

• How to tell if someone is interested and avoid missed opportunities

• How to tell if someone wants a serious relationship or a quick fling

• If you're sending all the wrong signals—and what to do instead

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Monday, June 6, 2016

DYPB16 is happening on Aug 12-13 in Toronto


         Learn more about this amazing event Click

Product Review: MEC Right Hand Pod Sling Pack (Unisex)


 " An awesome bag to use for cycling trips and adventures all over the city. You can fit money, electronics and your adventure gear" Jim Pagiamtzis

MEC Right Hand Pod Sling Pack (Unisex)
Product Number: 5032-791
Made in Vietnam
Weight: 353g
Brave urban jungles or take a quick walk in the woods. The Pod slings comfortably over your right shoulder, so the zippered smartphone pocket is easy to reach. Need access to all the goodies on your back? Just grip the bottom of the shoulder strap and pull. The pack slides under your arm and falls naturally into place at your front, with the zipper on top for spill-proof opening. If you’re carrying a heavy load or have to hustle to catch the bus, use the stabilizer strap to hold everything in place.
  • Main fabric is tough 600-denier nylon, with a 210-denier nylon lining.
  • Foam-padded back for comfort.
  • Breathable air mesh on shoulder strap lining.
  • Webbed stabilizer strap keeps pack in place, and is fully removable if you aren’t using it.
  • Main zippered compartment is big enough to fit your iPad®.
  • Front pocket has 1 zippered and 1 Velcro® pocket inside to keep your keys and wallet handy.
  • Stretch mesh side pocket for your water bottle (most big 1L bottles should be able to tightly squeeze in).
  • 6L capacity.
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Book Review: Open


  " An intense ready that will have you turning the pages quickly. Andre Agassi hates tennis! Learn about the adventure he takes and places and people that make an impact on his life." Jim Pagiamtzis

Far more than a superb memoir about the highest levels of professional tennis, Open is the engrossing story of a remarkable life.

Andre Agassi had his life mapped out for him before he left the crib. Groomed to be a tennis champion by his moody and demanding father, by the age of twenty-two Agassi had won the first of his eight grand slams and achieved wealth, celebrity, and the game’s highest honors. But as he reveals in this searching autobiography, off the court he was often unhappy and confused, unfulfilled by his great achievements in a sport he had come to resent. Agassi writes candidly about his early success and his uncomfortable relationship with fame, his marriage to Brooke Shields, his growing interest in philanthropy, and—described in haunting, point-by-point detail—the highs and lows of his celebrated career.
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Book Review: Content Marketing Made Easy : Why You Need It/ How to Do It



       " Content Marketing Made Easy provides proven strategies, tips and advice to create a roadmpa for success in your business. Follow instructions step by step and get ready to create solid client base" Jim Pagiamtzis 

         We are moving towards a world where a huge percentage of business is done online and if you are not playing in that field, eventually you aren’t going to have a business… the revolution has only just begun… the only constant in our world is change itself… Pretending these changes aren’t happening won’t make them go away. I believe that developing and polishing our online content is the key to the kingdom… it is a process that can be taught, learned and duplicated. Once you have a program up and running, it’s a straightforward way to generate more business.”

– Susan Crossman, author, Content Marketing Made Easy – Why You Need It / How To Do It

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