Sunday, January 31, 2010

Opportunity to Speak

On Tuesday Jan 26,2010 attended the Enterprise Toronto Seminar at City Hall in Toronto, where Roger Pierce (Bizlaunch) was speaking on Free Publicity followed by Nicole Attias (Nicole Attias & Associates) who has due to speaking on Effective presentation skills.

As the first talk ended entrepreneur who had attended began to networking prior to the second speaking start. As clocked near 10:00am the presenter had not appeared so I stood up and asked the crowd if they wanted to hear and abbreviated 15 minute presentation on ‘Networking your way to Success” .

Presented the P-A-R Strategy which deals with the aspects of networking

1. Business Card (Prepared)

I use a one-sided business card because it is simple and to the point. Name, business, phone and email address with the second side being blank. Many people I was meeting didn't have business cards so I used the "two card process". As I hand my card out there was a second card underneath so they would write their contact information and hand it back to me. Every entrepreneur should carry business cards and they should be ready to hand them out at every networking event or opportunity.

2. Attitude

When you are in a networking environment it's very important to have a positive attitude. After all, you are there to generate business. People around you will remember the way you speak and present yourself.

Remember the 3 foot distance rule. You want to be in their space but not in their face. Smile and be courteous. Be ready with a mini explanation of what you do. Stephen Covey says "begin with end in mind" in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You are there to meet and connect and collect business cards with the result of generating business.

3. Key Questions (Response)

Many people I speak to always have a challenge with initiating conversation. This is easy to overcome. We actually do it everyday when we talk about the weather, the sports or the news. In the networking environment it is done with the specific intent to learn more about the person you are speaking with.

Debra Fine in The Power of Meeting New People talks about having ice-breaker questions. For example you could say "Good afternoon. My name is Terry Grant. I'm from Resolutions Inc. How are you doing?" This can be improved upon with "Great to meet you Steve. My name is Terry Grant. What got you started in this industry?" Or "Tell me about how you..." Or "What do you see as the coming trends in your industry?" And if you are just starting out it never hurts to ask something like "What kind of advice would you give someone starting out in this business?" These type of questions will definitely get more conversation flowing and may lead to a powerful conversation.

Entrepreneurs are seeking ways to voice their passions, talents and experiences to show everyone that it can be done. Networking is and will always be the best way to learn and participate. Put yourself in the arena and learn your hobby or interest and let it grow by building successful relationships with people who may become friends, associates and perhaps lifetime mentors.

Nicole showed up near the end of my fifteen minutes of fame, and the crowd was ready to learn.

Lucy De Luca ( said it best “Rogue Speaker showed up and talk great information on networking”

Thank you goes to Enterprise Toronto for understanding and allowing me to speak

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Here are some helpful ideas to marketing ideas for your from Jim Pagiamtzis , Get Connected Make It Happen!

- use a signature block on your e-mail
- make sure your voicemail has your name, your business name and try to give them a reason to leave a message
- respond to incoming newsletters and advertisements (thank you, your ad or something to help them)
- put all of your contacts in your e-mail and phone lists
- send 5 pro-active e-mails and make 5 pro-active calls a day
- have coffee with a new contact every week
- call at least one previous client for a nice chat each week
- put your business cards in all stores, coffee shops and board of trades that will let you
- send out an advertisement / introduction to a business contact to everyone on your list in trade for them to send out an ad/introduction to their list
- offer to be a guest speaker at your networking group/other groups
- volunteer for any charity but remember to tell them that you run your own business (bet they ask what you do!)
- post your product or services on some other web-sites like kijiji
- put your business listing on any internet directories that you can for free
- update your profile on all member listings that you have in books and internet directories
- linked in / Facebook / twitter – use them for business only
- find 3 other people who have the same target market and create a mailer to be sent to your target market; divide the cost by 3 and you do the work
- be the contact person for the next event
- help at least one other business owner a week with no strings attached
- tell people what to listen for in order to find you referrals
- offer a referral fee to a few people who might promote your business
- trade with someone who can get you publicity or advertising in trade for your product or service
- go knock on doors
- be sure that your close friends and family actually understand and can talk about what you do….they are going to talk anyway make sure it is helpful
- hire someone on 100% commission sales
- create a helpful handout

To get help implementing this list into your action plan – call Jim Pagiamtzis at or 1-866-407-7601 to book a free 1/2 free consultation

Get Connected Make it Happen
Twitter: jimpagiamtzis/ Linked In / Facebook

Int' Networking Week

Begin February with growing your contact to build your business database

Below are events happening celebrating Int'l Networking week


Go to for tickets and info for event on Feb 2 in Toronto
Cheryl Rankin and many more speakers
$50 at the door

When Sales meets Marketing event Feb 5,2010.
Present by Tibor Shanto "Sales" and Eric Gilboord "Marketing"
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Raymond book for free check out details

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To Your Success, Jim Pagiamtzis and register online for this great event Feb 5/10 and 6/10

Tuesday February 23 join AJ Parl and I at Skills for Change in Toronto.
for information on Networking your way to Success and LinkedIn education tour

Looking for Coaches Men and Women for great event in March!

To register for MACC or WACC please visit our online registration forms at
and Feel free to share this information with your colleagues and friends to
encourage them to get involved. Space is limited so please reserve your spot early. If you have any
questions, please call the Halton Industry Education Council at 905-634-2575.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5k Run Resolution Run Complete!

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On the way back from the gym on Dec 31,2009, decided to go the Nike store downtown (Bloor St) to look for a new pair of running shoes. During my search came across interesting area of the store where they were promoting a Resolution Run from 5k to 15k run in Toronto on Jan 3,2010. Took a look at the area of the run and it was the downtown core, which was very comforting.
During the year had done a couple of 5k runs through High Park and Downtown Toronto and had done really well, going to the gym consistently and riding my hybrid mountain bike were advantage.
This was a very short notice so there was time to really train with only 72 hours until the run. Couple of trips to the gym would help. The only thing was a concern was the weather, it had started to get cold in Toronto the last few days so warm layer of clothing would be very important.
Upon my return the gym went online and registered for the event. The next thing I did (which I glad I did! More on why later) was I called Chester Yu and good friend who had run multiple runs for short to long marathons all over Ontario. I wanted to be an accountability partner for me regarding this event, he gladly accepted and with some additional encouragement from his girlfriend Jackie everything was set.
Being an entrepreneur I have learned from my mentors the accountability is important when trying new things and it was important to put into place so that I can create the momentum and desire to get it completed.
As quickly as I had registered the day had arrived. Had got all my clothing together including my much loved Toronto Maple Jersey and was set to go. The run was to start at 8:30am and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be below minus 10. As headed out the weather bearable and I was warm (that was important!)
I headed to the subway and to my surprise it was closed! So I turned around and begin my pre-run to the destination point which was about 2.5 kilometers. When I arrived there was only person there, which was really unusual. Had a quick conversation and continued into the store where there participants who had arrived and were getting prepared. There was a light breakfast which was served and there was sign-up for a draw for some prizes at the end.
Began to take a look at the run more closely and was shocked when I realized that the run was mainly uphill! Unfortunately there was no turning back. There were handing out IPODS with music and could also track your run, (which I though was very cool.) Got hooked up with techno-gear and was ready to go.
You were a give a chip that you install in your shoe and gets synchronized with the IPOD to track your time and distance which later you can upload online later.
Time to begin was getting close and the runner with the longer distance started first and the rest us would start 15 minutes after that. Prior to the run we did some warm-up exercises to get loose which was fun and challenging with all that layer of clothing to work with. Within minutes we began our run it started to snow again and it was bit slippery and manageable.
As I began my run I was excited and ready to go. Listen to music on the IPOD was a tremendous help in keeping my focus from the distance that I had to cover. The streets were very empty and the traffic was minimal, we encountered a few red lights along the way but for the most of the run in were very clear. Going uphill was very challenging, all I said to myself was that “I have climbed a mountain and I can do this”. This was very important psychological boost that I need and really helped me focused on maintain my speed. I did walk for brief time at very tough uphill and the rest of the time kept a distance pace. As I was going downhill I had started to do my Rocky Victory dance by holding my hands up high in Victory. Even did some sidestepping exercises and even some high leg kick jumping during some clear areas.
As I got near the end I was saying “Fired up” multiple up and just before entering the doors to the store I did my Olympic weave around some circles where they plant trees in the spring. There was employee filming this and she was enjoying the mini victory dance. I opened the doors and made sure I did fall and did my victory jig and was clapping with excitement.
I had climbed mountain in California last year and remembered the saying it’s about the journey not the destination. The feeling was the same that I had accomplished the goal. With the support of the participants and employees it made for a great event.
My cell phone had run out of power so I could not email Chester regarding my completion. They had some laptops with internet so I emailed him a short time later. He sent me a text response an hour later that he and Jackie were very proud of me and Jackie was curious when I was going to go a half or full marathon! Let just say I didn’t respond to the text very quickly!
Heading into 2010 creating achievable goals is important, stretching yourself and working strategically and effectively is the key.
As the Nike slogan says “Just Do It” 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Success Mastery Company event

The Success Mastery Company
Success Mastery...the beginning
January 9th and 10th, 2010

Regency Banquet Centre
8400 Jane Street, Woodbridge, Ontario
Printable location map
For more information, please send us an email
We have some very exciting news to share with you all.

This is a special message and invitation directly from...
Casey Combden, Advocate of Human Potential
Casey Combden, Advocate of Human Potential I have started a master training workshop that empowers all people from all types of industries, to achieve their maximum potential. The name of the company is called "The Success Mastery Company". I would like to personally welcome you to attend.
The next introduction takes place on January 9, 2010 from 6-10 pm and January 10, 2010 from 10 am - 5 pm. This may be your first exposure to my teachings about Human Potential and how to apply your natural abilities to whatever you chose as a career.
The experience comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, which is simply, if "Success Mastery...the first step" does not alter, shift or empower your perception of your potential for having success, we'll refund the cost of your ticket.

I hope we can connect and I can support you in making your dreams come true with your chosen career. I am excited for you and your journey regardless of the company you chose to grow with. My dream today is to empower people to make the most of their personal potential during their lifetime, through my teachings.

Blessings and Cheers,

Casey Combden, Advocate of Human Potential

Workshop Days and Times
Sat, Jan 09, 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sun, Jan 10, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Go to to register