Friday, August 30, 2013

Blog Talk Radio Show: 21 Connections Launch show and 2 amazing interviews

Blog Talk Radio Show with Jim Pagiamtzis

21 Connections Introduction show
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Interview with Patrick Bizindavyi Author Journeyman Stories blog
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Interview with Bonnie Chan on Appreciation Marketing
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Interview with Randy Ramadin Author of Condominium Investing
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The Success strategy to use at networking events that works!

We all strive to achieve personal and personal goals, from New Year’s Resolution to business goals. I want to share with you a system that you can apply to achieve those goals.  There are steps to complete to succeed in achieving your goals, from using blueprints to building a home to making arrangement to going on summer vacation. Below is three step process that you could use to enhance your networking strategy attending events and creating success.


Event before you go to the event, you should have a clear goal as to what you want to accomplish. Do you have event you are promoting? Service you want to share? This is important to understand and implement. You will meet people you have their own defined motives, you should to. The ability to actively listen and be able to have a meaningful conversation is very important. Having a strategy to follow will make it easier to navigate and speak the right people and have great engaging conversations


There is great song from the 80’s called “Don’t worry be happy” this is important to remember when you are attending an event. Even if you are not having a great day, put your best smile forward. From your handshake to facial expressions, fellow networkers will notice your body language.


Having a simple and effective explanation of what do will assist in creating a great conversation. Being focused and present when networking is extremely important in having successful results. Being a resource with specific service or connecting with others in your network is great value that you add when you are shaking hands in meeting new people. I use the motto “ I am walking talking good deal” it reminds me that I do have great value to share and offer.

Get comfortable in sharing the success strategy and create the momentum to being a resource and creating the opportunity to grow long-term and relationships for business, life and success.

Book review: Put your dream to the test by John. C Maxwell


      An amazing read that Put Your Dream To The Test that John C. Maxwell sharing 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It.

      "Definition of a dream that can be put to the test and pass: a dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it."

    "Think of your comfort zone as prison you live in-a largely self-created prison. It consists of a collection of can't, musts, must nots and other unfounded beliefs formed from all the negative thoughts and decisions you have accumulated and reinforced during your lifetime." Jack Canfield

 "Highly recommend read for anyone looking to achieve there dreams!" Jim Pagiamtzis

Learn more about John C. Mawell
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

21 Connections 4th Edition Articles, Event and Mastermind invitation

Events, Articles & Mastermind event
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Events this month

Tuesday Sept 3rd
Grow you Business using Social Media and Email Marketing
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Tuesday Sept3rd
4 Quarter of Networking and Argos Game
Learn more

Saturday Sept 7th
Find out How a Mastermind works
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Thursday Sept 19th
Your WOW Factor! Stand out and get more client and close deals
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Saturday Sept 14th
Power of Email Marketing using Constant Contact at Microsoft Store-Yorkdale
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Tuesday Sept 17th
Patio Power event at Chalkers Pub and Grill
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Saturday Sept 21st
Power of Email Marketing using Constant Contact at Camaraderie Coworking
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 Sept 28th
PMTMC Community Gala
Learn more
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Monday Sept 30 event
Bayview Country Club
Grow you Business using Constant Contact
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August is almost over and September is around the corner. Two great parties happen later this week, great place to  network and enjoy the summer weather on a patio!

Join us for the Cash flow game in Toronto this Saturday at Panera Bread (Yonge and Dundas) at 12:00pm
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Interesting in learn how a Mastermind works, join us on Saturday Sept 7th.
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Patio Parties!
 Thursday August 29th
Afterwork Social Mixer at the CUBE Nightclub in Toronto
Learn more

Friday August 30th
Hot and Sexy Summer Bash at Seven44 Restaurant and Lounge
Learn more                        
Tuesday Sept 17th
 Fall Patio Power event with 7 amazing speakers
 Learn more 

Book Review: The Four Agreements
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Blogtalkradio: Appreciation Marketing with Bonnie Chan
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Device Spotlight; Square Reader
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Blog of the week:

Journeyman Stories by Patrick Bizindavyi
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Blogtalk radio: Interview with Bonnie Chan on Appreciation Marketing
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