Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taste of the Danforth a huge success

   It's 3 day event the people all over Ontario attending from Broadview and Danforth all the to Coxwell there are people walking the street. Enjoy the Greek culture from food, music to dancing!

   I invited friends to join me this and they came out!  On Friday evening Winnie Lee and Jordan Altbaum

                                                  Winnie Lee and Jim  Pagiamtzis

                                                     Jordan Altbaum and Spock near Broadview

                 On Saturday I had more guest join and there was the Zorba Dance Guiness book of world record challenge for the longest greek dance. More friends came to join the fun

                                                Jim Pagiamtzis, Galini Gravilidoua and her son

                                    Jim Pagiamtzis , Patrick and Elaine Bizindavyi and daughter Skylar
                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis having fun!
                                               Jim Pagiamtzis and friends doing the Zorba!

                                              Bandana from Zorba Guiness World Record 2013

 We did create a new Guinness World Record at the Taste of the Danforth 2013
7883 participated in longest Zorba dance for 5 minutes!

 Learn more about the Taste of the Danforth
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