Thursday, August 15, 2013

11th Summer Networking Gala a huge success at Atlantis (Ontario Place)

  It was an amazing day at Atlantis -Ontario Place for the 11th Annual Summer Bash. 1000 people attended seminar in the morning and trade show and networking gala in the evening.

 Congraants to Cheryl Schofield for winning the video contest in promoting Summer Bash. I came in second and one $75 coupon for Vinny Zuchinnis restaurant in Vaughan. Thanks to Jennifer Beale.


                                               Lawrence Beesley, Jim Pagiamtzis and Scott Shusler
                                                  Jennifer Beale and Colleen Lindberg
                                                Jim Pagiatmzis and Camille Ali
                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis and Camillia Ray
                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis and Jazz Clement
                                                         Vito Marchese, Lisa Kember and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis and Scott Shusler
                                        Jim Pagiamtzis at Social Media Hub with Constant Contact

                                                Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight on Summer Bash

                                        Great conversation with Brandon Kreiger at Summer Bash
                                        Click here to view video

                                        Great  conversation with Randy Ramadhin at Summer Bash
                                        Click here to view video

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