Friday, November 30, 2012

You are teacher of the moment!

In a recent Klemmer session that I attended the facilitator made a statement numerous times during the session when she said “they are teachers of the moment” these were great moment  that inspired and encouraged the attendees to listen to fellow audience members share a powerful statement.

As we go through our journey of success, we all share and speak great words of encouragement  throughout  our  day. The question we should ask does anyone else notice that  what we say is worth listening too?

In the past year I have take the “teacher of the moment” and applied to my life and have heard many amazing statements made. 

At a recent speaking engagement an audience member asked a question that I couldn’t answer, it so happened that another audience had the answer and shared it!

I stated very quickly to the audience that she was  “ teacher of the moment” and everyone  agreed with either a smile and a quick hand clapping gesture.

It’s a great sign of acknowledgement and respect to honour someone who is sharing a key insight or experience and to by make the statement will make them  feel important and empowers  everyone that they can participate. 

As you continue in your journey of success. Keep your ears open and when you hear someone share something that’s awesome say “teacher of the moment”

For more information on Klemmer events go to

Canada Job Expo Nov 27,2012

It has been an amazing experience speaking at the Canada Job Expo this year, have also emceed the entire event for the last 3 sessions.  Below are pictures from out event on November 27th at the North York Memorial Centre. Big thanks thanks to Sudjit Murkurajee and Shelly Williams and all the sponsors who make this event happen.

                                            Hirantha Nandasena and Sudjit Mukarjee

                                           Cheryl Rankin from Fit for Business

                                                  Jim Pagiamtzis and Matt Scherb

                                                   Andrea Seepersaud from Edunational

                                            Sudjit Mukurajee, A.J Parl and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                          A.J Parl and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                        Meredith Arnot speaking on HR at the Canada Job Expo     

                                          Bert Anderson with Springboard

                                         Jim Pagiamtzis speaker and emcee for Canada Job Expo
Huge thanks to all the speakers who have spoken at Canada Job Expo the past few years

Tom Kaufmann

Tibor Shanto
A.J Parl
Toronto Computer Geeks
Hirantha Nandasena
Emma Stangl

Galini  Gravilidiou

Marta Nowinska
Cheryl Rankin
Arlene Gray

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Professional Business Networking event

It was amazing experience to attend event on Nov 28,2012 at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto. At the Toula Restaurant on the 38th Floor, overlooking the City of Toronto. Big thanks to Karim Mirshahi.

                                Luiz Collaco "ecopreneur" and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                Susan Banks and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                Jim Pagiamtzis and Tom Vassos new book Destination Innovation

                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis and Daisy Hsieh

                                            CN Tower in the distance from Toula Restaurant

                                           A look a Toula Restaurant from the ground

Great to also see Huge Reilly, Shannon Smith, Brett Dequire, Vito Marchese at the event.

Cash Class event Nov 27,2012

It was amazing event at  St. Paul's Church in Toronto where the Cash Class event was held. 

Laurie Campbell and Preet Banerjee shared insight and experience on the importance of money and how to create wealth with effective and life long strategies.

                            Preet Banerjee, April Rutka, Jim Pagiamtzis and Laurie Campbell

             Laurie Campbell (CEO of Credit Canada & Debt Solutions) and Jim Pagiamtzis

                           Preet Banerjee , Laurie Campbell and April Rudka

                                  Preet Banerjee, Nathalie Ng and Laurie Campbell

April Rutka and Jim Pagiamtzis

 April Rutka and volunteer at registration table.

For more information on future events got to link below:

Junior Achievement of Ontario Nov 28th at St. Helens in Toronto

 It was an amazing day to share Dollars and Sense at St. Helen's School in Downtown Toronto. Danny Yen did amazing teaching and sharing.

                                          Danny Yen and Jim Pagiamtzis

Motivational Monday event Nov 26th

It was an amazing night to share the stage with 6 other amazing speakers at the Pilot Tavern in Toronto. (videos will be available soon)

Below pictures from the event .Enjoy!

   Jim Pagiamtzis with the fake stache and the Jacque Berge with the real stache at Motivational Monday event

     Bonnie and Aaron Chan sharing their talk on "Perspectives"

    More photos

Monday, November 26, 2012

Get Connected Events Nov 27-Dec & Articles

Nov 27th (morning)
Canada Job Expo
Click here for event information

Nov 27th (evening)
Join yours truly as Emcee at Cash Class in Toronto  
Laurie Campbell and Preet Banerjee will be sharing the financial strategies.

New Spotlight features and book reviews: 

 Rania Effat

Brett W Wilson Book launch

 New Pinterest Boards

 Stuart Knight event

 100th Grey Cup festivities

Meet up event at Club V in Toronto

  Join me for my Power talks/ Holiday Party on Monday Dec 3rd in Toronto. Have three amazing speaking who will be sharing strategies and insight for your success in 2013!

Join me at the  Cashflow game in Downtown Toronto on Thursday Dec 6th
25 Telegram Mews at the Front lobby (Spadina and Front)
Testimonials from previous events

Spotlight: Katia Millar

What are 2 leadership traits that you empower entrepreneurs to apply?Leadership starts within, so entrepreneurs first need to get very clear on their personal vision & core values before we can inspire others. We also need to trust our intuition in the process and develop the courage to take a stand about what matters to us. 

You have an interesting networking philosophy where people have "earn" you card, can you explain it.
My personal preference is not to exchange business cards until after I've had a conversation with the person to establish a connection and specific reason for follow-up. I don't like cards being handed to me before I've had an opportunity to talk to the person, and will unlikely keep the card if presented to me pre-maturely. If there's no immediate need for follow-up, I will ask the person to connect through social media, but will leave it at that. 

Katia Millar | Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
Positive Fabulous Women

                                         Jim Pagiamtzis and Katia Millar at PFT in 2012

TK Enterprises Quartly Newsletter

Welcome to the TK Enterprises Inc.
Quarterly Newsletter

Most of us know that success is not based upon a decision, but that starting successful habits is. One of the biggest success habits is Time Management. Everybody struggles with time management. The universal challenge is deciding what needs our immediate attention, our "today" attention and alternately, our "some time this week" attention. It is often said that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Is that the answer - successful Time Management equals being busy? Is that the same as being productive? So how do successful people manage their time?

Read more in Did You Know That ... 
News & Events
Nov 28, 2012: Cold Calling - Lite course at the Whitby Chamber offices from 9 am - 4:30 pm.  Click here for more information. 

This is our last class this year! Only a couple of spots left.  YOU could be one of them! 

Tom's Tips & Tricks Clock

How Are You Really Spending Your Prime Time?    
  1. Are you doing administrative work during your business prime time?
  2. Do you spend 80% of your time on the "noisy" 20% of your income clients because of guilt?
  3. Ever thought of rationing your time on a client or activity? After all, your time is not bottomless. Overspending in one area means short changing in another. Is it really worth it?
  4. Often sales people or small business owners spend far too much time on a "dead horse" (a client that has no need for your product) trying to convince them that there is a need. You do not have to make a sale with every conversation.
  5. Treat your time, especially your Prime Time, as a very precious commodity or resource. Allocate a certain time to both clients and activities. Spend more time with the higher value activities without forgetting the lower ones. At the end of the day your daily chore list should have all black lines through them.
  6. Finally, be happy and proud if you finish early. It means you were productive that day.Now go and complete your day by doing something you enjoy. Don't be afraid to spend quality time relaxing or doing something with your family. Allocating your time properly is a success habit.
Did You Know That ... 
  • Just being busy is not necessarily being productive.
  • Successful time managers put value to their most precious resource - time!
  • You can manage your time successfully by listing your "to-do's"; and then assessing a value to them.
  • Just by listing your to-do's, as you might your goals, you gain confidence.
  • Over-listing leads to overloading, which leads to non-completion; and that ends up in frustration.
  • Limiting your daily to-do's to a manageable amount; and focusing on them on a regular basis, results in seeing them accomplished.
  • Just the act of crossing off your chores motivates you to finish your list for the day. Nothing like accomplishing your daily goals to move you to looking at your long term business goals

Issue 12     

In This Issue
News & Events
Tom's Tips & Tricks
Did You Know That ...
Customer Service Star
TomI love to hear victory stories, especially where good customer service was provided by Small Business. So if you have one to relate, please send it along to me.  
Because I have been blessed with good service by fellow Small Businesses, I decided to create my "Customer Service Star" corner so that I might highlight them. I am proud to promote them, thus transferring trust to their prospects.  Got anyone you would like to highlight? 
Customer Service Star!


In this issue, the Star goes to:  
First Data Merchant Services   
Jack Chang C:416-414-7234

Our congratulations go out to Jack for taking us from the merchant services of one of the chartered banks to First Data. They were good on their word to save us money and convert us over quickly. First Data even waived the initiation fee and compensated us for the Bank's early termination fee. Their detailed transactions on their bill allowed TKE to track carefully each client transaction.
Well done, Jack and First Data. They were a breeze to deal with...quick and easy! 
Do you have any merchant's that you dealt with that deserve to be mentioned in this spot? Send us the details and we will be happy to highlight them.

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Do you have a success story you would like to share?  What Tips & Tricks interest you? 
Tell me about a Customer Service Star you have come across. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Kaufmann
TK Enterprises Inc.
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cash flow game testimonials and links

Great videos with Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagaimtzis as we share our journey with you!

Cashflow games in Toronto, Mississauga and much more...

Proceeds from game to go Castles for Families.

Join us for future games happening in Mississauga and Toronto email for details

Cashflow game in Mississauga  Nov 2012

Cashflow game in Toronto Oct 2012

Cashflow Game in Toronto Oct 2012 Symposium Cafe

Cash flow Game in Toronto Oct 2012

Cash flow Testimonials from Elnaz and Carmela Niro

Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagiamtzis sharing after a Cash flow game in Toronto

Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagiamtzis at Franchise Show Sept 2012

Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagiamtzis at Networking Bash at Ontario Place August 20121

Friday, November 23, 2012

Journey to being on Talk 2 Canadians

It was an great experience to meet Luke Kim few months ago at Entrepreneur evening and having a coffee week later with him to learn more about his Talk 2 Canadian internet show. Below is an interview that I did at his studio few weeks later on strategies and insights on How to become a Networking Success.

                                         Luke Kim interviewing Jim Pagiamtzis

For more information on Talk 2 Canadians click on the link below

To download chapter on  How to become Networking Success click on the link below.

Speaking engagement with Constant Contact Nov 19-22.2012

It was busy week of sharing insights on social media strategies with three different groups this week.

Monday November 19th

I was at the Rostie group in downtown Toronto where I shared the Power of Email Marketing to an great audience of entrepreneurs and professionals

                                          Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on Power of Email Marketing

Testimonials: "

Jim Pagiamtzis was very passionate and inspiring in sharing his insight Power of Email Marketing" Anna Smith

Tuesday November 20th.

I did my 2nd session on Get Started with Email Marketing using Contact at the Centre of Social Innovation on Bathurst Street near bloor. Huge thanks to Jacque Berge for the space. I had great interactive session with three amazing attendees.

                                                     Jim Pagiamtzis at CSI in Downtown Toronto

Thursday November 22nd

I was at North York Civic Centre where I shared  Howt o become a Networking Success and Social Media Made Simple with Constant Contact for Communications Advertising and Marketing Professionals (CAMP).

This presentation happened because Murali Murthy attended the Canada Job Expo few months earlier which happened at the North York Memorial Centre (next door to the North York Civic Centre). He was so impressed with what he heard he asked me to come and speak at his event.

For more information on click on the link below

                                          Murali Murthy and Jim Pagiamtzis

If you group is interested in having me come in and speak. Email me to book a date and time. Still have dates open for 2012.

Journey to the Globe and Mail Small Business Summit

It was great experience to volunteer at the Small Business Summit put together by the Globe and Mail on Thursday November 22, 2010.

It was a full day of seminars, networking and listening to amazing business success stories.

Below are pictures from the event.

                                                    Small Business Summit poster

                                          Volunteers preparing for the event.

                                                    Tm Mahdi and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                             Jim Pagiamtzis and Brett Deguire

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis and Roger Pierce

                                          Brett Deguire and Mimi Lee at TruFinancial booth
                                           Jim Pagiamtzis and volunteers

                                          Canadian SME Success: How I did it panel

                                          My Mentors panel and Jim Pagiamtzis


For more information on even click on the links below

Globe and Mail Twitter feed

Pinterest photos

Facebook photos


Journey to meeting Stuart Knight

     Jim Pagiamtzis and Stuart Knight with his book You should have just ask!

  It was an amazing night at the Winter Garden Theatre in downtown Toronto as I got to hear Stuart Knight sharing his  4 lessons of leadership.

                                           You should have just asking on sale after the event

Everyone was given a paper with two question to ask at the end of the evening. It empowered and inspired everyone to have great connections.

                                          Networking on three levels!  We were given 2 questions to ask

 It was great to see Danish Ahmed, Emmanuel Lopez, Ravi Amin, Bonnie Chan and make new connections at the event.

For more information on Stuart Knight

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Power of Social Mentorship

Earlier this year I began a new journey in speaking for well know social media company based out of Boston. I had started using their services in October 2011 and by January 2012 they had hired me to sell and speak about their social media platform.

It was an exciting opportunity to gain great credibility with them and for my professional brand. I quickly signed the contract on January 25th and had a speaking engagement the next day! That how much I want to speak and get moving.
Regional Director who have admired for speaking style has been my coach , encourage and mentor even prior to this journey.

As I began my speaking in the Toronto area I reported  talk to her every Monday for a few months to share were her how everything was coming along. Had sent here some videos of my early talks and she had given me some written reviews.
As the months passed she had some concerns that I has speaking to small crowds and also groups that may not be great target market for our products. (We had a free offers to try the various social products)

I understood and respected her point of view, but I had to keep speaking and networking to find those key organizers of more influencial groups in Toronto.

As summer ended I had built great momentum and my numbers were beginning to increase and I began to get referrals from various contact I had online and offline.

My regional director began to started saying "Your a Rock Star!"  I didn't know how to respond, I just  said "Thank you and smiled!"

I had done a some corporate speaking engagement outside the Toronto group to couple of women's group and corporate groups and the feedback that we had got was  very positive. 

Head into October and November my schedule begin to fill and had to really keep track on my speaking engagement and referrals that were coming in. I had signed to a local community college to use our email marketing service and the revenue from just that one client was good to start, many more began to come after that. 

Going out networking, asking questions, meeting various types of organizer of events and persistently follow up led to the speaking engagement and joint venture opportunities happen.

I currently communicate via email and voice mail my regional director and she has been instrument in giving me the feedback and encouragement to succeed in become a dynamic speaker and trainer.

Look forward to sharing Power of Mentorship at Motivational Monday on Monday November 26th in Toronto at the Pilot Tavern. Going to be an awesome evening!