Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book review: Business Networking and Sex

                    Cindy Mount sharing book with Jim Pagiamtzis at Small business Forum in Toronto

This has been a topic of discussion I have had with many women at events throughout the years I have attended events. This book goes deep into the psychology of the sex's look at networking!


Dr. John  Gray says   " It really doesn't matter if you're "just" an employee with a secure job or a business owner looking to build your empire. Knowing how to relate to both sexes will allow you to build a diverse network that can ultimately help connect you when you are looking for a new job, or connect your  existing business to better products, skilled people, or more referred prospects. The best insurance you can take out on both personal and professional future is to network before you actually need anything. Think of the act of networking as building a huge, detailed net over time that will catch all kinds of treasures, including you, if you fall."


Ivan Misner story

A few months ago, I  had lunch with the president of Southern California university and the dean of its affiliated business school. We spoke of many things, but the president specifically asked for my recommendation for ways the business school could better teach  its students. I didn't even have to think about it. I told him to start teaching classes on networking, social capital, and emotional intelligence.

When he asked me why, I told him that most thriving entrepreneurs credit gains to networking, referrals, and investments in building personal relationships. Additionally, the key factors to successful networking  interactions are social capital and emotional intelligence. In other words, successful businesspeople are dedicated to building personal relationships, have keen emotional intelligence skills(or develop them), and networking perseverance.


Measure your groups

- Make a list of all the groups that you are in right now
-Ask yourself,why am i in this group and write down the reason
- You have a list, now which of those groups still serve a purpose for you?
-How much business are you getting and how are you giving to the people in those groups?
-Are you in groups for support or did you intend to get and give referrals in the group?
-How long have you been a member of the group?

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