Friday, November 30, 2012

You are teacher of the moment!

In a recent Klemmer session that I attended the facilitator made a statement numerous times during the session when she said “they are teachers of the moment” these were great moment  that inspired and encouraged the attendees to listen to fellow audience members share a powerful statement.

As we go through our journey of success, we all share and speak great words of encouragement  throughout  our  day. The question we should ask does anyone else notice that  what we say is worth listening too?

In the past year I have take the “teacher of the moment” and applied to my life and have heard many amazing statements made. 

At a recent speaking engagement an audience member asked a question that I couldn’t answer, it so happened that another audience had the answer and shared it!

I stated very quickly to the audience that she was  “ teacher of the moment” and everyone  agreed with either a smile and a quick hand clapping gesture.

It’s a great sign of acknowledgement and respect to honour someone who is sharing a key insight or experience and to by make the statement will make them  feel important and empowers  everyone that they can participate. 

As you continue in your journey of success. Keep your ears open and when you hear someone share something that’s awesome say “teacher of the moment”

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