Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Become a contributor of Ontario Business Suppot Program

Become a contributor of Ontario Business Support Program
Businesses Supporting Businesses and the local economy

The Ontario Business Support Program (OBSP) was founded with the mandate of bring experts from different industries together to help fill the needs within each business to ensure that companies and owners reach their full potential.

OBSP Contributor Opportunity
The Ontario Business Support Program (OBSP) was founded by business owners for business owners; the partners, supporters and sponsors have come together to see businesses in each industry sector of Ontario succeed. Are you in a position to contribute to this program to help businesses grow? Are you in a position to help promote the growth of the local economy? Are you interested in paying it forward for your community? What’s the return? In a nutshell…. if you contribute to the Ontario Business Support Program… your business will grow! If you are interested in becoming a Partner, Supporter or Contributor please contact us today.

The three ways your organization can choose to contribute to OBSP


1)      Devote time/ leadership/ energy to the growth of OBSP
2)      Produce training workshops
3)      Serve on board of directors
4)      Be a sponsor and supporter

What you gain as a Partner:

1)       Public Relations exposure through OBSP website
2)       Creating brand awareness for your business
3)       Generate revenue for your business
4)       The satisfaction of helping other Entrepreneurs

1)      Donate products and/or services to OBSP
2)      Provide funding to OBSP to grow and expand

What you gain as a Sponsor:

1)      Media and press exposure on the OBSP website, in webinars and workshops, print materials and signage at live events
2)      Share your product or services with OBSP member network

1)      Offer special price promotions and specials for the OBSP Members
2)      Promote OBSP
3)      Establish B2B collaborations

What you gain as a Supporter:

1)    Lead generation via initial discounted sales or offers
2)    Marketing and advertising through OBSP website, print materials and at live events

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