Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Power of Social Mentorship

Earlier this year I began a new journey in speaking for well know social media company based out of Boston. I had started using their services in October 2011 and by January 2012 they had hired me to sell and speak about their social media platform.

It was an exciting opportunity to gain great credibility with them and for my professional brand. I quickly signed the contract on January 25th and had a speaking engagement the next day! That how much I want to speak and get moving.
Regional Director who have admired for speaking style has been my coach , encourage and mentor even prior to this journey.

As I began my speaking in the Toronto area I reported  talk to her every Monday for a few months to share were her how everything was coming along. Had sent here some videos of my early talks and she had given me some written reviews.
As the months passed she had some concerns that I has speaking to small crowds and also groups that may not be great target market for our products. (We had a free offers to try the various social products)

I understood and respected her point of view, but I had to keep speaking and networking to find those key organizers of more influencial groups in Toronto.

As summer ended I had built great momentum and my numbers were beginning to increase and I began to get referrals from various contact I had online and offline.

My regional director began to started saying "Your a Rock Star!"  I didn't know how to respond, I just  said "Thank you and smiled!"

I had done a some corporate speaking engagement outside the Toronto group to couple of women's group and corporate groups and the feedback that we had got was  very positive. 

Head into October and November my schedule begin to fill and had to really keep track on my speaking engagement and referrals that were coming in. I had signed to a local community college to use our email marketing service and the revenue from just that one client was good to start, many more began to come after that. 

Going out networking, asking questions, meeting various types of organizer of events and persistently follow up led to the speaking engagement and joint venture opportunities happen.

I currently communicate via email and voice mail my regional director and she has been instrument in giving me the feedback and encouragement to succeed in become a dynamic speaker and trainer.

Look forward to sharing Power of Mentorship at Motivational Monday on Monday November 26th in Toronto at the Pilot Tavern. Going to be an awesome evening!

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