Monday, November 5, 2012

Spotlight: Diane Ojar-Ali

 1st Question:
    You have been in on the journey of professional growth for many years. Can you share with importance of being a lifelong learner?

If you had asked me this very same question 2 months ago, I would have possibly given you a slightly different answer. Why, you ask and the reply is very simple, I have been for the last 2 months on a transformational journey. A journey like no other journey I or my family has ever experienced. As like the life of a butterfly, while in transition as a cocoon turns into liquid and then out comes one of the most fascinating creature every lived, never the same twice.

Well, how does the butterfly relate to me, in ways no one can imagine? I am a new person, growing, learning, embracing, living, loving, looking forward to tomorrow and most important, “Empowering and Bring out the Greatness and Excellence in Others.” We are all here for a purpose and we simply have to find the reason and it is usually staring us in the face even when life brings you down. I mean hard, you do not stay down; you get up and say to yourself not to others, they are like crabs in a bucket pulling you back down, and say what can I learn from this? What is the lesson to learn and so go out there and talk to the right people, clean out your “stuff”, all the negativity and put your chin up high and jump for joy and say “I can make a difference!” Is it easy, NO, however it is not impossible.

I am that person, and just being in the right place, with the right people and thank you Jim for placing me in right the opportunities that has changed my life. The glass is always half full for me and it is up to me to share my learnings with anyone who is ready for the journey of possibilities and be the best we can be.

I am making a difference in my community and with everyone I touch. I am proud to be that person and I know that when I look back I can smile and my family will be proud of me. Embrace the learnings that are yet to come.

2nd Qustion
2.       You are coming up with your first book Mrs Fraud and You! What inspired you to write it?

“Mrs. Fraud and You ~ Will You be the Victim or Victor when She comes Knocking?” is the title of my soon to be released book and how I was inspired, well here is the story.

This is a story and journey I never in a million years expect however I am again learning and embracing every moment of the experience. I never thought about writing, and again because of Jim, I was at the right place at the right time. You see every part of your life is mapped out for you whether you believe it or not. I have always believed that and I have unexpectedly ended up in events that I did not think much about going to and they were the ones that changed my life. My back ground is in the financial industry and I never liked banking. In high school quite a few of my friends ended up in banking and still today few are still there. I went off to school to learn something else and guess what I ended up in banking. Little did I know that was what I was supposed to do, think of it as research and that is exactly what happened. I worked for 19 years in this industry and eventually I said to myself that there must be another way to educate people. 

People are not informed and educated enough and I have to change that, you know save the world. I joined a network marketing company simply because I need my Will and Powers of Attorney done as well as Identity Theft Protective Services. I was giving out the information to clients and helping them however I could not really help them. I did the craziest thing, “I QUIT” my job after 18 years and off my journey started. I am not saying to quit your job, there are major challenges along the way, however keep focused and never give up in what you believe and please STOP jumping from business to business just to make money for the moment. The reward in the end is greater than you can imagine.  I eventually stumbled on Gerry Robert and Jean-Guy Francoeur both authors and publishers and the rest is history. I got my title, book cover business cards and soon I was writing for a local newspaper, interviews, speaking engagement and respect and became an authoritative figure in my field and also the 1st Canadian member  of Identity Theft Professional Association (ITPA).

I have amazing conversations with others and you can see the spark and light in their eyes because they too have a story to tell. I am honoured that I can be part of that journey with them. I currently host workshops, seminars, expos, a radio show, meetup group and now I am now a Board Certified NLP Trainer and I am so excited for 2013.

I am working on my 2nd book where I will share the Stories of Identity Theft Victims and use it to educate people. My 3rd book is “Trimming The Fat Out Of Your Financial Life.
I would again like to thank Jim Pagiamtzis for the opportunity to share my story with you.

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