Monday, November 19, 2012

Journey to watching the Twilight series

It was an amazing experience to go watch Breaking Dawn 2 with the amazing women below (see picture below). The real catalyst were the men and women where I taught for Junior Achievement of Canada.

For the past few years I have been sharing various topics at school in the Toronto region on topics from Economics of Staying in School, Dream Big and Dollars and Sense. In some of my early sessions I had noticed a lot of students and teachers reading the Twilight series books. I had ask about and to my surprise they were shock I wasn't reading the "series of the century".

I said to the young men and women " I don't read those types of books anymore"

As I continued on my journey the Twilight saga was playing out in the theatres and setting records. In the spring of 2011 I had conversation with co-workers where I worked at my corporate job about the movie, they were amused about my stories I shared above and suggested I just watch the first movie and see what I thought about it. I agreed with their idea.

That weekend I watch the first Twilight movie and was mildly impressed with the concept. The only thing I did like was the character "Jacob" playing by Tyler  Lautner. Walking around with a shirt on the whole movie was a interesting way to show yourself.

Few weeks later I watch the other two movies Twilight Eclipse and New Moon.  I was hooked in!

I went back to my co-workers and shared my insights on the movie and characters. Charmaine Lobban said to me "what took you so long!", I said " I had to move at my own pace, give me a break!".

Couple of months later I was doing another session for Junior Achievement in Missisauga with a partner and I told her that if the students became unruly I would you my "secret card" idea to get their attention, as it happened I did use it and here is the response I got from the students.

"We waited six hours in line to watch Twilight Eclipse" said one student, the teacher overheard their statement and said "You have homework to complete no time for movies!".

The student replied " We went on a weekend!"

At the last two parts of the Twilight series were coming out in November 2011 and 2012. (smart marketing if you ask me). I was interested in watching them.

My corporate friends decided to go watch the movie as a group in November 2011 for Breaking Dawn Part 1.  We ventured to a theatre in Brampton to watch the movie yours truly and 6 other women! We had an awesome time and the movie was amazing. The unfortunate part was we had to wait an entire year for the final part!

Fast forward to November 17,2012  Yorkdale shopping mall at 4:00pm Sunday afternoon. Parking craziness, what were we thinking!

                                          Movie poster as Yorkdale Shopping Centre

I had a busy day on Sunday, had gone to the gym to work out which was an adventure on its own since I had to get through all the crowds going to the Santa Claus parade happening that day. Multiple times may I add! Then went to an afternoon event for a few hours, hustled back hoped in the car and headed to Yorkdale to watch the 5:20pm showing of Breaking Dawn 2

When I got their it was chaos, cars, people and lots of police directing traffic.

Found parking very quickly and showed up just after 4 pm and waited and waited for the rest of the women to show. Started texting my friend Charmaine Lobban and she responed by  "on my way" then "go upstairs" to "look for Fiona"

By the time they showed up the movie was starting, well not exactly thanks to previews we had lots of time.

We go settled the AVN Executive seats and watched the movie.

I don't want to ruin the movie for you, let me tell you it was "AWESOME" you won't be disappointed!

Would like to thank the Junior Achievement student, my friends and co-workers for an amazing movie journey!

P.S I did also watch "Abduction" with Tyler Lautner earlier this year. Great movie :)

    Your turly holding the "Go Jacob" sign and friends.

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