Friday, November 30, 2012

Canada Job Expo Nov 27,2012

It has been an amazing experience speaking at the Canada Job Expo this year, have also emceed the entire event for the last 3 sessions.  Below are pictures from out event on November 27th at the North York Memorial Centre. Big thanks thanks to Sudjit Murkurajee and Shelly Williams and all the sponsors who make this event happen.

                                            Hirantha Nandasena and Sudjit Mukarjee

                                           Cheryl Rankin from Fit for Business

                                                  Jim Pagiamtzis and Matt Scherb

                                                   Andrea Seepersaud from Edunational

                                            Sudjit Mukurajee, A.J Parl and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                          A.J Parl and Jim Pagiamtzis

                                        Meredith Arnot speaking on HR at the Canada Job Expo     

                                          Bert Anderson with Springboard

                                         Jim Pagiamtzis speaker and emcee for Canada Job Expo
Huge thanks to all the speakers who have spoken at Canada Job Expo the past few years

Tom Kaufmann

Tibor Shanto
A.J Parl
Toronto Computer Geeks
Hirantha Nandasena
Emma Stangl

Galini  Gravilidiou

Marta Nowinska
Cheryl Rankin
Arlene Gray

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