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Most of us know that success is not based upon a decision, but that starting successful habits is. One of the biggest success habits is Time Management. Everybody struggles with time management. The universal challenge is deciding what needs our immediate attention, our "today" attention and alternately, our "some time this week" attention. It is often said that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Is that the answer - successful Time Management equals being busy? Is that the same as being productive? So how do successful people manage their time?

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Nov 28, 2012: Cold Calling - Lite course at the Whitby Chamber offices from 9 am - 4:30 pm.  Click here for more information. 

This is our last class this year! Only a couple of spots left.  YOU could be one of them! 

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How Are You Really Spending Your Prime Time?    
  1. Are you doing administrative work during your business prime time?
  2. Do you spend 80% of your time on the "noisy" 20% of your income clients because of guilt?
  3. Ever thought of rationing your time on a client or activity? After all, your time is not bottomless. Overspending in one area means short changing in another. Is it really worth it?
  4. Often sales people or small business owners spend far too much time on a "dead horse" (a client that has no need for your product) trying to convince them that there is a need. You do not have to make a sale with every conversation.
  5. Treat your time, especially your Prime Time, as a very precious commodity or resource. Allocate a certain time to both clients and activities. Spend more time with the higher value activities without forgetting the lower ones. At the end of the day your daily chore list should have all black lines through them.
  6. Finally, be happy and proud if you finish early. It means you were productive that day.Now go and complete your day by doing something you enjoy. Don't be afraid to spend quality time relaxing or doing something with your family. Allocating your time properly is a success habit.
Did You Know That ... 
  • Just being busy is not necessarily being productive.
  • Successful time managers put value to their most precious resource - time!
  • You can manage your time successfully by listing your "to-do's"; and then assessing a value to them.
  • Just by listing your to-do's, as you might your goals, you gain confidence.
  • Over-listing leads to overloading, which leads to non-completion; and that ends up in frustration.
  • Limiting your daily to-do's to a manageable amount; and focusing on them on a regular basis, results in seeing them accomplished.
  • Just the act of crossing off your chores motivates you to finish your list for the day. Nothing like accomplishing your daily goals to move you to looking at your long term business goals

Issue 12     

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Customer Service Star
TomI love to hear victory stories, especially where good customer service was provided by Small Business. So if you have one to relate, please send it along to me.  
Because I have been blessed with good service by fellow Small Businesses, I decided to create my "Customer Service Star" corner so that I might highlight them. I am proud to promote them, thus transferring trust to their prospects.  Got anyone you would like to highlight? 
Customer Service Star!


In this issue, the Star goes to:  
First Data Merchant Services   
Jack Chang C:416-414-7234

Our congratulations go out to Jack for taking us from the merchant services of one of the chartered banks to First Data. They were good on their word to save us money and convert us over quickly. First Data even waived the initiation fee and compensated us for the Bank's early termination fee. Their detailed transactions on their bill allowed TKE to track carefully each client transaction.
Well done, Jack and First Data. They were a breeze to deal with...quick and easy! 
Do you have any merchant's that you dealt with that deserve to be mentioned in this spot? Send us the details and we will be happy to highlight them.

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Tell me about a Customer Service Star you have come across. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Kaufmann
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