Monday, February 28, 2011

Career Door event this Wednesday March 2

Where: Metro Convention Centre
Who: Jim Pagiamtzis
Why: Learn about How to become a Networking Success
When: Wed March 2 10:00am-3:00pm

Check out job opportunities in the I.T industry and take advantage of some great new technology being used at the event

See you there!
Jim Pagiamtzis

Friday, February 25, 2011

My first Blog started with a referral!

It was January 2009 and I was ready to begin my new blog journey it was exciting to share with the world some of my writing.

It was called “Effective Networking Skills for Career Success”, which was the details of system I had created for a potential future talk. (more on that later). Nothing really excited happened when this post went up.

Five days later posted another article called “Importance of Reading”, this time I didn’t something different. Went back to my contacts and located to website that were interested in posting the blog.

1st was Happen organization. They had blog section on their site and had connected with the administrator who posted the article with my contact information.

2nd was Bizlaunch “Where entrepreneurs start” Had attended numerous events and built at great business relationship with the two founders Andrew Patricio and Roger Pierce. They also posted the article with my contact information.

It was a great feeling to have article posted on three different site. Went on with my Get Connected Make it Happen lifestyle

What happened next was amazing! I got an email response from an interested party that were looking for a speaker for their event. That was within 24hrs I had received a referral due to the blog!

It was an amazing experience that proved that people do read articles online and do respond.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Sales presentation involved creativity and execution

Recently served as a judge at the Deca Conference at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. There were thousand of students participated in the provincial finals in two day event which tested oral and written knowledge with the opportunity to go to the finals in Orlando, Florida in July. It was a great experience to see these future leaders engaged in conversation, attention to details and being memorable all in 10 minutes!

This opportunity happened due a conversation I had with a teacher from Monarch Park Collegiate 2 years ago at the Small Business Forum in Toronto,from that I did a talk and a keynote for their school last year. Was very honoured to receive an invite to be a judge at this year competition

Below are few areas that were covered in the Marketing segment.

They had only 10 minutes to prepare and execute this presentation. Reading a business scenario and addressing key question regarding the role-play that they hade to find solutions. Two scenarios were an instant coffee company introducing a coffee to their clients and second was a new potato chip that was around for 50years and was to sell its chips to younger target market.

Presented with plan

They sat down across from a judge and had ten minutes to cover questions regarding a particular scenario if appropriate had three questions for the students to answer regarding their plan.
Role of the judge was to evaluate the points made and see if the covers 6 criteria that we had to score them on. From presentation style, facts and presentation style overall.

As the day progressed it was very evident that many of these students were prepared with information. Using written outline to cover what they need to mention, to sharing stories on their insights on their experience. Some great ideas that were presented were really awesome and very well outline. Many of the students let me have their notes and even created a business card (which I thought was very smart idea!).

At the end the day it had been a great experience to not only judge these students and also engage in great conversations which surprised and empowered me to think outside the box in the scope of marketing. Many of the judges agreed that these more about the “experience ” than anything else.

All these students were winner and many will continue their journey on learning about Business, Life and Success. Don’t be surprised in having these young entrepreneurs appear at an event near you in the future.

Will be wearing my Deca pin with pride!

Jim Pagiamtzis

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! Special event

2 great talks at one location

How to become a Networking Success: Feature the P-A-R system
Importance of having a Business card
Why Attitude is important
Asking Key Question

How to attract a Mentor in business life and Success
What do look for in a mentor
Why should you have one

Where: Wellesley Community Centre (2nd floor Youth Centre Room)
When: Wednesday March 2,2011
Who: Jim Pagiamtzis
Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Free event.

Feel free to forward

Please email at if you are attending
Jim Pagiamtzis new articles!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! February 2011 Newsletter

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

February 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to all Entrepreneurs. It February and there has been so many great events happening this months. I have attended. Int'l Networking day (Feb 8), Goal Achievers Personal Development Group (more on that below), Sprout event hosted by Sprouter.(article on my blog soon) and Neil Jain Freelance and Networking event we had great time networking, heard a great story on how entrepreneurial lady created 5 Millions dollars in 30 days!

I have continued to speak this year and had talks at Trios College (Toronto) and Job Skills (Mississauga) and seeking more paid opportunities to speak. If you like to learn more on topics and have referrals email me back and put "Topics and referrals" in the subject line

Special Event:

This Wednesday February 23 at Wellesley Community Centre Sales Success by Jim Pagiamtzis
5:00pm-7:00pm email if you are attending

Currently look for opportunities to do paid speaking and writing. Offering a 20% commission return for the confirmed referral.

Great Videos from Goal Achievers group: Phil Taylor intro Phil Taylor Interview Jim Pagiamtzis Phil Taylor interviews Chris Van der Hoff Phil Taylor Interview Patrick Bizidavyi

Business of Value:

Check out my link is

Go to and check out blog section by Jim Pagiamtzis. Will be writing weekly article for this blog. If you have any suggestion on topics email me :)

Check out my Spotlights feature on my blog Lots of new articles added

Check out they buy and sell laptops. Also repair all sort of computers issue

Alternative Thinking -intellectual entertaiment
416-879-2517 Lots of great books!

Events: is back. Go to the website to learn about March 6th event and Feb 25-26 MBA event at the Fairmont. If you interested in the e-zine your can register on the website.

Great links
Articles, information and inspiring stories to come. (multiple articles written)

Centennial College- Article on Journey to Success Page 18

Habit for Humanity initiative:
It will promote the project which is to collect 150,000,000 aluminum used beverage cans, commonly referred to UBCs in support of
habitat for Humanity Brampton's build or 10 homes for 10 families by 2010. At 33 cans to the lb that equals 2,272.7 tons.
Asking all donor's to please rinse the can with water, then crush the can horizontally. The first operation insures that the flying insects, Bees, wasps, Hornets and ants will not bother future handlers. that second insures that the can is free from foreign matter and permits the storage of more, 400, cans per 30 gal bag.
If interested in donations please cal Jim Pagiamtzis (contact information below)

Great Website:
Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at: for various networking groups throughout the GTA!

Services: for various chapter across Canada

Events: for events happening all over Canada


Business cards online go to

Check out great blogs below! great articles and events Society of Internet Professionals Breaking through the Clutter great Tim Hortons Story Baldo Minaudo great articles great tips on relationship to build your business

Jim Pagiamtzis

You can also find me on Facebook->Jim Pagiamtzis
Twitter with key word-> Jakob17
Skype under Jimu71

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sales Success Special event Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

Sales Success!
Will learn in two impactfull hours..
What is Sales
How to do it effectively
Personality traits
Body Skills
much more....

Where: Wellesley Community Centre (2nd floor Youth Centre Room)
When: Wednesday February 23,2011
Who: Jim Pagiamtzis
Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Free event.

Feel free to forward

Please email at if you are attending
Jim Pagiamtzis new articles!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bartering led to Networking

Here is a blast from the past! Currently technology is working faster that we can ever image. Look back to the mid-90’s had a great experience that taught me lessons that today I do the same and realize that I was doing it back then too.

Before DVD's came into the market there were these CDs called Laserdiscs (size of an record album) that you could watch movies on. Quality was amazing. You could watch it in Letterbox or full screen. Back then letterbox was something new and many Laserdiscs collectors really liked that. Reminded everyone of watching at the theatre and enjoying the clearer picture style.

At that time had started buy a few LD’s and had started building a collection. As time passed there were some that I didn’t watch that much so I put an ad in the local paper to trade some of my ld’s. Within a week began to get phone calls and started to trading my LDs.

There were so many types of people I met a doctor who had a huge collection! To entrepreneurs who did barter and sold some LDs.

Came across a store that was going out a business and was selling all their LDs and at that time he had movies like Lethal Weapon 2, Aliens and Eiger Sanction. My collection quickly grew and it was a cool hobby to have at the time.

Learned many valuable lessons from that art of negotiation, networking, and building rapport. Important lesson that apply to today’s market whether you buying a new car, home, searching for items for your home.

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library spoken at Universities, Enterprise Toronto, Initiative TO on How to be come a networking Success and How to attract Mentor in Business Life and Success. You can be email if you interested in being featured in future spotlight articles or have him come and speaking to sales or marketing organizations

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Empowerment Day

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen Special event!
I will be there of course

February 19, 2011 @11:00 am- 4:00pm
Keynote Speakers
Phil Taylor –CEO Goal Achievers Int’L

Courtney Carrol CEO Financial Fitness

Free event

-Self Esteem- “Set Yourself on Fire” Debt Elimination (Credit Cards)
-Believing in you Income protections (life insur)
- Healthy Living Wealth Creation (investment)

Contact person: Ruth-Lynn Burrell 647-406-7501

Goods News Release Centre 2810 Weston Road
Of the (North of Albion)
Prophetic Church of God Inc Light Lunch will be served

Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Ways to Maximize Your Network Relationships

One door closes, but two other doors open. That’s how the saying goes; however, often, when networking, it may feel like many doors are being closed and few are opening. By using a few key strategies, you can actively ensure that so many doors are opening that you are constantly introduced to new opportunities.

By maximizing your communication with potential clients and target markets, you will open several doors and in so doing, build greater opportunities for your business and for those on your network.

1. Social Networks

LinkedIn is a great website! You can create a professional profile and take advantage of strategic features. Three that I recommend are as follows:

1. Get your profile to 100% as quickly as you can. There is a bar on the top left which indicates how close you are. Things such as adding your current status, adding previous employers, etc. will get you closer, faster.

2. Continually connect with and add people to your network. If you are out networking, shaking hands and meeting new people, you are starting the momentum to growing your connections and inviting professionals to your LinkedIn account.

3. Get recommendations from friends and previous employers. This will add credibility to your profile and add interest for your growing connections.

2. Telephone

As you meet new people and attend various events, it important to keep the connection moving forward. You can do this, for example, by placing a simple phone call and saying something such as, “Hi John, this is Jim Pagiamtzis. We met at the International networking show last week. So I recall you said you had worked in the insurance industry…”

Through this simple conversation, you did a few things including reminding him where you met and remembering what business he was in. You are also letting him know that the connection was important to you. From here you could talk about his industry and make recommendations that could assist him, such as ideas to increase his referrals.

You can touch base again and again, making a similar call, and each time solidify your ongoing relationship with the contact.

3. Email

Email is an effective communication tool for basic communication, but it can also be an effective tool for creating interest and keeping people updated.

The key is creating pro-active emails. You can discuss relevant articles you’ve read, industry news, or use the tool as a means of recognizing achievements by people in your network.

Remember it’s not only about you, but the success of everyone in your network.


Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library and spoken at various venues such as universities, Enterprise Toronto and Initiative TO. Popular topics include How to become a Networking Success and How to attract Mentors in Business Life and Achieve Success. He can be reached via email at

Life Rich Mastery Event (Thursday Feb 17,2011)


If you attended International Networking Day and heard Richard Dolan speak - you'll appreciate this opportunity, as it is his encore presentation exclusively for you.

Richard is a world-renowned speaker, author and leadership psychology expert - who leads the Life Rich MASTERY workshops.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, network marketer, THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.

"How Entrepreneurs Can Make Money Faster: Starting with Their Story"

Attend and Learn:

1. How to enter the Emotion Transformation Age

2. Why the shift from Selling to Story Telling

3. How Your Brand Becomes Your Story

DATE: Thursday, February 17th at 7PM

VENUE: Confirmed upon registration

RSVP: Email

Bring a guest and receive a GIFT valued at $50

'Greatness lives on the edge of destruction.' Given the state of the world economy, it is truer today than ever before that the future belongs to those that plan for it. People today have a deep desire to connect with leaders in a new and profound way. They seek a richer life. They seek connectedness. They seek a new kind of conversation with you the professional.

Are you equipped? Are you ready?

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou


1-866-260-5893 ext.226

Profile of Experience: Jim Pagiamtzis

Have spoken in the Employment Services and Social Services sector for the past 2 years “Networking your way to Success” and “ How to market and Promote You!

Paid speaking for Enterprise Toronto on “Do you have a Mentor” ,”How to became a networking Success”

Have been a fill in speaking for Enterprise Toronto twice.

Appeared on That regarding Centennial College article on “Three key tasks” and “Networking your way to Success”

Consulting work with Burkert Fluid Control on “Successful Sales Strategies and “Networking your way to Success”

Published articles online for Toronto Public Library and Centennial College, FedEx Freight Canada (intranet)

Volunteer for Junior Achievement (Economics of staying in School)

Member of the Diversity Council (May 2009) and internal group which holds conference calls on personal and professional development topics

Familiar with Personality programs DISC and Kolbe Proficient in MS Office: Word,Excel, Powerpoint , Outlook Active blogger for 3 years

Profile testimonials and much more.
Weekly blogger for and

Effective communicator and implement state-of-art event management system

Understand and speaking Greek. In process of learning Spanish

Have written 2 books on How to become Networking Success and How to attract a Mentor in Business Life and Success

Two e-books in progress. 30 Strategies to become a World Class Networker and Sales Success Strategies that work.

Numerous success stories available in assisting referral and friends in finding employment through my teachings on networking

Spoken at Trios College (Mississauga) at Career Day March 2010 on “Networking your to Success”

Spoken at Trios College (Toronto) for Career Mgmt week February 9,2011 on How to become a Networking Success

Did a four week Paid training program for Enterprise Toronto for Youth at Wellesley Community Centre on Business Planning, Marketing, Sales and Mentorship.

Spoken at Monarch Park Collegiate March 2010 on “Networking your way to Success” and guest speaker at Awards Ceremony May 2010

Campaign manager for Phil Taylor Mayoral Campaign in 2010

Active newsletter for 2+ years “Get Connected Make it Happen”

Active on Twitter, Plaxo, LinkedIn,Sprouter, Facebook,

Spoken at Career Door Inc. 4 times on “Do you have a Mentor” and “Networking your way to Success”

Active and supporter of Direct Marketing Business (Amway Global)

Spoken at Initiative Toronto on November 17,2010 on “How to attract a mentor in Business Life and Success”

Was a Judge at 2 day competition at Deca in Toronto Feb14-15,2011-02-13

Edited articles for Shariar Jahanshi (York University Student)

Edited presentation to make it more effective for Tom Kaufmann

Numerous recommendations on LinkedIn regarding above mentioned articles and speeches.

Friday, February 11, 2011


"I spend a lot of time networking, but I don't see many results from it." I hear this complaint frequently from independent professionals who are hoping that their networking activities will produce clients. It used to be that my clients and students would complain about unproductive networking in the form of attending mixers or scheduling coffee meetings. But now I often hear them voice the same dissatisfaction with social networking online.
At the same time, many experienced, successful professionals claim that networking is one of the primary ways they continually build their business. When you see successful people continue to network -- online and off -- you have to figure that they must get some value from it, or why keep doing it?
If I had to name one factor that I think makes the most difference between productive and unproductive networking, it would be the "chatter quotient." People who are good at networking and produce results from it don't just "chat" with their contacts. They have meaningful, relevant, focused exchanges. But people who network without much to show for it seem to spend a lot more time just chatting -- in person, by phone, and online.
Chatting has its place in social interaction. Small talk about the weather, the traffic, or the local team's last game can be a safe way to begin a conversation. Asking about your contacts' family, hobby, or last vacation lets them know you remember them and shows your interest. But conversations that consist of nothing but this type of chat are unlikely to produce many clients.
Networking online follows the same pattern. If your social networking posts are limited to what movie you last saw, the new car you're considering, and how you spent your Sunday afternoon, clients are not likely to result. Occasional posts about your personal life, just like small talk, have their place in letting people get to know you. But you've got to get beyond chatting to get business.
Productive networking consists of meaningful, relevant, focused conversations and online exchanges. Here are a few examples of what this sounds like.
Questions to ask others:
• Tell me about your work/current goals/challenges you're facing.
• Who/what would be a good client/helpful resource for you?
• What is exciting you in your business/career/life right now?
• What can I do to help you?
Topics to discuss about your own work:
• This is how I help my clients.
• Here's an example of someone I was able to assist.
• This is who would be a good client for me.
• Here's how you will know when someone needs my help.
Topics to post about online:
• Here's a useful resource for you.
• This is something I'm doing you might find valuable.
• Here's a success one of my clients had.
• I need some assistance -- can anyone help?
What topics like these allow you to do is demonstrate your expertise, showcase yourself as a competent professional, and let people know what you need so they can help. By asking others about their work and needs, you learn where you might fit in, and how to build an element of reciprocity with your networking contacts.
Before beginning any networking activity or conversation, pause for a moment and ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Would you like to meet potential clients at that mixer? If so, what do you need to ask to know if someone might be a client? Do you want to get referrals as a result of that coffee date? Then what does that person need to learn about you in order to refer appropriately?
When you're networking online, what is the image you're trying to project? If you want people to perceive you as competent, or savvy, or reliable, what could you post about that would reinforce those perceptions? What topics might allow potential clients or referral sources to learn more about how your work can benefit them or someone they know?
If you're ready to make use of networking as the powerful tool it can be to meaningfully connect with others and build your business, it's time to get beyond the chatter.
Copyright © 2009, C.J. Hayden

C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income. Get a free copy of "Five Secrets to Finding All the Clients You'll Ever Need" at

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Connected Make it Happen Day!

Networking and creating ongoing relationships leads to days like I had on February 9th,2011

It started by speaking at Trios College in Toronto on How to become a Networking Success. Had great crowd who eager to learn the P-A-R system and how to get results using it. Had a guest attend the event and she was excited on using the system.

In the event did my 1st of 4 talks at the Wellesley Community Centre in Toronto on Business Planning 101 to a group of young entrepreneurs who are looking at starting their own business in the near future.

We put down all their business ideas on paper and had them do exerices on how to make their businesses work from using social media, word of mouth or brick and Motor.

Had some great questions regarding the importance of using your resources and having a mastermind group.

Stay tuned for more updates on further topics in the weeks to come.

That evening attend a networking event held by Neil Jain. He has put together a group of entreprenuers from varoius backgrounds to share the insights on business. This night was a special night because we had a young entrepreneurial woman who shared her story on how she raised 5 million dollars in 30 days. Stay tuned for that video!

We also did a great role-play game where we had a situation where Kevin Oleary was at the Island airport and we had 15 seconds to make our pitch. Everyone participated in this exerice and really learned what it takes to make an effective pitch. Kudos to Neil Jain who did a great imporsanation of Kevin O'Leary.

Hope you enjoyed this update.
Look forward to sharing much more of the Get Connected Make it Happen Lifestyle.
Jim Pagiamtzis

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5th Annual International Networking Day Huge Success

It was the place to be Tuesday Feb 8,2011. It was great day
networking, listening to great speakers, celebration of milestones.

Jennifer Beale ( put together an amazing event at
Columbus Centre in Toronto.

On the main stage were Christine Wintels & Cindy Mount of Referral
Institute sharing how to increase your referral through a systematic
process. There interactive exercises
made a huge impact with the crowd.

This the late morning spark that everyone needed to make their
networking day productive and result oriented.

The day continued with great information shared on email marketing by
Lisa Kember to mid afternoon celebration of the queen of networking of
Donna Messer 30-Year Anniversary Celebration. She has contributed to
this industry in so many ways and aspired thousands to succeed. Her
talk on the power of leverage was a great testament to her success.

To close out the event the masterful Richard Dolan who shared the same
stage like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Anthony Robbins. He talked
about Your Invisible Pocket Pitch & The Great Spend a remarakble story
of the Great Spend.

Thank you to all the Tradeshow participants, entrepreneurs and the teams behind the scenes who made this day a huge success

Look forward to 2012 Will be bigger and better and bolder!

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library spoken at Universities, Enterprise Toronto, Initiative TO on How to be come a networking Success and How to attract Mentor in Business Life and Success. You can be email if you interested in being featured in future spotlight articles or have him come and speaking to sales or marketing organizations

Sunday, February 6, 2011



• Self-introductions- Who in the group is selling a product? Service? Not yet sure they will start a small business and hense still using cold calling for job search purposes?
• What is cold calling? Making calls to people whom you do not know directly in order to connect with them and present a good or service.
• What is the purpose of cold calling? To build awareness of your product or service. To book an appointment for a face to face meeting.


• Cold calling enables you to tap the market for your product or service
• Cold calling enables you to be pro-active- effectively connecting with people who can decide to purchase your product or service.
• Cold calling can produce leads to other people or companies who may buy from you.
• Cold calling can lead to meetings that offer you insights into your market and offer information you need to more effective and efficient.
• Cold calling enables you to keep up with competition-if they are directly reaching your target market, so must you...


• We traditionally do not like to “bother” people-cold calling, when done in a telemarketing manner can be intrusive and annoying.
• It can be difficult to know whom within an organization you should contact.
• It can take a lot of effort to reach your target contact-your message may not be returned and it can be difficult to reach people “live”.
• If you are not prepared (with a simple and effective sales pitch including information about your offering), you can mess up the call (and be embarrassed ;(
• Although you will not encounter rudeness (I sincerely hope), you may experience repeated rejection (remember, this is not a reflection of you)


WHO? Your objective must be to reach the decision makers within target organizations. Those people in a position to decide to buy your product or service or make final decision. There is where research is essential-truly understanding the business of the companies that your are targeting.

WHAT? From the moment you connect, your cold call is about selling. Please –no hard sell-keep it short and to the point. If you have a referral name, use it. If you know information about the company and can relate the company’s needs to your offering, do it. It helps to have a script helps to have a script, understand the companies “pain” ask if you have reached the person at a good time and commit to set up an appointment face-to-face.

WHERE? Start with a target company list- you can build this via research in the company’s in your space (specific industry or meeting your desired criteria) Remember, your likely have a product or service that these organizations need or want. By offering solutions to their challenges, your were effectively assisting them achieve their corporate objectives. (be confident- stand up and the targeted company your are calling on will benefit from using your product or service)

WHY? Relying only on passive ideas (hoping the target market companies will read you ads and hear about your from word-of-mouth) is a big long-term risk for failure. You will create better results by differentiating your product from competing products by reaching decision makers with an effective and efficient message.

WHEN? Make calls when you are most likely to reach your target contacts (note: very senior people may be in early or work late). Book at least 2 hours a day for networking and marketing calls. This is hard work, do it when you are most energized and positive and take breaks when needed.


• Expect rejection- you may find that one in ten calls are successful- keep this in mind, strategize to work smart (not just hard) and note that is a numbers game- good sales people understand the importance of lots of prospects in the funnel all the time.
• Be prepared! Research, research, research-know whom you are target companies are and understand the needs of these organizations. Write a script in advance (remember to customize it) and practice it until it sounds natural.
• Increase your chances of reaching your target contact. Ask for help from staff, leave persuasive messages, be reachable yourself, use a referral name in your message. Try to reach people live (it may take more calls than you may think).give people who have not returned your calls an opportunity to call you back (24-48hrs) May want to use some light humour in your message (be careful)
• Be creative- think outside the box in order to turn a “no” in a “yes” –would the company like to see a proposal regarding how you can assist them to achieve their results. Would they like to a “free consultation” of your product or service?


1. September 2010 I had found a card for a roofing company and had called it to seek the opportunity to grow their business via effective and efficient tools for newsletter, social media etc. January 29,2011 received a phone from them regarding assisting them in growing the commercial business. That is a 5 month window. It goes to show that they were not ready then, but they kept my information and called when they were ready.

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!
Jim Pagiamtzis

Communication Strategy

The First call of the day make it your best!

Your day is beginning and you have had your breakfast you see people on your street warming up their cars leaving for work. But you are your own boss and have a just a few steps to go to reach your first task. The phone! (How exciting your must be saying right now).
Myth is phone looks like it weighs eight hundred pounds; truth is less than one pound you can lift easily. It’s the task that the issue.
Here’s the solution. Baseball players make a number of warm-up pitches for the mound before games commences.
Professional singers and actors cycle through vocal scales to nudge the frogs from their throats.
So, it only makes sense for cold-callers, for prospectors and appointment setters to expect to cycle through, or more accurately, to waste a few prospects before settling into serious selling, right?
I’m not sure about that.
In fact, as I think about my own cold calling practice I must say I hit the boards running and a majority of the times I achieve great results with the very first people I’ve phoned.
Why is this? Why is a warm-up required while cold-calling?
1. You are probably going to sound more genuine during your first pitch than you will any other point in your day. Sure, you’ll show flaws, but they humanize you, and make you feel as a friend to them rather than an eager seller. Sincerity via the phone does work.
2. You’re going to sound more customer centered and focused with that first individual that with other prospects. How come? After, say two hours of calling, your memory banks will be inundated with experiences- good, bad and indifferent. These with will taint your current calls, contaminating them. But when you’re fresh the only person talking to your prospect is you. In the here and now.
3. When I began to record and video my presentation few years ago it was through the encouragement of my mentors at the time. Realized that watching or hearing myself talk was not going to be easy experience. With time it got better and I realized that there was something I was say or doing that were great and minor ‘word whiskers and body motion” that I could improve. To this day I still continue do it and have seen significant improvement in my presentation. Share with my entrepreneurial friends that “my first talk was best talk, the rest are all practise”
So, don’t waste time by being discouraged or upset those initial first calls. Expect to succeed with every call you make”

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!
Jim Pagiamtzis

Friday, February 4, 2011

International Networking Week Feb Feb 7-11

On Wednesday February 9th Speaking at Trios College in Toronto at 12;00pm-1:00pm on How to be a Networking Success,LinkedIN and much,more

triOS college business technology Healthcare

425 bloor street east, suite 200

toronto, on M4W 3R4

at Sherbourne Subway Station

email at if you are attending

Feb. 11, 2011

"No Dollars Marketing Workshop "

Join Cheryl Rankin, Fit For Business for an interactive workshop on "No Dollars Marketing". Get lots of ideas and strategies to market your business without spending lots of money.

When: Fri.. Feb 11th, 2011

Titme: 9:30 - 11am

a) $60 / person includes
workshop & breakfast

b) $10 / person includes
workshop & breakfast - to earn a $10 registration and save $50, tell at least 10 people about this workshop. Use email, facebook, linked in, twitter or announce it at a business networking event....tell at least 10 people and save yourself $50.

To register, please call Cheryl at
647-287-0320 or email

*Have 1 complimentary ticket availabe email "I am a networker" in Subject line at

The 5th Annual


next Tues, Feb 8

9 am - 5 pm Morning & Afternoon Speakers

5 - 8 pm Evening Schmooze

All Day Pass - $35 advance, $50 at door

Evening Schmooze Only $22 advance, $30 at door


Sponsored by:


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Tues, Feb 8, 2011

8:15 am to 8 pm

Morning/ Afternoon Workshops + Evening Schmooze

Featuring Donna Messer, Richard Dolan, Cindy Mount & Christel Wintels, Tina Dezsi & Lia Bandola, Lisa Kember, Chris Hiller

BOSS TRIAD Power Networking

Columbus Event Centre

40 Playfair Ave, Toronto, ON M6B 2P9

(Dufferin/ Lawrence)

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Evening Schmooze Only $22 advance, $30 at door

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9 - 10:30 am

Lisa Kember -

Harness the Power of Social Media to Build Your Business

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9:30 - 10:30

POWERFUL POWE Duo Tina Deszi & Lia Bandola -

Networking 101

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10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Cindy Mount & Christel Wintels -

Referral Partnerships

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10:45 - 11:45 am

Lisa Kember

Insider Secrets to Email Marketing

12 - 1 pm

Chris Hiller

Joint Ventures

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1:30 - 2:30 pm

Business Networking Expert Panel - Learn best practices from Networking Leaders

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2:30 - 3:30 pm

Donna MesserLeverage Your Network

Celebrating 30 Years of Networking!

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4 - 5 pm

Master Speaker & Best-Selling Author - Richard Dolan

Perfect Your Pocket Pitch for The Big Spend

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5 - 8 pm

Featuring BOSS TRIAD Power Networking for lots of connections, fast!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spotlight: Janette Burke

Since the days that I started networking it was become very evident that there were many amazing women in the networking world. Have heard and read about them for a long time. In recent years have had the great opportunity to meet and have great conversations.

Recently I appeared a show called Liquid Lunch that airs on Toronto's #1 TV/Radio Internet station That.Channel ( ) to share about my journey of being entrepreneur and sharing my networking insights. In addition to running "The Magnetic Marketing Moment TM" - her monthly marketing/PR segment, Janette Burke is the co-host on the show with Hugh Reilly the 3rd Monday of every month and has interviewed guests in all areas of expertise.

Janette Burke both agree that networking is a fundamental area that every entrepreneurial business owner should be great at. Yes, because no-one can tell and sell their business with as much authenticity, passion and conviction as them!

1. You brand yourself with the motto " your marketing magnet" How did the come with that statement?

It was a process. I was looking for a brand name that would have double meaning and clearly express what I do and why anyone should care. I wanted my new image, brand and message it be very different from the way I was previously known as the Founding publicist of Prime Time PR. I also wanted it to project confidence and build goodwill and trust. As well as show my track record with a benefit or direct result of what clients could expect to achieve from taking my marketing/PR coaching and consulting and working with me. So I began to think about it and play with words. I actually toyed with a couple of other tag lines. My first choice was to call myself 'Your Marketing Mama.' Or 'Your Marketing Maven.' But both were already taken. So back to the drawing board I went. I wanted to come-up with something catchy, unique and memorable that captured who I am, the 15 plus years I spent developing my marketing & promotional skills and all the ways I had used marketing ideas to re-invent myself. At the same time, I also wanted something that conveyed my mission of truly wanting to help FEMPRENEURS lead and succeed in their marketplace by teaching them how to become a marketing magnet and catch more customers. Hence the term 'Your Marketing Magnet' was born.

2. Marketing has change and evolved in the 21st century, via social networking and many other mediums. Marketing ideas are changing on a daily basis. Do you think the simplicity of the message in getting harder to promote?

No, I think entrepreneurs unnecessarily complicate their marketing messages in the face of their competitors and being brilliant - thereby making it much harder than it actually needs to be. I also feel that although Marketing has changed,it's basic principles have not. And we need to remember this rather than reinvent the wheel every time we log on to the Internet. When it comes down to it, Social Media and many other 21st Century mediums that we use to effectively communicate our marketing message and promote ourselves, products and services, are really just tools in a big tool box that we have at our disposal and use to express our marketing message or company's story. However I feel they should be used as though you were sitting beside your ideal prospect talking to them directly. So I'm a big advocate of simplifying your marketing message and getting it down to its distilled essence before Tweeting or posting it somewhere online. And I think the real challenge for most entrepreneurs is producing copy or their written word.

Founding publicist PRIME TIME PR and former editor PRtalk (Canada’s only online PR magazine) JANETTE BURKE, ‘Your Marketing Magnet’… a.k.a. YOUR MARKETING MENTOR… ADVISOR… GUIDE… NETWORKER…ENTHUSIAST and TEACHER is a Toronto, Ontario-based marketing/PR coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, columnist, author and TV Personality. Through the "The Magnetic Marketing/PR Process TM" (TMMPP), Janette offers WOMAN small-to-mid-size business owners, professionals, sales representatives, book authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, C.E.O.’s and marketing directors around the world effective, efficient and affordable 1:1 and group coaching & consulting solutions to help them successfully publicize, promote and GROW their dream business while working less! For more of info, visit her website at or email her at

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library spoken at Universities, Enterprise Toronto, Initiative TO on How to be come a networking Success and How to attract Mentor in Business Life and Success. You can be email if you interested in being featured in future spotlight articles or have him come and speaking to sales or marketing organizations