Sunday, February 6, 2011

Communication Strategy

The First call of the day make it your best!

Your day is beginning and you have had your breakfast you see people on your street warming up their cars leaving for work. But you are your own boss and have a just a few steps to go to reach your first task. The phone! (How exciting your must be saying right now).
Myth is phone looks like it weighs eight hundred pounds; truth is less than one pound you can lift easily. It’s the task that the issue.
Here’s the solution. Baseball players make a number of warm-up pitches for the mound before games commences.
Professional singers and actors cycle through vocal scales to nudge the frogs from their throats.
So, it only makes sense for cold-callers, for prospectors and appointment setters to expect to cycle through, or more accurately, to waste a few prospects before settling into serious selling, right?
I’m not sure about that.
In fact, as I think about my own cold calling practice I must say I hit the boards running and a majority of the times I achieve great results with the very first people I’ve phoned.
Why is this? Why is a warm-up required while cold-calling?
1. You are probably going to sound more genuine during your first pitch than you will any other point in your day. Sure, you’ll show flaws, but they humanize you, and make you feel as a friend to them rather than an eager seller. Sincerity via the phone does work.
2. You’re going to sound more customer centered and focused with that first individual that with other prospects. How come? After, say two hours of calling, your memory banks will be inundated with experiences- good, bad and indifferent. These with will taint your current calls, contaminating them. But when you’re fresh the only person talking to your prospect is you. In the here and now.
3. When I began to record and video my presentation few years ago it was through the encouragement of my mentors at the time. Realized that watching or hearing myself talk was not going to be easy experience. With time it got better and I realized that there was something I was say or doing that were great and minor ‘word whiskers and body motion” that I could improve. To this day I still continue do it and have seen significant improvement in my presentation. Share with my entrepreneurial friends that “my first talk was best talk, the rest are all practise”
So, don’t waste time by being discouraged or upset those initial first calls. Expect to succeed with every call you make”

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!
Jim Pagiamtzis

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