Friday, February 25, 2011

My first Blog started with a referral!

It was January 2009 and I was ready to begin my new blog journey it was exciting to share with the world some of my writing.

It was called “Effective Networking Skills for Career Success”, which was the details of system I had created for a potential future talk. (more on that later). Nothing really excited happened when this post went up.

Five days later posted another article called “Importance of Reading”, this time I didn’t something different. Went back to my contacts and located to website that were interested in posting the blog.

1st was Happen organization. They had blog section on their site and had connected with the administrator who posted the article with my contact information.

2nd was Bizlaunch “Where entrepreneurs start” Had attended numerous events and built at great business relationship with the two founders Andrew Patricio and Roger Pierce. They also posted the article with my contact information.

It was a great feeling to have article posted on three different site. Went on with my Get Connected Make it Happen lifestyle

What happened next was amazing! I got an email response from an interested party that were looking for a speaker for their event. That was within 24hrs I had received a referral due to the blog!

It was an amazing experience that proved that people do read articles online and do respond.

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