Monday, April 30, 2012

Journey to Meeting Jay Peachy

 It was Saturday April 28th morning and  I was invited by Marta Nowinska Founder of Swapsity to hear a talk on the Art of Bartering by Jay Peachy and how he had leverage bartering to build a house in Vancouver.

 It was great talk on "Salmonics" and the art of bartering.

 Look forward to speaking with Jay Peachy at a future event being announced soon.

 Read a great article below:

Jim Pagiamtzis and Jay Peachy with Salmon "the sock"

To keep up with Jay, visit, ‘Like’ the J Peachy Gallery Facebook page, follow him on Twitter, or email him at You can also ‘Like’ the Sound Therapy Radio Facebook page. To make a trade, and to follow his progress with the build, check out his Swapsity portal and ‘Like’ the Anmore Barter Home Facebook page.

 Jim Pagiamtzis at www.getconnectedmakewealthhappen and 
@jimpagiamtzis on Twitter

Friday, April 27, 2012

Brian Tracy was huge success sharing 21st Century Selling in Woodbridge,Ont on April 24th

It was an excited day to finally see Brian Tracy worldwide successful Speaker, Author and Trainer live in Woodbridge,Ont at the Le Jardin Conference where 1000+  participants were treated to full day of training on 21st Century Selling.

I have been a huge fan of Brian Tracy's books for many years. The Flight Plan, Maximum Achievement and Getting Rich Your Own Way.

To finally speak to him and take a picture with him was an exciting moment! (see below).

Had many friends in attendance from Patrick Bizindavyi (great blog!)
Paul Renie, Amil Amerali, Sudjit Muharajee, Representative from Sunlife Financial  (Richmond Hill), Jeff Durbin, Ash Silva, Sona van der Hoop, Randy Chin, Cindy Trip (BNI), Ranee Bhamrah.

Big thanks to Jonathan Weaver and Peak Performers for making this event happen.  for future events

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing his insights on event

Emmanuel Lopez aka Motivatorman sharing his insights

                                             Brian Tracy and Jim Pagiamtzis at event in Le Jardin in Woodbridge

Brian Tracy sharing on Relationship marketing in 21st Century 

 Brian Tracy sharing Seven Secrets to Success in Selling

Jim Pagiamtzis

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Publish your way to profits event on April 30th (evening)

Aren't you just sick and tired of talking about that book you never wrote? Struggling to create Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Systems that actually make you money? If you are not in sales then aren't you fed up with paycheck to paycheck living? Wouldn't you like to catapult your sales and skyrocket your income? 

Would you like a FREE ticket?

My friend, International Bestselling Author Gerry Robert is doing an evening workshop on Monday April 30th - Check it out:

Gerry Robert, author of the international bestselling book, The Millionaire Mindset will show you what it takes to get your book done and how you can use that book to catapult your income and your business!

Why might you want to write a book? I know you might not think you are credible enough, don't know what to write about, or where to get started, but read on... If you published a book, you could: 

Make more money

Sell more of your products or services

Find hundreds of prospects

Generate many other additional sources of income

Get tons of FREE publicity

Differentiate yourself from your competition

Get yourself on radio and TV

Make your prospects call YOU

Recruit more people

Increase your visibility and credibility

Get more information on the evening workshop:

P.S  Had the great experience to take Publish Your to Profits workshop in April 2011. Learning the key strategies that Gerry Robert shared was responsible for creating the Get Connect Make Wealth brand from business card to website.
Due to this I have generated interest and generated significant  revenue $! Sharing this information with connections in my network has added value and valuable joint-venture partners.

Highly recommend you attend this event on Monday evening.Even you have already published a book, you will learn effective strategies and marketing tools that work.

Can set up car-pooling if required from GTA area to the event if need. Email me and will do my best to make it happen for you.

See you there!
Jim Pagiamtzis

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen April 4th Edition Newsletter

April is coming to end and May is upon us. 3  amazing events happening before the end of the month.
 May the flowers are blossoming and the weather will be marvelous to keep your 2012 momentum moving forward. Please pass along any of  the links below of event or videos, great way to give away a virtual gift today!

Breaking news.... Marc Gordon  Live online at 1:30pm today April 25th
Click here to watch
This must-see event brings together some of the biggest and most knowledgeable business names from around the world for a series of educational presentations - for free! No sales gimmicks or pitches!
Learn more about him to got Click here

Upcoming articles.
Next month will be featuring spotlight features on Marc Wardell and Tim Cork and few other amazing entrepreneurial women!

Clear you schedule on May 12th Sales trainer will be doing session near the airport. Details coming soon.

Huge Request!
Big goal of getting at least 1000 followers on Twitter @jimspagiamtzis by December 2012. I have a wager with another entrepreneur! Can you help?

Launch my new Facebook page. Can you "Like" it
Click here to visit new page

Tomorrow morning at Jack Astor's in Etobicoke across from Sherway Gardens
Entrepreneur Speed Networking Event in Toronto April 26th (morning)
Click here to register
Join the group via and type Entrepreneur Speed Networking
Event are happening Toronto, Richmond Hill  and Etobicoke links to events below

Champions Workshop April 26th (evening)
Great article  below on what to expect at event.

Toronto's Largest Singles Spring Fling Party present by Meet Market Adventures on April 28th (evening)

New Blogs:

Journey to Meditation
Click here to read

I'm Responsible
Click here to read

Blogs to Follow:

Emmanuel Lopez aka Motivatorman
Click here
* special thanks to Emmanuel Lopez for the great conversation we had in the card

Alim Maherali 
Click here
* Thanks to Ailm Maherali for attending Brian Tracy event yesterday, he was on Twitter sharing throughout the event @amaherali

Shannon Simmons
Click here

ING Direct Great News

Click here
 I am a ING DIRECT Canada Saver and want you to become one too. When you open an Account with a minimum balance of $100, we'll start you off with a $25 bonus!
All you have to do is enter Jimmy Pagiamtzis's  Orange Key 22352427S1 and you're set to save.
Visit Click here to save your money today.

Events in May
The event on May1st Click here for information

Entrepreneur Speed Networking Group in Richmond Hill on May 3
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social Media Made Simple with Constant Contact
Click here to register for free event

Entrepreneur Speed Networking Group in Toronto on May 19th
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social Media Made simple with Constant Contact
Click here to register for free event

Entrepreneur Speed Networking in Etobicoke South May 24th
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social Media Made Simple with Constant Contact
Click here to register for free event

Millionaire Mind is coming to Toronto in May 25-27
Register today
Enter code: MMI4446

July event:

SWAP: Movie Music Eco-Swap at Live Green Toronto Festival 2012
Click here for event information
Big request!
We need 30+ volunteers for this  event from 11:00am-9:00 email
From more information on Swapsity  Click here
Spotlight: Marta Nowinska  founder of Swapsity
Click here

Special links below on amazing event with Brian Tracy held on April 24th in Le Jardin Conference Centre. 1000+ people in the room. Listen and learn on 21st Century Selling.

Jim Pagiamtzis experience at  Brian Tracy event.
Click here
Photo's from event with attendee's at event.
Click here to see photos

Brian Tracy held great session on 21st Century selling in Woodbridge,ONT on April 24th. Below is brief video on some of the great training we received.
Brian Tracy sharing on  Relationship marketing on April 24th.AVI
Brian Tracy sharing on Relationship marketing on April 24th.AVI
Bonus video!
Seven Secret to Success in Selling by Brian Tracy

Download Speed to Wealth by T Harv Eker
Click here to download book

If you read all the until here your in for a great surprise :)
Business Card Holder for the Pro on the Go! fro $35 with instruction manual.Will deliver in GTA and mail to you if outside the GTA.
Click here to view video
Available in Blue, Green and Red and you make it your own if you like.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Journey to Meditation

It has been an  interesting journey in learning from various leaders through their books and teachings. -including   “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by world-renowned author and speaker Robin Sharma.

That all changed on April 17th, 2012 when I  got listen to Ajahn Kusalo  on an evening that I will never forget. 

 A few weeks ago I was given a CD at my(41 years young) birthday party  by a very good friend  who  admires my energy but was concerned about me having some “slow down”  time as she coined it.

After listening to half way through the audio  and reported back to my friend that “it felt as if  I was walking through the forest with a bow and arrow on my shoulder with  no idea why”
She sounded confused “Were you chasing something or  was something chasing you?”I didn’t because I didn't really know.

My friend invited me  to participate in a meditation evening. She is a very spiritual individual and  felt this might be of interest to me.

Initially I was non-committal to her offer and decided to wait and ponder it a little further. The day before the event  she sent me an email with the location along with  some special instructions which included to bringing a water bottle and to wearing  comfortable clothing.

Tuesday morning I went  through my own routine of reading morning passages from a book that I keep nearby and did my morning affirmations.

That afternoon I listened to the last half  of  the CD (to my pleasant surprise) by then  I was in the forest with no bow and arrow just walking through. Listening  to the songs I could see a big tree across the street and remembered  vividly 25 years ago when it was first planted in the soil, it has now grown into a huge tree, solid from stump to the end branches. Just like me!

After that took a brief nap to relax  let the music sink in, and woke up and feeling  re-energized.
By late afternoon I had decided that I was ready to go to the meditation and I informed my friend via email. She was pleased and looked  forward to it.

As I neared the location was pleasantly surprised when  I realized that I  pass by this location all the time going to a health club near by. Locked up my mountain bike and followed the signs to  where it said “Everyone is welcome”.
My friend was going to arrive little later so I made my way in and found  a chair off to the side. The room was very quiet as people began to arrive.

Even though I had my business cards with me I made no attempt to interact with anyone, respectful of the environment and the event.Ajahn Kusalo   walked into the room and was greeted by a gentleman who was assisting with the room and event proceedings.

At the entrance there was option to make a donation to the monastery, so I grabbed  an envelope and made a mental note to put one the box on my way out.

We were given two  handouts. The first  was a dedication of offering which was a chant that was made during the session; the second was a  sheet of explanation called Tisarana- an overview of intent and direction
Ajahn Kusalo began with conversation and I was pleasantly surprised that he was very amusing and made a strong effort to connect with everyone. He used many sports analogies to explain life and how we each  go through our journey.

He spoke how we deal with things that we face in our daily lives  and how we can learn to respond better and  better understand that life  is not as complicated as we make it.

We all have weaknesses. but at the end of the day we must  work on our strengths and evolve to improve our  weaknesses.

The room was silent as everyone listened except for the occasional  group laugh. It was a healthy spirit of individuals from all walks of life young and old, gathered together  for a few hours together time to relax and take time to breach and relax from our busy lives.

We chanted for about half an hour and then Ajahn Kusalo  fielded questions for the attendees.

It was a very therapeutic experience and I appreciated my friend inviting me to this event.

Moral of the story: meditation is a great way to relax and release yourself from the busyness of life.

If you wish to attend a future session information is below

For more information:

Address: 60 Lowther Avenue, (close to St George subway station)
Bring: Water bottle & wear comfortable clothing

Saturday, April 21, 2012


  • ·         This Principle separate the good from the great.
  • ·         Being responsible for all “Outcomes”  in your life will empower you to make course corrections.
  • ·         Your  “Responses” should be...”It’s 100% my responsibility” in both good or bad outcomes.
  • ·         When you take responsibility for the “outcomes” and  “effects” in your is then you can take control of the “causes” and “responses” in your life.
  •       How did you get the current responses you make?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen April 3rd Edition Newsletter

April has been awesome month so far, with more event happening next week. Brian Tracy is town on Tuesday April 24th  and Entrepreneur Speed Networking (morning) and Klemmer & Associates Champions Workshop on Thursday April 26th (evening).

Check out the amazing Fatima Omar-Khamissa Social Media workshop this Thursday. (Details below)

New articles on my blog

Trinidad & Tabago Association of Ontario event huge success
Click here to read

Green Living show with Swapsity
Click here to read

BlogTO picked Swapsity Swap Zone as one of the top 5 attractions at the Green Living Show out of 400 exhibitors!
Click here to read article

Entrepreneur Speed Networking Event in Etobicoke on April 26th
 Click here for event details

Join the group via and type Entrepreneur Speed Networking
Event are happening Richmond Hill  and South Etobicoke and Toronto in May.

Spiritual Marketing Map April 19th with Fatima Omar-Khamissa
Click here for event details

Blogs to Follow:
   Shannon Smith   Click here
  Eric Lofholm   Click here   
 He will coming to Toronto in early May. Stay tuned for details. 
 Millionaire Mind free download of "Get Hardwired for Success"
Events this month:

Brian Tracy in Woodbridge,ONT  April 24th  ( email me for tickets ) 
Champions Workshop in Toronto on April 26th with Klemmer & Associates

Click here to register

The event on May1st
Click here for information

Meetup Groups in May

May 3 Richmond Hill
JIm Pagiamtzis will be sharing Social Media Made Simple
Click here for event details

May 24  Etobicoke (South)
JIm Pagiamtzis will be sharing Social Media Made Simple
Click here for event details

Millionaire Mind is coming to Toronto in May 25-27
Register today
Enter code: MMI4446

Dianne Ojar-Ali sharing at Trinidad & Tobago event.AVI
Dianne Ojar-Ali sharing Banking 101 at Trinidad & Tobago event.AVI

Monday, April 16, 2012

Trinidad & Tabago Association of Ontario event featuring Jim Pagiamtzis and many more.

 It was an educational and inspiring environment to participate at the 1st annual Trinidad & Tabago Association of Ontario event held at the Assemble Hall (Kipling and Lakeshore) on April 14th

 Appreciation goes to  Dianne Ojar-Ali, Author of Mrs Fraud and You to speak at this event with 4 other great speakers including Christopher van der Hoff (

 There booths with various products and services being offered by various business owners, from internet services to beauty products.

Jim Pagiamtzis speaking on Social Media Made Simple

Dianne Ojar-Ali speaking on Banking 101

Thank you to TTAO organization and all the supporters and volunteers who made this happen. Look forward to the next event being announced soon.

Jim Pagiamtzis

Swapsity Eco-swap event at Green Living show 2012 huge success

 It was a great weekend at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. Green Living event was held from April 13-15 featuring over 400 booths for green energy products to organic foods had great location beside the presentation and had been advertising online and offline for everyone to bring cd's, dvd's and  vinyl records. They didn't disappoint!

At the end of the three days 2,800 were swapped and a total of 3,437 media were recycled and diverted from landfills. That’s over $21,000 that Torontonians were able to save by swapping instead of shopping! The remaining 850 items are going to start off the next swap meet, happening July 21st. We also polled swappers as they left the Swap Zone and 90% of survey swappers indicated they left very happy.
Jim Pagiamtzis at the Green Living Show Day 1 Direct Energy Centre

Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing attendee with a great family story at theGreen Living show


 Would all the volunteer who assisted in making this event a huge success, There few numerous attendees who spontaneous and assisted on the third day. It got really busy mid-afternoon!

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis donating electronic equipment on Friday morning. All material is being recycled into something better to help with the environment.

    Would like to Thank everyone for attending the event and the Swaptopus will see you on July 21st at the Yonge and Dundas. For other events happening go to for future events happening in April and May 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be A Networking Pro and “Enlight” Experience

Thursday March 22,2012 was a great experience to speak  to the Chinese Professionals Association  in Toronto at the Jack Astor’s in Downtown Toronto.

It  was few months ago that I was at the same location attending a social media panel discussion on pros and cons of being on social media with Promod Sharma and Huge Reilly.  It was a evening with interesting discussion and thought provoking  questions on how social media is evolving in the 21st century.
Before and after the event we had opportunity to network and as I always say “be prepared for the opportunity” you never know who you are going to meet. That evening I met Peter Zhou Young Professional Division Chinese Professionals Association of Canada. Peter and I had a great conversation on the art of networking and he was very interested in my book and how to become a networking success. 

A few weeks later I got an invitation to speak for Peter’s organization on how they coined “Be A Networking Pro”   -  short, sweet and to the point, I like that!   We had some telephone and email communication with the public relations department of The Chinese Professionals Association to finalize the presentation.  A request for some prizes were made.

It has been a busy week and I’m looking forward to sharing networking insights and experiences with these young professionals.

As I arrived I was greeted by Peter Zou and James Shi, the master of ceremonies for the evening.  They had a theatre style set up and I had contributed a portable screen for the presentation.

They were expecting a solid attendance for the event and they arrived with enthusiasm and excitement. Introductions were made, and I was ready to share my experiences becoming a networking success.

I shared a brief article on “Three Key Task To Success” that I had written for my Alumni Centennial  College, and the impact these strategies can make on their journey.  Then I ventured into the system of becoming a networking success and shared the P-A-R system - simple and effective strategies to follow to create an effective system of communication and getting results in networking conversations (link is below on chapter available online).

I shared insights and experiences of how to use the P-A-R system and ways to create positive engagement, the art of communication language with technology (3-T’s),  and the ability to interpret non-verbal  (handshake) and verbal communication.

Had a special guest speaker in Hyosum Kim  from the Toronto Millionaire Mind Ambassadors  talk about the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and the upcoming seminar happening on May 27-29 in Toronto. (see details below)

We had great Q & A session at the event where we talked about body language, how angles are important in networking, and how to deal with different networking situations. (see video link below)

Another great experience I viewed   was a networking  game the audience participated in for 30 minutes - it  gave them the opportunity to learn, do and apply what they had learned. 

There was a delicious dinner served at the end by Jack Astor’s with assorted Nacho’s and finger foods. We also had numerous participants approach me individually with comments and questions regarding networking and business, life and success.

The Chinese Professionals Association of Canada has numerous events and initiatives that are promoted and their website is  for more information.

                                           Antonio Ding,Michelle Ji and Jim Pagiamtzis

Body Language example and much more.

How to create a network at CPAC

Millionaire Mind tickets  (copy and paste) type MMI4446

 Jim Pagiamtzis


Monday, April 9, 2012

Spotlight: Marta Nowinska

How can the swapping economy benefit entrepreneurs and small business owners?
Barter accounts for 30 per cent of the world's total business. Successful entrepreneurs like Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson have saved millions of dollars by bartering. Let’s not forget Canada’s very own Kyle MacDonald, who successfully swapped his way to a $50,000 house and demonstrated how dedicated barterers can turn swapping into alternative financing. Toronto-based Shannon Simmons, The Barter Babe, is another inspirational example of an entrepreneur tapping into the power of barter.

Swapping is quickly growing in popularity and is becoming an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Barter can help your business in the following ways:

#1 Conserve cash
#2 Attract new business
#3 Buy what you can't afford
#4 Promote your business
#5 Gain an edge over your competition

If your business has surplus inventory, empty appointment slots or vacant rental space, you can stand to benefit from leveraging your excess capacity. In return, you could get a new business website, legal advice, search engine optimization or perhaps a much-needed cottage getaway, all without burning through your cash.

Barter can also be a powerful marketing tool, making your product or service available to prospective clients who may not try them otherwise. Barter clients can convert to cash clients in the future. Most importantly, you are building meaningful connections and sharing your expertise while getting help yourself.

Just as 65 per cent of Fortune 500 companies barter for about 5 to 15 per cent of their transactions, astute business owners and entrepreneurs should explore the option of incorporating swapping into their budget.

Need more information about business barter? Check out:

Note: Keep in mind, just as you would report your cash business income, if you’re bartering business services, the value of bartered goods and services is subject to taxation.

How can swapping benefit job seekers?
Job seekers offer a wide variety of valuable skills that can be shared through a swapping economy. Broaden your job search to include barter opportunities. An open mind and a little initiative are all it takes to reap the vast swap possibilities, networking connections and significant savings. For example, a marketing professional can swap expertise helping a restaurant gain business for a set of free dinners while a web developer can exchange services with a resume coach.

Through swapping, job hunters have the opportunity to gain experience, build a portfolio, network with other professionals, make new connections or even jumpstart freelancing opportunities.

Tapping into the swapping economy is a fantastic way to save money while searching for work since you can get practically anything you need on barter, without spending a dime.

"Get Connected Make Swapping  Happen" as Jim Pagiamtzis would say. Give it a try!

Marta Nowinska is the visionary and founder behind Swapsity, Canada’s premier swapping community. Visit her website at

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hockey afternoon in Toronto

It was great afternoon to play ball hockey with a few friends enjoy the great weather and have some fun.

Was great to play with Drew, Nathan, Marlan, Keith, Glenn and AL  in spirited game of hockey.

Funniest line said was "damn I stepped on a rock and lost my balance".

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis proud Maple Leafs fan @jimspagiamtzis

Click below to see a goal!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Batemans Bicycle Company has online and offline marketing that works

Riding the street of Toronto I get to see different  types of promotions  by various businesses. Many of them being  normal marketing initiatives. Few months back  as on my way to gym  noticed great sign outside a bike repair shop  in the annex area  which said “ Like our Facebook page and win a bike” by Bateman’s Bicycle Shop (Barton & Bathurst). Look very intriguing and made a mental to visit site online  and went on my way.

That day I logged into Facebook  “liked’ their page and went on my way checking my message s and doing my posts  for the day.

Few months passed and I had a minor bike issue, so I passed by the Bateman’s Bicycle  and they fixed my issue at no charge!  I was impressed! Great customer service.
Couple of months after that received a interesting post card in the local neighborhood mail that was from Bateman’s Bicycle Company (see picture below). It was blue and gold trimming with one side stating the website and address information and on the other side it stated Bateman’s   mail and a Facebook logo saying” Like us on Facebook WIN A BIKE!!) It also included cool poem with a tune-up special for $30 offer was ending on March 31st   I was very impressed!

Spring was coming and we had a very mild winter and it was time to get my Diamond back mountain bike spring cleaning so where did I go? You guessed correctly Bateman’s Bicycle Company.

Dropped of  my bike in on Friday  March 16th and mentioned to the clerk the card offer and he quickly as for my information and stated it will take approximately 7 days for tune-up and any necessary repairs to be completed. Mention to him that I do ride my bike 5 days a week the quicker  they  can get  it done it would be greatly appreciated.

The weather was above seasonal for the month, so walking to the gym and doing other errands was okay, having the bike sooner would still be better. On March 21st  I  called the bike shop and they stated that they were very busy and bikes that were brought in last Thursday we being worked on. Called on March 24th and 25th and they were working on bikes from late last week. I was getting impatient, I should have asked if they have loaners!
On my back from a Constant Contact event in Toronto on Monday March 26th got a phone call from Bateman’s Bicycle company that my bike was ready! I was so excited that I event went to the gym had a great workout and headed  to the shop as quickly as I could.

When I got there was excited to get my bike and go cycling that day!  Had a great conversation with the owner and was explained the repairs that were made to the Diamondback mountain bike. (new back tire and brake strings were replaced.)

I asked him about writing article about his online and offline marketing strategies and he agreed he also shared that he had been interviewed  by various newspapers locally  and nationally in the past year. He had also a successful email marketing campaign using Constant Contact (I was even more excited) as I explained that I was Authorized Local Expert Trainer for Toronto.

He agreed to an article in the future on their grand opening happening in a few months, they also  having a bike swapping program they will announcing soon.

Like Facebook page and win a bike! and link below for links
 Jim S Pagiamtzis

About Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How's Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro  Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That speaking on How to become Networking Success.

Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into speaking all over the GTA from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on "Economics of Staying in School"