Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: Zombie Loyalists- Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans


   " Zombie Loyalists Peter Shankman shares insights, expertise and powerful stories on customer service and the ability that you can do the same!"

Marketing and PR expert Peter Shankman has been working with the biggest companies in the world to create what he calls “Zombie Loyalists,” fervent fans that help companies massively increase their customer base, brand awareness, and most importantly, revenue. After all, why should you have to tell the world how amazing you are if you can have your existing customers do it for you? Imagine an army of customers who will do your public relations, marketing and advertising, without being asked, each and every time they give you their money. These are Zombie Loyalists. They are ready to buy what you sell, respond to your email offers and demand that their friends to do the same.

So how do you get this rabid following? There’s been a lot of lip service given to customer loyalty over the past few years, but most companies still don’t realize that a points program or a slew of untargeted emails simply won’t do it. With so many products and platforms to choose from, amazing customer service is the only differentiator that will truly put you ahead of your competition. Looking at exceptional companies like the Ritz Carlton, Commerce Bank, and Starwood Hotels, as well as smaller businesses to turn their customers into Zombie Loyalists, he shows how you can create your own customer army.

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Audio Review: God's Plan for Prosperity


                                In this 3 audio set Mark Gorman shares insights, stories on sewing, reeping and serving.

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About Mark Gorman

Mark Gorman has been a public speaker for more than 30 years. He is a minister, motivational speaker, teacher, and recording artist.

Mark and his wife, Gina, along with their two children, Kenneth and Sharah, reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Mark speaks extensively throughout the United States, Europe, The United Kingdom, Asia, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Mark and Gina also speak as a team. They offer keen insights on overcoming the challenges facing marriages and families today.

Mark’s unique gift of humor has endeared him to audiences of all ages around the world. His keen wit puts audiences at ease and allows him to communicate with openness and transparency.

As a Christian, Mark welcomes the opportunity to tell people that any successful business principle in use today can be found in the Bible.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Podcamp Toronto 2015 a huge success!

               It was an amazing weekend of learning, sharing and socializing at Ryerson University. (80 Gould Street)  61 speakers in two with amazing expertise and insights on various topics.

       It was great to have Zeeshan Raza, Hanna Guerra, Bassem Galli, Promod Sharma, Rob Campbell and Martin Bruckland all sharing.

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Podcamp Toronto 2015


Brett Abbey and Jim Pagiatmzis having Tim Hortons
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing How to be a Rockstar presenter!w

Amy Lee and Jim Pagiamtzis

Brett Abbey getting ready to share

Vanish and Jim Pagiamtzis

Sujit Reddy, Martin Buckland and Jim Pagiamtzis

gold plated speaker

Ravi Amin, Jim Pagiamtzis, Sujit Reddy, Hanna Guerra and Moe

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

21 Connections Feb 3rd Edition Learn, Speak and Socialize

 Ryerson University on Feb 21st & 22nd  Learn more 
In This Issue
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David Ogunnaike

 February 19th
Mississauga Chapter
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February  26th
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Special Event:

February 21st & 22nd

Becoming a Rockstar Presenter in 21st Century
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Engaging in Social Media in 21st Century
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21 Connections will be providing your information on 3 areas. Learn. Speak & Socialize. Amazing articles and videos in this edition,
  Big events this month: Podcamp 2015 in a few weeks and Public Speakers Association in Mississauga on Feb 19th  and Toronto on Feb 26th (see details side bar)
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing about Podcamp2015
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing about Podcamp2015

Huge thank to Laura Bilotta got see preview show upcoming movie with Will Smith and Margot Robbie Read more 

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 Interview of the week:

 Cold Calling specialist Tom Kaufmann  

Special event: March 2nd

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