Sunday, February 22, 2015

Podcamp Toronto 2015 a huge success!

               It was an amazing weekend of learning, sharing and socializing at Ryerson University. (80 Gould Street)  61 speakers in two with amazing expertise and insights on various topics.

       It was great to have Zeeshan Raza, Hanna Guerra, Bassem Galli, Promod Sharma, Rob Campbell and Martin Bruckland all sharing.

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Podcamp Toronto 2015


Brett Abbey and Jim Pagiatmzis having Tim Hortons
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing How to be a Rockstar presenter!w

Amy Lee and Jim Pagiamtzis

Brett Abbey getting ready to share

Vanish and Jim Pagiamtzis

Sujit Reddy, Martin Buckland and Jim Pagiamtzis

gold plated speaker

Ravi Amin, Jim Pagiamtzis, Sujit Reddy, Hanna Guerra and Moe

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