Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Journey of have two awesome cars from 1993-2015

        I had Chevrolet Cavalier 1993-2003 Red  2 big black bumpers. saved me numerous times!


         Honda Civi SIR  1993-2015  Silver  Fast and Furious. Drove all around the Ontario and little into the U.S.A

 next car.. stay tuned


Memorabilia Review: Toronto Maple Leafs

                I was at an office in Richmond Hill,ONT recently and saw this awesome Toronto Maple Leafs memorabilia



Event Review: Cashflow game in Richmond Hill

   It was an awesome evening playing the Cash flow game at Monopoly in Richmond Hill,ONT

       Two games, lots of fun and new people learning the game


Cash flow game

Monday, March 27, 2017

21 Connections March 4th Edition: Cash flow game, Book Review and The Art of Marketing in Toronto

"Learn, Speak and Social leads to monetize!" Jim Pagiamtzis
March 2017 Learn, Speak and Socialize
 21 Connections will be providing you with awesome events  Learn. Speak & Socialize and grow you business and connections!

 Check out the articles on my  networking adventures,acting roles and special events.

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Special event:
Cash Flow game

Tuesday March 28th
When: Tuesday, March 28 at 6:30PM - 8:30PM EST
Where: 90 Tiverton Court, Suite 100, Markham,ONT

Any questions call Jim Pagiamtzis 416-894-7859 cell 
Book Review: The Profitable Professional

The rules have changed. Business clients are now expecting more growth focused support than ever before and business support professionals must adapt to embrace this changing client paradigm or they will be left behind. This book is written to help business coaches, consultants, advisors and more forward thinking business accountants to embrace this new paradigm so they can build a highly profitable business coaching, consulting or advisory business Read more 
Very Special Event:

Monday April 3rd
The Art of Marketing
The Art of Marketing returns to Toronto on April 3rd, 2017, bringing together a collection of world-renowned bestselling authors, thought leaders and visionaries.
This one-day conference explores the power shift in brand-consumer relationships. It puts the spotlight on how business models are being disrupted and, as a result, how marketers need to rethink how to achieve their goals.
Jim Pagiamtzis Centennial College _alumni_
Jim Pagiamtzis Centennial College Banner (alumni)

Book Review: The Profitable Professional

  Jim Pagiamtzis Review:
      "Thin book but a powerful read. Kelly Clifford shares strategies and tips and 3 amazing case studies that prove this book will create results for your business!"

   About book:
The rules have changed. Business clients are now expecting more growth focussed support than ever before and business support professionals must adapt to embrace this changing client paradigm or they will be left behind. This book is written to help business coaches, consultants, advisors and more forward thinking business accountants to embrace this new paradigm so they can build a highly profitable business coaching, consulting or advisory business. The 12-step blueprint it provides you with at the end of the book for implementing the 10 key ingredients it covers will help to dramatically fast track your success.

Transforming the profits of your business starts today!

See more at

“A simple no-nonsense book for the professional, big or small. It confronts the key issues surrounding profit and shows you how to come out the other side as the winner.” -- Robert Craven - Author, Grow Your Service Firm

“Kelly has a refreshing writing manner that breaks everything down to the key ingredients that matters. This is a no brainer to read for any professional or business owner!" -- Kerrie Dorman – Founder, Association of Business Mentors

“Packed with words of wisdom and a blueprint for those wanting to establish themselves as coaches, consultants or advisors. Highly recommended.” -- Paul Barnett – Founder & CEO, Strategic Management Forum

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Event Promotion: The Art of Marketing in Toronto on April 3rd

   Get your tickets today for the The Art of Marketing happening on April 3rd

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Journey to Masquerade Party

   It was an awesome evening of dancing and having fun with Masquerade theme event.

   Soul City Social group with DJ Steve Flemming rocking the house at Uptown loft in Yonge and Eglinton area) You can find the group on Meet up



Friday, March 24, 2017

Event Review: Public Speakers Association: Toronto Chapter (evening) March 23,2017

                It was amazing evening of learning about Copuera from Marcio Mendes


Event Review; Canada Job Expo on March 23,2017

      It was an amazing day of sharing, learning and meeting new people.

       I shared co-hosting with Dianne Ojar Ali for the day.


Jim Pagiamtzis and Centennial College banner (alumni)

Jim pagiamzis and Canada Job Expo Banner

Dianne Ojar Ali and Jim Pagiatmzis sharing MC duties

Jim Pagiamtzis and Pedro Diaz-Ramos

Jim Pagiamitzis and CPA Alastair Hobson

Jim Pagiamtzis and Dianne Ojar Ali

Magazine Review: Canada's Largest Real Estate Wealth Expo (bonus networking game)

                      An amazing program with great networking game!


Magazine Review: Canadian Real Estate Wealth

                 Canada's #1 Real Estate Investment Magazine


Magazine Review: Canadian Immigrant Magazine (March 2017)

                           Amazing articles. including Murali Murthy

                                learn more


Monday, March 20, 2017

Journey to ball hockey injury

      It has been a long career of playing sports from baseball, basketball, ball hockey and ice hockey.

      I have minor injuries along the way from strained shoulders, knees and few small concussions.

   On Sunday March 12th, 2017 I was playing ball hockey at the community centre on on Pape and O'Connor.

   I got warmed up as usual, unfortunately I didn't stretch!

     Then game got started just after 6:10pm and I was opted to play defence for the evening. On my second shift  I was tripped by an opposing players stick and felt backward and land on the floor. I quickly got up and resumed my shift.

  On the next shift I went out to play the ball and heading toward centre, then all of sudden I made a sudden move to my right and felt and huge pain down the right side of knee. I immediately fell down on the floor in tremendous pain and the game stopped. I was on the floor for a about an minute and then went to the bench.

     I stayed on the bench for a few minutes and then took a walk toward the hallway of the community centre to see if I could walk of the pain. It began to get worse by the minutes. I tried to run on it and the pain was immense!

    I ended up watching the rest of the game and was still in pain.

  The night and early the next morning my right knee had swollen up completely. I made a call to my 


Event Review: Canada's Largest Real Estate Wealth Expo on March 19,2017

     It was going to be an exciting day of learning, speaking and socializing at Canada's Largest Real Estate Wealth Expo in Toronto on March 18,2017

       Anthony Robbins, Pitbull and many more amazing speaking were going to share from the stage as 15 thousand people were expecting to attend the Metro Convention Centre in Downtown Toronto

      It all started at 5:00am Saturday morning as I answer the call to volunteer at the event for part of the day. Huge thanks to Sujit K Reddy and Joanna Chabot for getting everything in order.

      I got up and had all my gear prepared the night before, the big question was how I was going to get to the Metro Convention Centre at 5:15am?  Well take a taxi of course. Now I have not been in a taxi in Toronto for at least 30 years!

     Would you believe my luck that none of the taxi's I tried to flag down on Bloor Street would stop! so I walk to the cross streets of Bathurst and Bloor to get some money from the bank machine and then tried again, waving my arms and legs. Finally a 4 door  Toyota Camry stopped and entered the back seat. I said " Metro Convention Centre please quickly!"  The driver responded " will be there in 10 minutes"
  I was little surprised how he gave me that answer so quickly and then I looking on his dash and he had 2 GPS units.

   We had quick conversation on his career and the taxi business in general. I said" you taxi is nice and clean" he said " thank you clean car , great service!"

     We arrived very quickly and I paid him and of I went to get ready and start my shift.

   I had asked for the registration area for the morning, so I could catch the afternoon session with Pitbull and Anthony Robbins

       It was a good plan to start but the day of the event was a not wise decision. 7 Days prior I had suffered a knee injury playing ball hockey so I was still recuperation from it. Luckily I had got movement back in the knee, it was on ligament that was strained.

     Unfortunately I couldn't wear my running shoes during my shift. I brought them with me to wear in the afternoon!

         It was smooth morning in giving people directions to where they can go sit and where to find the various session happening during the day.

       Late in the morning I was asked to be part of the group to get lunch with group of volunteers. I said "yes!" what followed was an adventure of going to the place which was fun experience. There was a Comicon event happening in the south building and there lots of people all dressed up in cosplay costumes everywhere.

          We got the subway shop and we picked up 12 boxes of food and divided them up amongst us. The next questions was asked "are we going the same way back?" by one of the volunteers. We said "no way we are going around!" so we went around the metro convention centre and made it back in record time. Our hands literraly we ready to fall off by the time we reach the volunteers room.

         After lunch I went back to registration and helped out for the next hour and ran some errands for my manager Ariba

  On a side" she  was AWESOME! The day before she clear with her communication and answered all our questions during our traning session. It was worked out well because we knew how to handle most of the questions that were going to be asked!

        At 2:00pm I signed off and went to change my shoes and seek out few friends who were at the event.

         It was great to listen to Pitbull being interview and sharing his mini talk on turning negative to postive. He then treated us to a few songs from a few of his hit albums

     Then the  last speaker of the night that everyone was waiting for the one and only  Anthony Robbins!

        He was supposed to be on stage at 4:30pm but didn't get on until 5:30pm which meant we were not going to get out until 8:45pm.

       Let me tell you, everyone stayed!  15 thousand attendees were glued to their seats listen to words of wisdom of Tony Robbins, He has been teaching personal development for 40 years!

         At the end of the day the experience was priceless!        


         On Friday evening we had a 2 hour training session to get the lay of the land and learn our responsibilities.

Ariba our Manager showing us the lay of land with all the seats
On Saturday morning...

Panoram shot of networking cafe

Pitbull being interview on the big screen


Pitbull being interview at 2:15pm


Anthony Robbins taking the stage at 5:30pm-8:30pm


Pravin and Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim Pagiamtzis far left and amazing real estate agants

Jim Pagiatmzis and Dwayne Richards

Jim Pagiamtzis middle with FUN Girls

Jim Pagiamtzis and Randy Ramadhin

Left to right Jim Pagiamtzis, Randy Ramadhin and Todor Yardonov

Sunil Tulsiani and Jim Pagiamtzis