Friday, December 28, 2012

Project Winter Survival


I know this is a crazy time of year, but we really need your help, please.  We have been asking for new and slightly used knapsacks and gym bags to create 3000 survival kits for the winter.   If you can get some bags together and even leave them on your porch I would be willing to come and pick them up or if you are in the Lawrence/Allen Rd area you can drop them off by me or I can meet you some where.  

This is a great time to clean out your cupboards, basements or garage and get rid of some bags you are not using, make space for the new stuff you got this holiday season.   We need everything we can get by Jan 2, 2013.

Carolyn Dickenson

or email ( we can set up meet up time)

Jody Steinhauer Chief Bargain Officer
Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of  the Year and Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 and Humanitarian of the Year

Project Winter Survival needs your help – we desperately need backpacks & sports bags. Click here to find out more.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Book review: You Should have Asked The art of Powerful Conversation by Stuart Knight

  It was great to read this book, below are three great passages I enjoyed reading.


What is a powerful conversation ?

A moment when two or people have the opportunity to explore intricate and colourful details of each other's mind. Powerful Conversation is a verbal dance that can change tempo in an instant, while being led by no one and everyone at the same time. A deliberate act of fostering the connection that exists between all human beings and in the process participating in one's own evolution.


I am not suggesting that you take on the role of full-time psychologist and replace your chair with a leather couch. All I am saying is that you can add real value to the lives of those you work with when you make the effort to create conversations that allow them to be real. Someone has to make the first move so it might as well be you. And it's really isn't that much work. All you have to do is be observant and put in a little effort. Sometimes people read these words and think I am encouraging them to schedule psychotherapy sessions with the co-workers. It's not that at all!  It's more about being observant of your colleagues and paying attention to their ups and downs. It may only happen one or twice a year, but engaging your co-workers in those meaningful moments gives them the opportunity to release a little tension they will thank you for it.


Some of my greatest moments in life come from talking to strangers and in the process finding out that there is nothing strange about them at all. To me, strangers should be seen as precious gems with the ability to unlock thoughts, ideas and aspirations I never even knew existed. As well, strangers are the perfect sounding board, as they are not biased to your past or future. They understand that you may never see each other again, and for that reason there is safety in the conversation that often does not exist when you are talking to people you know. A stranger does not have to worry about hurting your feelings or whether you will choose to be friends with them later on.

For more information on book and Stuart Knight click on link below:

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis and Stuart Knight at Winter Garden Theatre

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stuff for sale

Hi everyone with Christmas few days away, I have a few items for sale below: (serious inquires only)

iPad 1st Generation 64 GB   $400

Over the counter E-spring  $600

Poker set(s)

Pink   $40
Silver  $40
Backgammon  $30

I can be reached at

Friday, December 21, 2012

Don Tapscott moves into the app world

Don Tapscott moves into the app world

Published on Friday December 21, 2012

Hand-out Don Tapscott has moved into the app world.
By Raju Mudhar Staff Reporter
Don Tapscott is making the digital leap.
Tapscott is a management guru, consultant and the author of 14 books, which mostly discuss technology and how the digital revolution is changing society. His latest venture embraces the wired world he so often discusses; instead of the printed word, it comes in the form of an app.

The Thinkers50 organization, colloquially referred to as the “Oscars of management thinking,” chose Tapscott as the first person upon whom to base this kind of compendium app, with plans to release more to highlight the people it honours.

“I’m the only one of the top 10 that is sort of an expert on the digital thing, and they said, ‘So I guess that makes you the world’s leading thinker on how the digital revolution affects things,’” Tapscott says. “Between you and me, that and four bucks will get me a Frappuccino at Starbucks.”

The author says he is flattered by the honour and looks forward to fleshing it out, as the app is currently an amalgam of articles, interviews, podcasts and previously written essays.

“A lot of this material pre-existed and it wasn’t collected anywhere, and (creating) this particular app was very different than the process of writing a book. Normally, I do a massive research project and that informs everything that happens in my next book,” he says. “But everything is a remix, even books, and I found this quite instructive, in that all of this material was out there on all these topics and it had never really been brought together into some kind of integrated thing.”

The app looks at 10 areas Tapscott believes will be radically changed by technology in the coming years, such as education, banking, health, science and more. He plans to add more social features to the app and update it as he continues to research the various content areas.

Tapscott does believe we’re on the cusp of big changes, including starting to truly revolutionize how we teach students.

“The problems with education and the lacklustre performance of students are really reflective of the fact that we really have an industrial age model. We have the best model of learning that the 17th-century technology can provide,” he says. “But in education, this is finally happening; 2013 is a year of a turning point and really important initiatives like Coursera, edX (are) coming from MIT.

“We’re finally starting to think about building a 21st-century educational system. We need to move toward a student-focused, collaborative, customized model.”

Tapscott is also busy working on his next book, to be called Radical Openness. Co-written with Anthony D. Williams, it looks at how institutions and businesses can open up. And, Tapscott says, now that he’s created an app he’ll never focus solely on the printed word again.

“I’m really serious about this. I’m never going to just write a text book again. Every one of them is going to come with an app, or some kind of deep, interactive learning environment.”

December 21st was a huge success( not for the Mayans unfortunately)

The anticipation had  been growing that the world would suffer its demise on Dec 21st,2012. The Mayans has stated this and many had believed them.

 It was Thursday night and I literally couldn't sleep. I turned on my iPad  check out the my Twitter feed to see if the world is about to end.

41 years on this earth and we would be wipped out. I have accomplished a fair amount but there was so much more to achieve!

 I  played  my favourite video game Catapulit King for a while, then I played Golf game, time passed and I forgot about the world ending.. Went back to my Twitter feed and there were some great comment being made with the hashtag #mayans (check them out)

It was 2:00 and that was it. Lights out!

I was supposed to get up at 8:00am to get my day started. That didn't happen.Got up at 10:00am and I was behind the eight ball already. Had few task to get done and I had to catch up.

Had great Facebook conversation with Olga Jenny regarding the holidays and congratulating her on reach a new level in her business.

I got some administrative work done on my computer. Post my quote of the day from Duane Browne

 I have no special talent I am just passionately curious - Albert Einstein

If you want those you care about to also receive these daily quotes, send them to

Have an inspired day filled with passion, joy and wealth!

Then I got ready to go to the gym to workout. I was supposed to get my passport done today, but rescheduled it until next week.

I got a text from my good friend Joe Collins to have a usual Friday talk at Tim Horton's in Toronto at Victoria and Dundas (you can find us their usually at 1:30pm) having our success chat

Headed to the gym which was in the area (Extreme Fitness) which I have been going for many years. 
Sam Elahmar (General Manager) I have known for many years since he was at the Bay and Bloor location.

Few weeks back he had offered to look at my membership to see if you could do something about, I accepted. Due to his crazy schedule we had not be able to sit down to discuss.

Today was my day I reached out and spoke with him for a few minutes before heading out. I gave him my membership number and he said he would let me know.

Head upstairs to talk with Joe Collins. We had an amazing conversation about accountability, our achievements and our goals for 2013. We had read many similar books over the years and enjoy hearing his perspectives.  It 's a busy place with lots of Ryerson students everywhere!

We finished our talk and I head back to the office to get some more work done. Weaving in and out of traffic is fun most days. Today was little crazy it was raining and lots of holiday shoppers. Saw some great headline in the newspapers. "World will end today"

Looks like someone believed the Mayans.

When I got back I noticed I had message on my phone.

Check out the message and it was Sam Elahmar from Extreme Fitness who said "Call me back quick"

I got his number and called him few minutes later.

I spoke to the receptionist and ask who I want to speak to I said "Sam Elahmar he is expecting my call"

she says " what it regarding"

I said "regarding my membership, he called me and left a message I was just there half-hour ago"

She said "hold on"

It seem like 5 minutes, but I waited.

Finally I heard a voice "hi Jim how are you? how much do you pay a month?" he says

I said "$90"

He says" okay, this is what I'll do, I can make it $50, you have be coming for years (which I have 5 different clubs) 

I said " thank you, what do you want?"

he said " vodka" 

I said  "Done"

He said "Happy Holidays"

I said " You to Sam Thank you"

* I also sent him a Holiday Card  few hours later. (link below if you want to learn more about it)

I have received numerous e-cards via email in the past few days. It's a great gesture and I really do appreciate it. 

Terry Holdershaw from Scotial Entertaiment send me great one with rapping Santa Claus

I also got my monthly email from Marc Gordon for Fourword media

Check it out below: Yoda and Santa Claus make an appearance

I am a avid book read and currently reading book by Stuart Knight called You should have asked, The Art of Powerful Conversation. (been an amazing read)

Headed back to my computer to send out some Holiday Card and Thank you cards via online tool I have been using. This has been exciting system to use.

It has been an awesome day, the last thing I did was I played a Lotto Max ticket for $5 dollars with Encore.
50 million up from grabs plus additional 50 1- millions dollars. Stay tuned.... 

Moral of story:  Not sure what the Mayans were thinking or doing years ago, perhaps they got bored and just figured they wanted to mess with us down the road. In the end will leave end of world epics to Hollywood. We should enjoy our journey and make everyday the best day we want it to be!

Check out the links below on how to do the cards

If interested after watching the video email me and to set up a walk though

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Secret of the Millionaire Mind

This has been a very impactfull book that I have read multiple times since 2008, it has given information that I have applied and created powerfull results in all areas of my life.

In 2011 I loaned this book to Steve Wainwright who was evening security where I worked for logistics company in Toronto. We have had many great conversation on many occasions and I wanted to share some insight on Business, Life and Success through this book.

A week later I came by to pick up the book and Steve says "I want to go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Toronto"

He caught me little of guard with his comments, he was so passionate saying them!

We end up going to the three day weekend in Toronto near the Airport and we didn't spend anytime sitting together he went around networked, learned and engaged in conversations with the attendees.

I drove him to and from the event for all three days. We had some amazing conversations coming and going to the event and I felt he had made a great switch in his mindset in better understand his journey.

A few months later we went out for dinner and he had shared with me his story and how he felt that he nothing to give in his life, those three days showed him that he did and he turned himself around and make significant changes in his life.

All this through the power of book and people.

This is why I believe books are such a great resource not just read but to share with others.

I have met some amazing people form Dianne and Ken Ojar-Ali, Randy Ramadhin, and the amazing Karma Krew of November 2012!  This has made me understand Business, Life and Success is something all of us have access to. Its our decision if we want to achieve or dreams,goals and aspirations.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Business Connections event Feb 5th 2013

Need more information?

Jennifer Beale, unleash pr


Tuesday February 5, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST

Add to Calendar


The Old Mill
21 Old Mill Road
Toronto, ON M8X 1G5

Driving Directions
EVENT AGENDA* (subject to change)
7 - 8:30am - Business Networking Breakfast
8 - 9 am: Registration & Business Trade Show
9 - 10am: TBD 
10am - 12 noon: BUILDING ALLIANCES FOR SUCCESS/ Ronnie Doss,
12-1 pm: Networking with the Experts Panel Discussion with Networking Leaders
1-2 pm: Cindy Ashton
2-2:45 pm: TBD
3-5pm: TBD
Introductions * Referrals * Follow up
5-7 pm: Evening Networking Event - Cash bar

Join up to 1,000 small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people at this day-long Business Networking Conference featuring leading speakers and exceptional networking opportunities.
Tues Feb 5, 2013
The Old Mill, Toronto
9 am-7 pm
Keynote Speakers ~ Open Learning ~ Workshops
Featuring Ronnie Doss ** Cindy Ashton ** Cindy Mount
     Cindy Mount
Attend as much of the day as you wish
GET YOUR ALL DAY PASS - 2 for 1 tickets one sale till December 25
ONLY $35 for Subscribers of (incl tax)
Non-subscribers $45+Tax
At the door $55 if available
Register Now! BONUS: when you register you'll receive today absolutely free: 

Exhibitor Space is available by calling 416-865-3274
  Unleash PR

Exhibitor Space is available by calling 416-865-3274
 Fit for Fitness   

Exhibitor Space is available by calling 416-865-3274
  ConnectUsFirst FridaysnullGet Connected    
Unleash PR

Facilitate Change by Empowering Others

teamcroppedThe first Success Principle I teach is to take 100 percent responsibility for your life. Never has this been more needed than now. Current societal challenges – such as the recession, decimation of the stock and real estate markets and high unemployment rate – have left many American living in a state of resignation and despair.
It is time to turn this situation around. Each of us has the power within us to create the life we want, the life we dream about, the life we were born to live. Each of us deserves to fulfill our full potential and manifest our true destiny. It is our birthright, but it must be claimed. It must be earned through hard work, and part of that work is first learning and then living by the time-tested and ageless principles that are guaranteed to bring about our desired results.
And you, even as a sole individual, can have a tremendous impact.

Pass Along the Lessons

Most of us did not learn the principles of success in school or at church. Only a few of us learned them at home. Instead, the principles of success have been passed down by mentors, teachers, coaches and more recently in books, seminars and audio programs.
As a student of success, you have much wisdom to offer the people in your life. The greatest gift you can give anyone is a gift of empowerment and love. What could be more loving than helping someone you care about get free from their limiting beliefs and ignorance about success, and empowering them to create the life that they truly want from the depths of their soul?

Imagine the Possibilities

What if everyone in your family gave up complaining, took full responsibility for themselves and their lives and started creating the life of their dreams? What if every one in your company practiced these principles? What if every member of your softball team approached life this way? What if every high school student in America knew these principles and put them into practice in class, on the playing field and in their social life? What if every man and woman in prison was to learn these valuable principles before they were released back into society?  It would be a very different world.
Imagine a world where everyone would take 100% responsibility for their lives and the results they produce or don’t produce. Where everybody would be clear about their visions and their goals. Where nobody would fall victim to the criticism and abuse of others.  Where everyone would persevere in the face of hardship and challenge.
Men and women would band together in teams to support each other to become all that they could be. People would ask for what they need and want and feel free to say no the requests of others when it is not right for them to respond with a yes.  People would stop whining and complaining and get on with creating the life that they want.  People would tell the truth and listen to each other with compassion because they know that peace, joy and prosperity would flourish if they did.
In short, the world would work!

Your Contribution Matters

The greatest contribution you can make to the world is to grow in self-awareness, self-realization and the power to manifest your own heartfelt dreams and desires. This is why Mahatma Gandhi advised, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
As you shift, the people around you will notice and be inspired to model your actions. And as they shift, you’ll find that your little world becomes more of the place you dream it to be, full of support, peace and love.
The next greatest thing you can do is to actively facilitate the growth of others. But they are not the only ones who will benefit by your investment of time and energy in taking on the role of teacher.
Passing along your wisdom forces you to clarify your ideas, confront inconsistencies in your own thinking and more closely walk your talk. But most importantly, it requires you to read, study and speak the information over and over again. The resulting repetition reinforces your own learning.
And here’s another major benefit—the more you help other people succeed in life, the more they will want to help you succeed. If you’ve ever wondered why people who teach success strategies are so successful, here’s the answer: Because they have helped so many people get what they want, those they have helped naturally want to return the favor. The same will be true for you.

Help Create a Movement

I envision a world where everyone is inspired to believe in themselves and their abilities and is empowered to reach their full potential and realize all their dreams. I want the Success Principles taught in every school and university, and practiced in every small business and large corporation.
I’d love to have you join me in spreading the word and changing the world. If you feel inspired to share the Success Principles with your clients, students, employees and family, I’ve created a study guide that you can use to lead a free Success Principles study group. Please download a copy here.
If you’re ready to help us bring the principles to the world in a more structured way, consider joining my Train the Trainer program. Ideal for teachers, speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, managers, business owners and other leaders, Train the Trainer gives you the chance to work personally with me for a full year. Get full details here.

If you think you're too small to have an impact,
try going to bed with a mosquitoe in the room.
Anita Roddick
Founder of The Body Shop (with 1,980 stores serving
over 77 million customers) and a prominent human rights
activist and environmentalist

 Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at: 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Journey to presenting at Businss Point event on Dec 15th

 The Power of Networking always is amazing even to yours truly!

I have had busy November and December speaking all over the city on Social Media Made Simple, Mentorship, LinkedIn and How to become a Networking Success.

Have also been invited to various parties where I have connect with various professionals and entrepreneurs.

In mid-November I had attend an event at Club V in the Yorkville area of  Toronto (Yonge and Bay)

Sarah Robinson has had amazing success in the past few months holding various events throughout the city.

Tonight was no different. There was lots of  people waiting outside and the energy was high. There were various types of networking games to play (which I enjoy!)

There 3 speakers who shared their inspirational and empowering stories from stage and lots of great connections to be made.

I was glad I brought some business cards with me. (usually don't). I made 2 great contacts that night.

Rasheed Walizada from and James Chalmers we had met at previous events in Toronto.

Had a great conversation with Rasheed Walizada who had an upcoming event on December 15th and he was currently looking for speaker and exhibitors for the event. We exchange cards and within 24 he had send me an email to confirm my slot in speaking at the event. ( I was impressed). I connected via phone to discuss some other details to make it happen!

Event was  huge success. Below are pictures from the event. As it turned out Sarah Robinson was my neighbor exhibiting at the event. Gave me great opportunity to thank her presonally.

 Sarah Robinson at her table

Kamil Kawalski promoting upcoming book

Dr George Grant, Enzina DeAngelis  and Jim Pagiamtzis

Get Connected 21st Century table

Additional photos from event

Get Connected 21st Century Final Newsletter of 2012

December is in full swing!  There are lots of great events happening this week!

This is the final newsletter of 2012. Thank you to everyone for reading and sharing information. Look forward to sharing articles, events and your posts in the New Year!

Happy Holidays and all the best in 2013 and beyond to Get Connected 21st Century subscribers.

I have reached a great milestone  500 Blogs! Click here to read article

Amazing educational videos that I recorded this year.
Click here to watch videos


Monday Dec 17th  
 Cash flow game in Mississauga
 Where: Pilot Tavern (Yonge and Bay) 
 Time:   6:30pm-9:00pm
Cost:  $15 fee at the door 
 Lots of surprises
 Check out link below:

Dec 21st
Burst Party
Click link for event details

From noon until 8pm there will be the following:
1. Food stations - (Taster tickets available)
2. Drink stations - (Drink tickets available)
3. Conversation space for health, wealth, and spirituality
4. Live music and DJ's
5. Meditations and energy healing
6. Fitness demonstrations (Yoga / Qi Gong / Exercise / Marshal Arts)
7. Dance
8. Art gallery viewing
The day party will transition beautifully into the night for a full experience.
1. Dance performances
2. Poetry readings and versus from Rumi
3. Reiki healings
4. Tribal and worldly music performances
5. Appetizers served throughout the night
6. One drink ticket included

Click here to purchase tickets

Blogs of the week:

  Book Review: Redefining Success by Brett W.Wilson

 Authentic Leadership

 December 12,2012 an amazing day!

Holiday Card event at Microsoft Yorkdale

New Year's events 

Soul City Social Group  

Meet Market Adventures

3 amazing videos of 2012!

It has been a great experience to share the stage with many amazing entrepreneurs in 2012! Below are 3 videos that I hope you find inspiring and empowering to succeed in you journey of success.

 Colleen Lindberg

                                          3 Personality Dimensions

Rob Canyon

                                           Salt, Pepper and Water

Jim Pagiamtzis

                                          Power of Mentorship

Great interview with Randy Ramadhin talk about Cash Flow Game and much more

500 Blogs

It has been an amazing journey since 2008 since I started blogging. From my first blog which got post on 2 others sites and lead to a referral in less than 48hrs, to leveraging articles into paid speaking opportunities and multiple books.

Since then I have written multiple blogs on various websites from Toronto Public Library, Klemmer  & Associates. Staples, and many more.

Sharing topics from Networking, Mentorship, Leadership, weekly newsletters from Get Connected 21st Century.

Using the blog as a platform to promote other articles from Marc Gordon, Jack Canfield, Cory Olynick  to promoting weekly events happening in Toronto.

Creating the Spotlight feature in January 2012 has been an amazing journey in "ask 2 dynamics questions and you supply the answers!"  Have written about 40+  amazing  entrepreneurs and professionals in my network. In July 2012 started the Power talk series where I brought out these amazing people and ask them to speak for 10 minutes on a topics to inspire, empower and encourage.

It was a huge success and I got great feedback from attendees. I had two more event in September and December and which went well.

We had a special event in October in  association with Justin McMakin founder of  Full Media Centre where Justin McMakin shared his Marketing Funnel system and I shared presentation on Social Media Made Simple and How to become a Networking Success. Many great connections were made that evening.

I have been a avid book reader from many years so I tool the opportunity to write book reviews and share them on my blog. It has been great experience to share what I have learned but to also encourage and empower my connections to do the same.

Lastly would like to thank all the readers for reading and sharing my blogs with your network.

Look forward to sharing more amazing spotlight features, book reviews and articles.

I will be accepting articles submission for my blog in 2013! Articles must be 500 words or less and edited.

Jim Pagiamtzis 

Book review: Redifining Success by W. Brett Wilson

Below is a great part in Chapter 8 "Philanthropy Is Good Business"

1. Marketing

Whether your're a dentist or an employee in an oil and gas company, everyone needs to market themselves and their ideas. You might be pitching your boss or perhaps a group of potential investors. In either case, being able to make your case effectively is essential. I made my fortune as an engineer working in finance but it was my knowledge of- and passion for-marketing that made the difference. Maybe you can build the next great invention, but if you can't sell it, you don't have a business.

Students who leave schools without understanding marketing have a gap in learning, and we need to close that gap. Much of my philanthropic success has resulted from a marketing mindset. I often refer myself as an entrepreneurial philanthropist because I apply marketing approaches to my charitable work. In a very significant way, marketing levers the impact of both business and philanthropic pursuits. That's why it's so valuable.

2. Entrepreneurship

Students at every age seeing that the real world has opportunity, and they're find ways to connect their knowledge and passion with what the world needs. I have on ongoing beef with academia because it normally links entrepreneurial studies with small business. That's a mistake. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. Small business is simply how many entrepreneurs start. When Murry Edwards built the Horizon Oil Sands Project inside Canadian Natural Resources Limited, he was being very entrepreneurial, but there was nothing "small business" about the process.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurial studies are usually confined to business schools. But the entrepreneurial process is relevant everywhere. A few years ago I made a multi-million-dollar commitment to fund the Wilson Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence out of the University of Saskatchewan. The mandate of the school is to inspire innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in all colleges and disciplines at the university. Nursing and fine arts and engineering students, as well  as those from every other college, are encourage to find ways to connect their learning with entrepreneurial opportunities.

With a little inspiration, an art historian could- as an entrepreneur-become one of the next great gallery owners, but we need to plant the seed early. I'm proud to say the WCEE has become a significant innovation incubator, connecting students and business leaders with investment opportunities focused on western Canada. These new ventures are part of the economic engine of our region, and each one, in its own way, is contributing "good" back to the larger community.

3. Philanthropy

The first thing we need students to understand is that investing in community is not an expense, but an investment. Schools and university can be part of the process of changing that perception. Let's ask students important question such as: What's working? What's not working? What else can we do? What sort of effort can or should you put into philanthropy?  What should you expect in return? By making philanthropy part of a core curriculum, we're able to extend the conversation to every student.

For  more information on Brett W Wilson go to link below

Corey Olynik messge Dec 17th

This is a great season for connecting and reconnecting. I hope you're having some overdue conversations too. 
Highly successful organizations know their clients' expectations even before even they do. Think Starbucks. Think Netflix. The innovator organizations articulate things the clients don't know they want until they hear it said. It's more than just luck - smart businesses see the world through their users' eyes; they are in touch with how the customer feels, beyond just their technical challenges.
This week's question:   
2011 Photo

How well do you know the people you serve? What worries them? What are they hopeful for? What do they complain about? What excites them? What do they dream about? How well are you meeting their needs? If you were in their shoes, what would make your life easier, or more productive, or quicker, or whatever? Pick one thing; when will you test that out? 
 Learn more about Cory Olynik check out link below:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Get Connected in 2013! with twist. Who will tweet it 1st?

 Go out and Get Connected in 2013!   #21CNT2013  and win copy  book Get Connected 21st Century!

Constant Contact Testimonials

Video and written testimonials from successful entrepreneurs who use Constant Contact for their business

Marc Gordon

Randy Ramadhin

Terry Holdershaw (written)
                                            Terry Holdershaw testimonial

                                          Written testimonial from Dec 11,2012 event at Malvern Library

Friday, December 14, 2012

Authentic Leadership

It has been a great experience to listen, learn and have amazing learning experiences with various trainers with Klemmer & Associates. The ability to share and inspire the audience is great opportunity to teach great concepts, the ability to engage and have them learn, do and apply is where the true magic happens.

It numerous events  that I have attended in the past year I have seen presenters from Ronnie Doss, Bill Bixby sharing authentic stories about their journey of success.

There has been many great experience that they have shared from the own journeys that has made an impact with us.

Below is story Ronnie Doss share at one of the events
Ronnie explains  he gets a phone call for his best friend John and he says “Let’s go skydiving today”.

Ronnie quickly says “ now way man I don’t do well with heights”

John says “ C’mon Ronnie it’s my birthday” He quickly agrees and head to the local airport to do the jump.

He gets there and all his buddies are there waiting for him. He goes through an instructional course on how to pack his parachute and other safety procedures.

Ronnie puts on his green jump suit and notices that there is the metal circular clip on his back. He asks John “what’s this for?”  he replies and says “don’t worry about that for now, just get on the plane!”

They all enter the plane and Ronnie is still not feeling good about this adventure, he is being oblivious to the situation and he is cracking jokes with his friends and making small talk not at interested in the what will be happening soon.

Few minutes later the pilot yells “ We are ready to go!”

Everyone begins to stand and get ready except Ronnie who is still sitting and gripping the chair very heavily with his hands. John walks over and says “Are you ready to jump?” and Ronnie like a little child shakes his head in the “no” motion.

John ask’s  Ronnie to get up politely get up, by the way John is 6’2 and Ronnie is 5’11. He turns Ronnie around and clips into the back of his green jump suit.  John replies and says “I am ready and we are doing this tandem”  Ronnie goes on to say that “ John puts his feet under his and begins to walk to the door. All I could do is keep my feet stiff , but that didn’t help”.

We get to the door and I held on to both sides of the plane door with my hands and remember saying  in loud voice “ I still don’t want to do this” John removes his hands and they jump “jeronimoh!!!”

The wind is hitting Ronnie in the face and they are sailing in the wind, time is moving fast as the parachute deploys and they reach the ground safely.

Ronnie Doss turns to John and says “that was awesome, we are doing it again!”

He proceeded to pay for everyone and did a second jump again.

Ronnie Doss was being an authentic leader in sharing the story straight out of his journey. The participants  were engaged, interested and gained a valuable experience from his point of view. We all put our hands together and  clapped  with excitement on his accomplished.

You have the same opportunity to be an authentic leader in your life.

As the Nike quote says “Just Do It”

Moral of the story is that we all face fear in our journey of success is about overcoming them and burst through them. There is a great analogy called F.E.AR. witch stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Live through it and created a new reality for yourself and others and before you know it you will be sharing your story with others.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Journey to speaking at Malvern Library

In early February 2012  I had put in a proposal to the Toronto Public Library (thanks to referral by Marta Nowinska) they were accepting applications for speaker for the GTA.

I email in the application and didn't hear anything back from them until I got a phone call from Vicky  Tourkolias inquiring if I was interested in speaking in the Fall at the Malvern Library in Scarborough.

I didn't hesitate in saying "yes" but I asked how she heard about my services. She responded that she had come across my name in the library resources folder for speakers.

Apparently I had been accepted but not notified of that.

We set up date to speak on Dec 11,2012 where I shared insight on Social Media Made Simple using Constant Contact.  I also had called AJ Parl Founder of Toronto Computer Geeks to see if he was interested in sharing insight on  LinkedIn. He quickly agreed!

AJ and I have shared the stage on numerous occasion from speaking at Job Skills from January -April 2011 in Toronto to last 2 years at the Canada Job Expo in North York.

It was an awesome evening and we both delivered solid material to the attendees.

Look forward to speaking at the Toronto Public Library location in 2013!

                                AJ Parl sharing LinkedIn at Malvern Library

                               AJ Parl and Jim Pagiamtzis and Malvern Library

Power of LinkedIn connections

Few weeks ago I got a interesting request from LinkedIn below: 

My schedule was beginning to fill up for November so I quickly responded and we met for a coffee at Tim Horton's in the Yonge and Dundas area.

He came well prepared for our meeting, with resume and dressed to impressed. We had great conversation and I offered him to connect with some of my contacts I had on LinkedIn that may be able to offer assistance.

Within that week he went through all my contact and I sent 5 forward communications for him. He had one contact call him back! That was awesome!

2nd email
His email response:


M. Faisal Hasnain ( has sent you a message.
Date: 12/12/2012
Subject: Thanks
Hi Jim,

Just wanted to thank you for sending my connection request to your contacts, once again.


 3rd email
From: M. Faisal Hasnain
Date: 12/11/2012
Subject: Connect Request
Please connect if OK with you.

As always thank you for support.


Moral of the story: It's about Get Connected 21 Century using online and offline resources

Jim Pagiamtzis

P.S We  keep you updated on his journey to career success.

1st inquiry


M. Faisal Hasnain
JOB SEEKER - Seeking position in B2B Sales, Business Development, Account Management & Consultative Selling
Toronto, Canada Area

I came across your profile on LinkedIn and with great interest.

I am impressed with your profile and I feel that I can really benefit from your knowledge. I am a new immigrant with a respectable Sales and Marketing profile BUT struggling to make progress in Canada. I am reaching out to professionals like yourself for some guidance. Can you please give me an appointment for 30 mins on any day/time/place convenient to you. I hope for a positive reply from you.

thank you,