Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Secret of the Millionaire Mind

This has been a very impactfull book that I have read multiple times since 2008, it has given information that I have applied and created powerfull results in all areas of my life.

In 2011 I loaned this book to Steve Wainwright who was evening security where I worked for logistics company in Toronto. We have had many great conversation on many occasions and I wanted to share some insight on Business, Life and Success through this book.

A week later I came by to pick up the book and Steve says "I want to go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Toronto"

He caught me little of guard with his comments, he was so passionate saying them!

We end up going to the three day weekend in Toronto near the Airport and we didn't spend anytime sitting together he went around networked, learned and engaged in conversations with the attendees.

I drove him to and from the event for all three days. We had some amazing conversations coming and going to the event and I felt he had made a great switch in his mindset in better understand his journey.

A few months later we went out for dinner and he had shared with me his story and how he felt that he nothing to give in his life, those three days showed him that he did and he turned himself around and make significant changes in his life.

All this through the power of book and people.

This is why I believe books are such a great resource not just read but to share with others.

I have met some amazing people form Dianne and Ken Ojar-Ali, Randy Ramadhin, and the amazing Karma Krew of November 2012!  This has made me understand Business, Life and Success is something all of us have access to. Its our decision if we want to achieve or dreams,goals and aspirations.

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