Friday, December 7, 2012

We Are Ready Official Lyric Video

We Are Ready Official Lyric Video

Hey there everyone!!

As youngsters many of us are taught to share, but by the time we’re
adults, most of us seldom do.  Here are five good reasons to always
share whatever we can.

1. Validation

Sharing something vulnerable about ourselves has us become more
conscious of who we are and our identity.  Sharing something we
have keeps us in abundance, feeling gratitude for our blessings.
Sharing in an activity makes the activity more enjoyable and

2. Behavior Modification

As we share stories, art, or humor that is meaningful to us, we
increasingly alter our actions to reinforce the values that we
communicate.  If we share more about love, we will be more loving.
If we share more about success, we will eventually become more

3. Co-Creation

When we share with others, and they share with us, we naturally
uncover and understand more about other people, places, and
concepts.  We tend to reciprocate data, ideas, and resources that
are relevant and useful to individuals we subconsciously know it
will benefit.  Social networks provide a modernized medium for
co-creation which bypasses geopolitical and economic barriers.

4. Collaboration

In this digital age, as vast groups of people of similar interests
and goals unite, so much more becomes possible.  Collaborative
research, microloans, and crowd funding are new paradigms of
creating global change in the world today.  And none of these
paradigms would be effective if it wasn’t for individuals like you
and me, “liking”, “commenting” and “sharing”.

5. Collective Consciousness

What’s possible when something goes super viral?  Gangnam Style.
No longer do we need to rely on multi-million, multi-national,
geopolitical entities to shift mass culture.  It’s in our hands now.

Practice the +1.  Post on your wall.  Share this message.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

We Are Ready Lyric Official Video

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