Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st was a huge success( not for the Mayans unfortunately)

The anticipation had  been growing that the world would suffer its demise on Dec 21st,2012. The Mayans has stated this and many had believed them.

 It was Thursday night and I literally couldn't sleep. I turned on my iPad  check out the my Twitter feed to see if the world is about to end.

41 years on this earth and we would be wipped out. I have accomplished a fair amount but there was so much more to achieve!

 I  played  my favourite video game Catapulit King for a while, then I played Golf game, time passed and I forgot about the world ending.. Went back to my Twitter feed and there were some great comment being made with the hashtag #mayans (check them out)

It was 2:00 and that was it. Lights out!

I was supposed to get up at 8:00am to get my day started. That didn't happen.Got up at 10:00am and I was behind the eight ball already. Had few task to get done and I had to catch up.

Had great Facebook conversation with Olga Jenny regarding the holidays and congratulating her on reach a new level in her business.

I got some administrative work done on my computer. Post my quote of the day from Duane Browne

 I have no special talent I am just passionately curious - Albert Einstein

If you want those you care about to also receive these daily quotes, send them to

Have an inspired day filled with passion, joy and wealth!

Then I got ready to go to the gym to workout. I was supposed to get my passport done today, but rescheduled it until next week.

I got a text from my good friend Joe Collins to have a usual Friday talk at Tim Horton's in Toronto at Victoria and Dundas (you can find us their usually at 1:30pm) having our success chat

Headed to the gym which was in the area (Extreme Fitness) which I have been going for many years. 
Sam Elahmar (General Manager) I have known for many years since he was at the Bay and Bloor location.

Few weeks back he had offered to look at my membership to see if you could do something about, I accepted. Due to his crazy schedule we had not be able to sit down to discuss.

Today was my day I reached out and spoke with him for a few minutes before heading out. I gave him my membership number and he said he would let me know.

Head upstairs to talk with Joe Collins. We had an amazing conversation about accountability, our achievements and our goals for 2013. We had read many similar books over the years and enjoy hearing his perspectives.  It 's a busy place with lots of Ryerson students everywhere!

We finished our talk and I head back to the office to get some more work done. Weaving in and out of traffic is fun most days. Today was little crazy it was raining and lots of holiday shoppers. Saw some great headline in the newspapers. "World will end today"

Looks like someone believed the Mayans.

When I got back I noticed I had message on my phone.

Check out the message and it was Sam Elahmar from Extreme Fitness who said "Call me back quick"

I got his number and called him few minutes later.

I spoke to the receptionist and ask who I want to speak to I said "Sam Elahmar he is expecting my call"

she says " what it regarding"

I said "regarding my membership, he called me and left a message I was just there half-hour ago"

She said "hold on"

It seem like 5 minutes, but I waited.

Finally I heard a voice "hi Jim how are you? how much do you pay a month?" he says

I said "$90"

He says" okay, this is what I'll do, I can make it $50, you have be coming for years (which I have 5 different clubs) 

I said " thank you, what do you want?"

he said " vodka" 

I said  "Done"

He said "Happy Holidays"

I said " You to Sam Thank you"

* I also sent him a Holiday Card  few hours later. (link below if you want to learn more about it)

I have received numerous e-cards via email in the past few days. It's a great gesture and I really do appreciate it. 

Terry Holdershaw from Scotial Entertaiment send me great one with rapping Santa Claus

I also got my monthly email from Marc Gordon for Fourword media

Check it out below: Yoda and Santa Claus make an appearance

I am a avid book read and currently reading book by Stuart Knight called You should have asked, The Art of Powerful Conversation. (been an amazing read)

Headed back to my computer to send out some Holiday Card and Thank you cards via online tool I have been using. This has been exciting system to use.

It has been an awesome day, the last thing I did was I played a Lotto Max ticket for $5 dollars with Encore.
50 million up from grabs plus additional 50 1- millions dollars. Stay tuned.... 

Moral of story:  Not sure what the Mayans were thinking or doing years ago, perhaps they got bored and just figured they wanted to mess with us down the road. In the end will leave end of world epics to Hollywood. We should enjoy our journey and make everyday the best day we want it to be!

Check out the links below on how to do the cards

If interested after watching the video email me and to set up a walk though

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