Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Join my mailing list WORKS!

I have seen Join my mailing list icon on so many website and I have entered my email address. The only thing that was missing is I never put on my website!

I finally did it few days ago. Keep reading to see what happened.

Until then lets reverse for a few seconds. I started an email campaign using my Outlook express in 2008 due to challenge I got from Darren weeks. Everything was going well until October 2011 when my ISP service shut me down 3 times in a year.

I hard to look for an alternative. Did my research and found Constant Contact. Started using it that month and had great success. Became a Solutions Provider in December (selling services for revenue) and then in January 26th,2012 got hired as Authorized Local Expert (paid speaking).

Its been an amazing year so far speaking all over Ontario. Corporate training, meet up groups, colleges and various events.

This brings me to the point above about the "Join my mailing list" icon. I was actively building my list and growing it very quickly ( have to gloat a little). I heard many entrepreneurs saying that Join my mailing is not that effective. Unfortunately  I believed them.

A few days ago I decided to add the "Join my mailing list icon" to my blog and website and to my surprise!

Drum roll please...... badda bing ...

I had 5 people sign up through my blog and website.

I was like, "I waited way to long to do this!"

Moral of the story. We have to something tell ourselves to "Just Fricking  do it today!" 

Nuff said on this issue.

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