Friday, December 7, 2012

Cash flow game in Toronto a huge Success

We had an amazing evening on Dec 6th in Toronto at 25 Telegram Mews Drive in Toronto. We had Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagiamtzis hosting the Cash flow game at the lobby of great condo (big thanks to Randy)

We had new player Brettt Deguire join us and Michael and Michell come out and play also.

It was a amazing time  of rolling the dice and making strategic moves. It got to the end and everyone was out of the Rat Race except yours truly, with less than 1 minute to spare I rolled the dice and landed on a big deal and I was out of the Rat Race and into the Fast Track! wooohoo!!!  I had just been downsized and lost to turns and was trying to get back in. Due to my persistence and determination I got out.

The evening was full of lessons for everyone and lots of fun! Check out the videos below.

Our next game is on Monday December 10th at Symposum Cafe  6677  Meadowvale Town Circle Mississauga,ONT 905-812-7557 See you there!

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Randy Ramadhin

                                           Brett Deguire offering a testimonial on his experience

                          Brett Deguire getting Secrets of Millionaire Mind book from Jim Pagiamtzis

                                                    Even the CN Tower was purple!

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