Monday, December 17, 2012

Journey to presenting at Businss Point event on Dec 15th

 The Power of Networking always is amazing even to yours truly!

I have had busy November and December speaking all over the city on Social Media Made Simple, Mentorship, LinkedIn and How to become a Networking Success.

Have also been invited to various parties where I have connect with various professionals and entrepreneurs.

In mid-November I had attend an event at Club V in the Yorkville area of  Toronto (Yonge and Bay)

Sarah Robinson has had amazing success in the past few months holding various events throughout the city.

Tonight was no different. There was lots of  people waiting outside and the energy was high. There were various types of networking games to play (which I enjoy!)

There 3 speakers who shared their inspirational and empowering stories from stage and lots of great connections to be made.

I was glad I brought some business cards with me. (usually don't). I made 2 great contacts that night.

Rasheed Walizada from and James Chalmers we had met at previous events in Toronto.

Had a great conversation with Rasheed Walizada who had an upcoming event on December 15th and he was currently looking for speaker and exhibitors for the event. We exchange cards and within 24 he had send me an email to confirm my slot in speaking at the event. ( I was impressed). I connected via phone to discuss some other details to make it happen!

Event was  huge success. Below are pictures from the event. As it turned out Sarah Robinson was my neighbor exhibiting at the event. Gave me great opportunity to thank her presonally.

 Sarah Robinson at her table

Kamil Kawalski promoting upcoming book

Dr George Grant, Enzina DeAngelis  and Jim Pagiamtzis

Get Connected 21st Century table

Additional photos from event

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