Monday, December 17, 2012

500 Blogs

It has been an amazing journey since 2008 since I started blogging. From my first blog which got post on 2 others sites and lead to a referral in less than 48hrs, to leveraging articles into paid speaking opportunities and multiple books.

Since then I have written multiple blogs on various websites from Toronto Public Library, Klemmer  & Associates. Staples, and many more.

Sharing topics from Networking, Mentorship, Leadership, weekly newsletters from Get Connected 21st Century.

Using the blog as a platform to promote other articles from Marc Gordon, Jack Canfield, Cory Olynick  to promoting weekly events happening in Toronto.

Creating the Spotlight feature in January 2012 has been an amazing journey in "ask 2 dynamics questions and you supply the answers!"  Have written about 40+  amazing  entrepreneurs and professionals in my network. In July 2012 started the Power talk series where I brought out these amazing people and ask them to speak for 10 minutes on a topics to inspire, empower and encourage.

It was a huge success and I got great feedback from attendees. I had two more event in September and December and which went well.

We had a special event in October in  association with Justin McMakin founder of  Full Media Centre where Justin McMakin shared his Marketing Funnel system and I shared presentation on Social Media Made Simple and How to become a Networking Success. Many great connections were made that evening.

I have been a avid book reader from many years so I tool the opportunity to write book reviews and share them on my blog. It has been great experience to share what I have learned but to also encourage and empower my connections to do the same.

Lastly would like to thank all the readers for reading and sharing my blogs with your network.

Look forward to sharing more amazing spotlight features, book reviews and articles.

I will be accepting articles submission for my blog in 2013! Articles must be 500 words or less and edited.

Jim Pagiamtzis 

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