Monday, December 24, 2012

Book review: You Should have Asked The art of Powerful Conversation by Stuart Knight

  It was great to read this book, below are three great passages I enjoyed reading.


What is a powerful conversation ?

A moment when two or people have the opportunity to explore intricate and colourful details of each other's mind. Powerful Conversation is a verbal dance that can change tempo in an instant, while being led by no one and everyone at the same time. A deliberate act of fostering the connection that exists between all human beings and in the process participating in one's own evolution.


I am not suggesting that you take on the role of full-time psychologist and replace your chair with a leather couch. All I am saying is that you can add real value to the lives of those you work with when you make the effort to create conversations that allow them to be real. Someone has to make the first move so it might as well be you. And it's really isn't that much work. All you have to do is be observant and put in a little effort. Sometimes people read these words and think I am encouraging them to schedule psychotherapy sessions with the co-workers. It's not that at all!  It's more about being observant of your colleagues and paying attention to their ups and downs. It may only happen one or twice a year, but engaging your co-workers in those meaningful moments gives them the opportunity to release a little tension they will thank you for it.


Some of my greatest moments in life come from talking to strangers and in the process finding out that there is nothing strange about them at all. To me, strangers should be seen as precious gems with the ability to unlock thoughts, ideas and aspirations I never even knew existed. As well, strangers are the perfect sounding board, as they are not biased to your past or future. They understand that you may never see each other again, and for that reason there is safety in the conversation that often does not exist when you are talking to people you know. A stranger does not have to worry about hurting your feelings or whether you will choose to be friends with them later on.

For more information on book and Stuart Knight click on link below:

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis and Stuart Knight at Winter Garden Theatre

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