Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec 12.2012 was an amazing day!

  With all the hype regarding Dec 21st we have forgotten about switch the digits around (couldn't resist)

  Dec 12,2012 was a special day there it as 12/12/12. There has been a lot of media hype regarding this day.

 There are numerous weddings happening all over the world. Should be easy day for the grooms to remember! and to take it a step further mark your calender for Sept 2013 it may be big spike in new babies being born (again I just had to say it)

 As far as how I celebrated my day. It was awesome day.

  Got up at 9:30 am had an amazing breakfast bread and peanut butter with milk. Read the Toronto Star and noticed that Robert Alomar our ex-Blue Jay who is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame is getting married today! at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. AWESOME!  The entire wedding will have the number 12 displayed.

                                                    Metro from Dec 12,2012
                                                    Article on Robert Alomar wedding on R.O.M


 I had some administrative duties to complete from spreadsheet and emails to send.

 First call I made was to Mathew Jazenko  Founder MRJ Financial Solutions.We belong to at Entrepreneur Speed Networking Group in Newmarket, meet-up group that meets once a month in Newmarket, Ontario. We have been accountability partners for the past 3 month.

 We connected via phone and Mathew Jazenko asked me few questions that caught be of guard (doesn't happen often!)

1st question:
 He has friend who owned a music business and he believed networking doesn't work. Mathew want to know how to answer that question. I said to him "just start asking question about his business, and that my reveal why he feels that way".

2nd question:
  He had be interested in learning more about BNI in Toronto. It turns out that I am big fan of Ivan Misner who is the founder and I have read numerous book he has written. I have not been part of the group, but I did refer him to my friend AJ Parl who has been part of BNI for many years and has had huge success with them.  I wrote a quick email to introduce them virtually and presto connection was made.

Second call I got was from Sudjit Mukaraji  Founder of the Canada Job Expo  .

Canada Job Expo holds six event a year at the North York Civic Centre and felt there could be a great opportunity for Microsoft to have a both at our next event in January 2013.
  I had sent email to virtually connect him with Emily Chow of Microsoft-Yorkdale Community Outreach Coordinator for the store. She is in charge of  volunteerism, sponsorship and both on-site and off-site events for the store.

Presto 2nd great connection made!

I headed to the health club to work out my amazing workout partner Idan McAnuff.

Below is picture of Idan and I at Extreme Fitness at Bay and Bloor

                                          Jim Pagiamtzis and Idan McAnuff at Extreme Fitness.

I also got some great emails today!

See below:

1st from AJ Parl regarding referral I email him

Hi Jim.
Thank you for referring Mathew to me.  Was he at the event last night,  or did you meet him somewhere else?
Damn it!   Forgot to pause at 12:12 on 12/12/12.
A.J. Parl,  A+, C.N.A.
Chief Computer Geek
Toronto Computer Geeks
e-mail address:

telephone:   416-566-4085
Connect with me on LinkedIn:


Javen Khan is a Authorized Local Expert in Ontario. I had given him a referral to speak for Randy Ramadhin Mortgage Agent and Real Estate Investor with Century 21. He has a monthly meeting that he educates and updates his real estate group. I was unable to do due to commitment in Scarborough that evening. I ask Javed Khan to fill in for me. His response below:

Thanks for the opportunity Jim.  Had a wonderful time last night.


As they day went on I got great texts from

Brett Deguire
Jacques Berge
Bonnie Chan
Anna Mareno

I got a surprise call from Lisa Kember who is my Regional Director with Constant Contact.

She was calling to Thank me for the successful year of speaking and grow revenue base with Constant Contact.

Lots of exciting and positive changes happening for the Authorized Local Expert Program in 2013!

I also got great hand made scarf to celebrate 12/12/12

An amazing day it was. Thanks for reading it

Jim Pagiamtzis

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